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fri 18 jul 03

+ sunset this eve:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, july 18, 2003.

+ yeah, i got pulled back into political linkage, dammit ...

+ washington post: house democrats storm out of ways and means committee. calls of chaos? does noone remember history? hmmm? we're not this bad yet, but we're getting close. i'd like to see a good toupee-toppling, fake-tan-and-makeup-smearing dustup, wouldn't you? but to get real, this is what the democrats should be doing. voting in an unshakeable block, refusing to go along with republican agendas. voting clearly against, and stating their case unequivocally to the press.

+ holy cow. andrea reports that andré [of spicynoodles fame] has broken both his arms! our best wishes go out to the both of you, from casa dangerousmeta!.

later: no hands. i had both hands injured, at one time. i know how it feels. hey, we need to all chip in and get him one of these.

+ earthweb: js form validation script.

+ webref: object sniffing new browsers, the khtml triumvirate, part one.

+ mozillazine: epiphany 0.8.0 released.

+ wired: blogging for bucks.

+ bsd newsletter: freebsd forked, dragonfly.

+ computerweekly: the senate has blocked funding for 'tia,' the pentagon's data mining project.

+ creative commons has a 'moving image' contest, in which one can win an apple g5.

+ pbs, pov: the flute player.

+ dp review: nikon develops new image sensor. competition for cmos.

+ cnet: okay, so the french call email 'courriel'. inquiring minds want to know what they call 'spam'?

+ tdf weblog: jan ullrich wins the time trial! good for jan. we've got ourselves a real race, this year.

+ if you visit the unfaith site, you can find out that the metallica suit over the e and f chords, is a hoax. read it; it's great.

+ times of india: u.n. inspectors have found enriched uranium in environmental samples taken in iran. before you panic, uranium gets enriched for all types of nuclear plants. the fact that it is enriched means nothing by itself. the *level* of enrichment is the issue. this is why america and international agencies should be encouraging solar, wind and other power sources ... rather than nuclear. all you have to do is change the specs on the centrifuge, and you're building bombs ...

+ times of india: cia infiltrating sri lanka?

+ ny times: tens of thousands will lose college aid, report says. i recall the attempts by the republican side of the aisle to kill the pell grant, back when i was looking to enter college ...

+ oh, i'm trying hard to avoid politics today. you'll never know. but i have to post this. the carnegie endowment for international peace has a page on the current controversy. this may ease the 'digging' some may be doing [as i was], to find current articles. some of the cia reports linked here are new to me; have at 'em.

+ santa fe new mexican: state orders online abuse policy.

+ santa fe new mexican: trail threatened with closure gets big name support. then again, the 9/11 paranoia's abated somewhat, too.

+ santa fe new mexican: the public library is the latest to receive 'plastic grass.' what *is* it about american culture that so admires green swards?

+ cnn: eight dogs dead in leash law debate. it is unfortunate that the canines must suffer for the owner's irresponsibility. and it's a further shame that this kind of action is the only action that attracts attention. i firmly condemn this kind of act. but here in santa fe, we have the exact same stupidity when it comes to unleashed dogs. i can't tell you how many times i've been threatened, good clothes filthied, pants and sneakers ripped by claws or teeth ... while the owners run up and say, "oh, they're friendly!" or "isn't he/she a darling? he/she's so playful!" with a big smile on their faces, completely oblivious to the damage they've caused. it comes across as premeditated ignorance. and, along those lines, i'll add that *you* bought the dog. *you* clean up the crap it leaves on my property. if you don't, i'll scoop it and return your property to you.

later: i should mention, the development i reside in backs up on state grazing land. loose dogs that chase cattle receive what ranchers call the 'lead poisoning' remedy. "shoot, shovel, and shut the hell up."

+ cnn: original 1963 prototype g.i. joe up for bid.

+ cool again last night. watering trees ...