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sun 20 jul 03

+ the washington post is really on the case. why deficits matter, and squandering capital [by madeleine albright]. this administration is a bloody disaster. just three short years ago, i couldn't imagine the right wing supporting an 'international police action' candidate who tax cuts and spends us into deficits. $15 billion for africa, but nothing for the small businessperson in america. but as they say, live long enough, you'll see just about everything.

+ washington post: as deficit grows, greenspan speaks softly. greenspan bears responsibility for acquiescing to administration preferences. he should have taken the harder road; noncooperation.

+ washington post: i didn't realize our president used the '45 minute to wmd attack' info. more evidence of cherry-picking.

+ ny times: armstrong in lead, but "something's not clicking." i think the near-accident has buffeted his safety/risk ratio. it happens.

+ santa fe new mexican: the galisteo rodeo went off with minimal injuries. it's a fenced-in area south of the small town of galisteo. no frills.

+ ny times: in sketchy data, white house sought clues to gauge threat. there's a term for this, i believe it's military. "WAG." wild-ass guess. glad to know we used such a reliable, time-proven technique to gauge war-necessity.

+ i don't know ... andré looks like some kind of superhero. what superhero wore white tights? look at those forearms!

+ thanks to everyone who answered my mt plea. big thanks to papascott; he even signed on to phpwebhosting to help me out step-by-step. he and i have been doing identical things; his works, mine doesn't. i've got a help ticket in to the host ... i await more information before trying again. the mysql never worked, but using the berkeley db, i can get the entire interface to work, except for 'new entry' and 'rebuild site.' papascott has no problems with either one. with all my content, i need the mysql to work. so i'll just sit tight and wait. problem is, just digging in the interface has made me eager ...