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tue 22 jul 03

+ ny times: saddam's sons are dead. seems a shame that there wasn't more effort put into capture, rather than kill. i assume the house was surrounded?

+ any idea what eop.gov is? sam spade and google find zip. found me via google search, 'marriage vs. civil union.' s.s. takes a stab at it ... 'executive office of the president'? check your referrers.

+ ibm developerworks: start here to learn about xml. something to keep bookmarked for clients and newbies.

+ slashdot: whatever happened to micropayments? oh, and how to *build* a cd-changer, yourself. has that encyclopedia brown flavor. remember the bed-maker-upper?

+ boston globe: oliphant, a dwindling case for going it alone. "there is simply no case to be made for unilateralism after three months of avoidable mistakes that are costing lives, treasure, and international standing."

+ jang.com: "social development has halted in u.s. since 1980." "contrary to public perception, the majority of the poor in the united states are members of established family households who work full-time and are white. no other economically advanced country tolerates such a level of poverty." it is obvious for anyone with eyes, and it's shameful. advancement in social and financial standing should be something of an escalator ... not a lottery.

+ nj.com/ap: judge finds fault with gun industry, while dismissing naacp suit.

+ dp review: it's all nikon, starting with the new d2h. 4 megapixel, 8 fps continuous shooting, wifi. two new dx format lenses. a new 200-400 vr lens. and, lastly, a new speedlight.

+ usa today: the 'smart brick.'

+ crumpler bags. flash from the lunatic fringe.

+ urban focus, the 'toronto tourists never see.'

+ usa today: a devilish grin, and the deep blue sea. johnny depp. ignore the media reviews that pan it, go see "pirates of the caribbean." it's all about depp. if you won't take my word for it, take bill's. depp's entrance as captain jack sparrow is a beautiful thing.

+ times online: the search for men's sandals. "my first objection to them is that they're not that comfortable, although no doubt they will improve once i've worn them in. my second is that they make my feet smell. my third is that everyone's got them and i don't think they make anyone look good." not to be incredibly graphic, but men must learn the basic rules that women apply without thinking ... making sure the feet are presentable. that means cleaning the crap out from under the toenails, guys ... and occasionally soaking your tevas in 'simple green' or some other cleaner to be sure your smell doesn't precede you. some of the male tourists around here sprout fragrant mushrooms from their tevas. that's too organic ... even for the new-agers here in santa fe.

+ la times: mexico's mania for the beetle.

+ guardian.uk: former cia director woolsey, at war for freedom. "the war is, essentially, similar to the cold war." yet the cold war wasn't won by fighting. it was ultimately won by patiently bankrupting the opposing side. i think fundamentalist islam is best 'fought' by the mere existence of modernity. ponder what happened to the shakers. we should just sit back and watch; unfortunately, our ravening desire for the blood of the middle east [oil], prevents such patience. woolsey bio.

+ washington post books: liberalism and its discontents. the right has overdone their attack on "liberal." the 'l' word is parody now. even folks on the left don't use it ... it loads one with way too much excess baggage.

+ ny times: the advertising age encyclopedia of advertising. ads seem to be like smells; old ones bring up memories of the past. they're also a handy gauge of how our cultural mores have changed.

+ cnn: metallica hoax floods the web. google the principle players, to find out facts first ... remember, weblogs are supposed to be 'better' than conventional news.

+ bbc: egypt calls for the return of the rosetta stone.

+ ny times: how a forest stopped a fire in its tracks. research on thinning, controlled burns, and efficacy. this is wonderful to see. i had hoped some institution was doing this, last year [or was that the year before?] ...

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, who's unpatriotic now? "one weekend a month, my ass."

+ ny times letters to the editor: american farmers and the world.

+ ny times: president takes a softer stand on korea. dangerous for a president to be so predictable. we have no significant military troops left to counter north korea, most being occupied in the occupation. the only deterrent we have is nuclear. if this forces mr. bush to the negotiating table, as opposed to the seemingly one-size-fits-all threat-and-military-conflict solution, all the better. diplomacy! we'd like to see diplomacy from this administration. though i smell a whiff of 'missile defense' in the air; long ignored by the media.

+ *yawn*