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sat 19 jul 03

+ i'm done for. had it. blown three gaskets. i'm going to a movie. screw this ... i'll try again tomorrow. or later. "never say die."

+ i've been trying to install moveabletype on my phpwebhosting account. others have done it ... how hard can it be? yet i get to the login screen, put in the name and pass, hit return, and then receive an internal server error. i've tried getting dogmatic in uploading the proper ASCII/BINARY combos, no joy. changing some minor specs in mt.cfg, no joy. mt-load.cgi and mt-check both work fine (except for image::magick). anyone else who's been successful on this host, drop me a line. please. before i spit my teeth out, one by bloody one ... i'm so close i can taste it. i just can't ... figure ... it out ...

+ ny times editorial: mixed grades on national parks. lest you think i only sound one note in association with president bush, i give him full credit for spending more on the parks than president clinton. spend more. our parks need help, yet.

+ ny times editorial: the president in the park. the old american joke, "who's buried in grant's tomb?" was told and retold so many times, with a 50/50 outcome, that i never bothered to figure out the truth until much later in life. every kid had a theory, all based on the fact that adults were pulling our legs on purpose.

+ ny times letters to the editor: bush, blair and the iraq clamor. the media, and the public, haven't keyed into what i consider is the crux. blair's comment, "history will forgive us," is an unfortunate choice of words, in the style of nixon's "i am not a crook." history will judge them in that light, i deem.

+ ny times: u.s. may be forced to go back to u.n. for iraq mandate. guerrilla actions bend the nose of the 'mighty u.s.' to the grindstone. we don't have the cash, or the will, to engage in another vietnam. i hope the u.n. holds out, over further wmd proof, and for a concession on the part of america and the u.k. - i really do. the bush administration has denigrated the u.n. entirely too freely. i predict the right-wing will now shift and approve of u.n. peacekeeping and cleanup ... as if it were always part of the 'reconstruction plan.' side note ... could that advertisement be *any bigger*? it's wider than the article. keep doing that, i'm going to link the print pages.

+ santa fe new mexican: white house releases intelligence documents to protect bush. the left needs to cease focusing on bush directly, and start dealing with the massive intelligence issues that have been so blatantly obvious since 9/11. tar bush for not having done anything, but please ... stop narrowing the scope. folks are as bad as the right-wing ... with a wide enough net, the fallout with catch any and all other perps. the right learned a long time ago, you don't have to destroy someone politically ... you merely have to taint. americans don't like their gold tarnished.

+ santa fe new mexican: all the u.s. 666 road signs are gone. "... transportation officials suspect someone crashed a pickup truck into the poles, breaking them so they could make off with the historic sign."

+ reuters: matterhorn 'reopens' after a massive rock slide. there's always been something funny about 'opening' and 'closing' portions of earth's geology, as if it's a box.

+ andré seems to be recovering, slowly. he figured out a way to read a newspaper, with two arm casts ... impressive.

+ blinkingly bright this morning. feels like it's going to be a hot one.