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mon 21 jul 03

+ usnews: between two lands. the mexican border.

+ xml.com: shortening xslt stylesheets.

+ xml.com: xml data bindings in python. one, two.

+ xml.com: transforming xml with php.

+ the register: the war against viagra.

+ new scientist: neem may cause dna damage.

+ cs monitor: the intelligence quagmire.

+ nj.com/ap: justice dept. patriot act report documents 34 'credible' civil rights complaints. "... told by a prison doctor, 'if i was in charge, i would execute every one of you ... because of the crimes you all did.'" it seems even a physician's extensive education is no barrier to rank stupidity.

+ national review: bush's bigger, fatter welfare state. ka-zing-g-g-g-g. boy, i enjoyed that.

+ bbc: u.k. presses u.s. over guantanamo. "... detention in bagram and in guantanamo has violated every single international norm." the geneva convention wasn't written just to be faxed around occasionally.

+ chicago tribune: eased gun law caught in minnesota crossfire. oh, my.

+ gotta focus. back later.

+ times of india: north korea has a second nuclear plant. for consistency's sake, i'll repeat myself ... north korea is, and always has been, the greater threat.

+ uchicago.edu: philosophy in a time of terror.

+ boston globe: europa, europa. "the e.u. ... [snip] ... will have to show the world a vision of the future, to which washington will react with contemptuous ridicule."

+ american heritage: france and us.

+ philly.com: no-more-pencils animation.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the people's money. an individual reminds us, as the surplus is ours, so is the deficit. we are responsible for our choice at the ballot box.

+ ny times guest contributor: p.w. singer, have guns will travel. son of a gun, this is a great idea! it has all the components of good right-wing philosophy ... cost/benefit, competition. privatize the military! lets get some *bidders* for the next armed adventure. we're getting the 'benefits' of lowest-bidder skills in every other aspect of our lives ... if it's so darned great, let's extend it to national security. put that republican philosophy to a *real* test.

+ ny times: armstrong falls, gets back on, pulls away from rivals. this is just what he needed to pull himself out of the slump. but another time trial is coming ... that'll be decisive.

+ ny times travel: the aegean, and corfu. ever read 'the magus,' by john fowles? set in these islands.

+ ny times theater: a poet finds flamenco in heaven's anteroom.

+ ny times: it seems loose lips don't kill shuttle astronauts.

+ ny times: officials debate whether to seek a bigger military. "we are going to be committed in iraq in a way that we did not anticipate."

+ santa fe new mexican: fire updates. molina fire. gila fire. encebado fire.

+ santa fe new mexican: most of new mexico is stewing about this story ... missing teen likely murder victim. know who's in your neighborhood.

+ i'm here, i'm here. just busy.