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wed 23 jul 03

+ cs monitor: bad summer movies wither on the web grapevine. "word of mouth," as amplified through the internet, is having an effect on box office numbers.

+ cnet news.com: 74% of americans support a 'do-not-spam list.' excuse me, not 'americans.' 'consumers.' gotta maintain the shadings ...

+ wood's hole oceanographic institution, ocean and climate change institute: abrupt climate change, should we be worried? "fossil evidence clearly demonstrates that earth's climate can shift gears within a decade, establishing new and different patterns that can persist for decades to centuries. in addition, these climate shifts do not necessarily have universal, global effects." i would class this as a very important read. thank you, mr. k.

+ sorry; this item moved to the bottom of the page, as a 'later' item, to maintain proper flow.

+ nj.com/ap: national hispanic group says bush administration has disappointed latinos. "while democrats have also received hispanic votes without delivering much change, 'we can't hold them accountable for things they can't do because they're not in the majority in either house, nor do they control the white house ...'" my favorite comment, however, is this: "... there is a gap between 'the enormous amount of money spent by president bush to get our vote, to do some very sophisticated ads, to do the photo ops,' and actual policies he has enacted ..." both parties seem to make the mistake of equating 'minority' with 'stupid,' or 'easily malleable,' to their own detriment.

+ stickysauce: a list of online web design and programming tutorials. along these lines, webdevtips has an advanced window opener.

+ the register: on epson inks, and spam clients outed, credit card info published.

+ ibm developerworks: speed web delivery with http compression.

+ zdnet: is this the end of free linux? on the same note, eweek wonders, "is it time for bsd?"

+ infoworld: sprint pcs fires roaming salvo.

+ nature: direct evidence of dark energy. but only if the universe is flat.

+ cs monitor also makes a good point in the opinions section, with "where's the u.n. in liberia?" unspoken is the accusation that those on the left didn't wish unilateralist intervention in iraq, but do in liberia. we on the left need to enforce consistency in the ranks.

later: tangentially, sacbee: buckley, unscrambling liberia. our precious democratic candidates have not come out with answers to these and other foreign policy questions. they fear to be 'on the record,' and the public recognizes that fear.

+ cs monitor: in private lynch's hometown, remodelings and transformations.

+ password scrambler looks kind of cool, if you record your scrambled passwords outside of the program. i still like my 'fictional' chemical compound password scheme.

+ seattle times: the congressional budget office says the new medicare reform won't meet its goal.

+ reuters health: hah! i *knew* it. when i was a teen, i shoulda walloped my doctor. stress does make acne worse. tell me it was all in my head, would you? well, come to think of it, actually it *was.*

+ dp review: you knew it had to happen in the face of digital. kodak cutting up to 6,000 jobs. and iomega's still trying to stay relevant, with the 1.5 gb dct cartridge.

+ chicagouncommon.com.

+ healthday: easing the pain of exercise. nsaid creams. but i should note, 'burn' is good. 'pain' is not. you might consider dialing back a bit.

+ times of india: solomon islands await international force. alas, not even the south sea islands escape armed militants and warlords, it seems. paradise, turning into an armed camp, brings to mind that america needs look to international legal and illegal weapons trade. our friends on the right, who post pictures of armed palestinians, never seem to notice the american-made ar-15's in their hands ...

+ telegraph.uk, arts: what's wrong with this picture. this reminds me of one of my english teachers who would beat us over the head with the underlying 'jesus symbolism' in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." i liked the book in spite of the histrionics. same goes for art. making art means never having to explain your creativity.

+ washington post: the me-moir, publishing's vanity project. sounds like publishers, and readers, simply need to be more selective.

+ sydney morning herald.au: aussie's controversial film to open in post-9/11 america.

+ chronicle of higher ed: for the 15th time, look it up. on the chicago manual of style.

+ santa fe new mexican: los alamos nonprofit group misspends federal funds. note, this is not the lab. this group misspent funds intended for cerro grande fire victims, funds supplied by fema.

+ santa fe new mexican: lightning ignites 14 blazes tuesday; one in cochiti still burns.

+ ny times letters to the editor: good ones. propping up dictators. troops in iraq, but not in liberia. free trade cure isn't working.

+ ny times book review: uncle sam's regime change in iran. sounds like a picker-upper. "'it is not far-fetched to draw a line from operation ajax,' the c.i.a. code name for the 1953 coup, mr. kinzer argues, 'through the shah's repressive regime and the islamic revolution to the fireballs that engulfed the world trade center in new york.'"

+ cnn: former president clinton on the uranium flap. "... then we bombed with the british for four days in 1998. we might have gotten it all; we might have gotten half of it; we might have gotten none of it." he ducks the question of unilateral action outside of the u.n., i believe.

later: some on the right wing now argue, the war was never about wmd's. never about nuclear capability. not about humanitarian issues. not about regime change, or not primarily. it's all about strategic middle east issues. we have the famous 'mba president' in office. consider yourselves warned. expect more of this political version of a jeans advertisement. we're given an image laden with symbolism, the 'sexy' attractive sell. no need to actually show the jeans, oftentimes. the problem comes when you actually get the product in hand. the legs are too short, the color's wrong, and it binds in the crotch. and i won't even start on the price tag.

i believe the american people deserve better than a cheap sales pitch. we are a government 'by the people,' aren't we? the minute you start saying [or believing] that citizens can't be trusted to make the right choice, it becomes creeping fascism. the thought of a subset of political leaders misleading the public into "what's good for them," scares the hell out of me.

+ after some real rain late yesterday afternoon, it's a lovely cool morning.