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thu 24 jul 03

+ food for thought:

a newspaper is a collection of half-injustices
which, bawled by boys from mile to mile,
spreads its curious opinion
to a million merciful and sneering men,
while families cuddle the joys of the fireside
when spurred by tale of dire lone agony.

a newspaper is a court
where every one is kindly and unfairly tried
by a squalor of honest men.

a newspaper is a market
where wisdom sells its freedom
and melons are crowned by the crowd.

a newspaper is a game
where his error scores the player victory
while another's skill wins death.

a newspaper is a symbol;
it is feckless life's chronicle,
a collection of loud tales
concentrating eternal stupidities,
that in remote ages lived unhaltered,
roaming through a fenceless world.

- stephen crane [1899].

calls of 'the new journalism' aside, weblogs are both better and worse than this. i had been thinking about 'best practices,' while perusing some poetry.

+ we've got a monsoon storm on top of us, right at this very moment. water! glorious h20.

+ ya-hooooooo!! trying a different host, and moveable type installed in about three minutes (sans ftp transfer). i'm so happy. the install is a piece of cake. i take back all my grouchiness from the weekend. i have a feeling the DBD::mysql interface was hosed on the other host i was using. i would show you the results of my install, but fiddling comes first.

+ ny times: part of glacier national park evacuated because of wildfire.

+ cnet news.com: wanna reach teens with your marketing? better use the internet. not a single mention of p2p or filesharing, what would seem to be great opportunities for branding.

+ frogpad, the one-handed keyboard.

+ women's enews: birth rate policies whipsaw women in peru. good lord. and why is this absent from front pages?

+ the bulwer-lytton fiction contest. "where www means 'wretched writers welcome.'"

+ the adventures of dog.

+ oh, this was begging for a click ... "geographically subdivided buttocks exercises."

+ upi: 9/11 report, no link between iraq and al-qaeda. but then we knew that already.

+ nice blue, wiredfool.

+ sacbee: george will, temperatures on the rise. "today a conservative administration is close to asserting that whatever the facts turn out to be regarding iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the enforcement of u.n. resolutions was a sufficient reason for war. if so, war was waged to strengthen the united nations as author and enforcer of international norms of behavior." unfortunately, that's not how it was sold to the american people. the u.n. was portrayed as a weak assocation of nations bent on america's subservience. the observation about the supremes is interesting, too.

+ find out what baghdad really thinks [pdf]. glean your own conclusions, before reading the interpretations: the spectator.uk, national review online.

+ times of india: north korea to announce itself as a nuclear power on september 9. hopefully, they won't do it with a demonstrative air-blast. i found an interesting take on the situation here. "the speechwriter, who left government shortly after, has since claimed that north korea was added to iraq and iran primarily to make sure that three countries were included in the axis, and to make sure that at least one of the countries was not muslim." and, interestingly, "george will on abc 'this week' on march 9th quoted president bush as saying that he thinks diplomacy will work on north korea, but if it doesn’t war is the only alternative." when north korea goes nuclear, look for that missile shield budget to get frontpaged.

+ bbc: i have to wonder how many women would volunteer to give david his 'hedonistic' distilled-water bath?

+ ny times: when edward weston's eye feasted on his beloved california.

+ ny times: i've often thought of setting up 'cactus croquet' on my acre of land, but then thought about the current wave of liability suits ... the times looks at lawn games.

+ ny times: powerless to change tax credit, democrats rely on obstruction. and the times editorial cuts to the chase with, compassion and the tax cuts. compassion for the rich, inattention to the needs of the poor. robin of locksley, where art thou?

+ ny times letters to the editor: my close encounter with the qe2.

+ ny times: u.s. defends move to storm where hussein brothers were hiding. and a guest contributor to the op-ed page, better alive than dead. the photo in the first article shows a bunch of g.i.'s standing in easy weapons range of the building, with no cover. also, catch the next-to-last note in this letter to the editor.

+ santa fe new mexican: west nile virus is now 'officially' in santa fe.

+ a touch of rain late yesterday. two small puddles remain on the table outside my office door.