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thu 17 jul 03

+ alligator recipes. equal time, croc recipes, too. "croc schnitzel"?!

+ how to whistle loudly. "practice 5 minutes a day in the mirror, and you'll have it in a few weeks (at the most)."

+ the amazing story of kudzu. oh, and kudzu cuisine.

+ moonshine ... how to make it. and don't go usin' car radiators as distillers. they've got lead in 'em. didn't you see "deliverance"?

+ urban legend ... frog giggin' accident in arkansas. oh, come on ... sounds too dumb not to be true. or almost true.

+ accordion heaven. hey adam ... nice instrument.

+ i think i need to engage in a 'political link embargo' tomorrow. opinions are firmly entrenched, and its ... well ... so resoundingly dull. there, i've said it. i know, i know ... it's important. but so is mental health. i don't know how the warbloggers do it day-in and day-out ...

+ nj.com/ap: bush proposal to promote marriage for welfare recipients sailing through congress. erm, taking current events into account ... what if they're gay?

+ usa today: house panel acts to permanently ban taxes on internet access, services.

+ fashion.uk: shredded jeans are back in vogue.

+ judicial watch: cheney energy task force documents feature map of iraqi oilfields. saudi arabia and u.a.e., too. interestingly, only iraq had a list of foreign suitors for oilfield contracts [pdf]. judicial watch has been seeking these documents, and more, since april of 2001.

+ has tony blair seen this?

+ cnn: caribbean coral reefs down 80%.

+ backpackgeartest.org. thanks, curt.

+ irinnews.org: red cross report says that in afghanistan, donors put politics before need.

+ "python warts." via zopenewbies.

+ rilke cms.

+ ny times: at sea or on safari, satellite phones hook users.

+ ny times: apple reports a fall in profits, but sales rise.

+ ny times: riders rest in preparation for individual time trial.

+ bbc: scientists find depression gene.

+ nj.com/ap: fearing rape, attacks, iraqi women confine themselves to their homes. "there is no security and no government so we cannot take any legal action against anyone who tries to attack us." the hidden victims of the slow reconstruction.

+ voa: 29 u.s. marshals honored for civil rights bravery. the marshals who protected james meredith, as he attempted to attend 'ole miss' in 1962.

+ globe and mail: u.s. teen held on pellet gun charge.

+ the holgasmers.

+ luciferous logolepsy.

+ style.com: pam grier. still a knockout, i see.

+ reuters: world war 2 bomb explodes, killing 2 in austria. via papascott.

+ since switching email to mozilla's thunderbird, sending attachments seems to put them in-line. i can't find any method for turning it off. any ideas?

+ times of india: u.s. may use u.n. to get global troops into iraq. oh, come on. this has nothing to do with a philosophical change towards the u.n., and everything to do with $$ and death, a poor post-war reconstruction plan, and an election in 2004. give us a break. there's only so much corned beef one can stand.

+ atlantic unbound: an interview with harold bloom, ranting against cant. "these are ideologues, dear. they don't care about poetry, they don't care about walt whitman." bloom's great. an education through classic literature is a uniquely balanced one, one that needs more emphasis in today's world. see st. john's college.

+ la times: the flow must go on. evangelizing fountain pens.

+ mobylives: the costs of costco. where you buy books, matters. i guess i was 'wrong' to buy the latest potter book at sam's club.

later: craig takes me to task. in my case, craig, it was sam's club, borders, or hastings ... all chains. sam's was much cheaper. the independent booksellers of santa fe specialize in new-age and tourism. but don't think i disagree with craig. he's right.

even later: billsaysthis lets me off the hook somewhat, bringing up the point that publishers selling to costco and other megastores may be the more logical place to curb this kind of behavior.

+ sunspot: kicked in the teeth by a cowboy dream. no such thing as a 'real' cowboy. say 'cowboy,' and you bring the baggage of the historical cowboy with you. "today's cowboys" would be better. not university-educated, but educated in the school of reality ... sweat, life, death, profit, loss, sickness, responsibility ... and endless blue skies. the eyes are the giveaway to the cowboy. 'nuff said.

+ guardian.uk: hands off. michelangelo's "david" may be italian, but he also belongs to the world.

+ ny times guest contributor: the story behind the 'rescue' of the treasures of nimrud.

+ ny times: machine gun fire traded at korean border. liberia may go on a back burner, real quick.

later: chicago tribune, neglecting the danger from north korea. i see i need to do a little historical research, to find out about the efficacy of bribery.

+ ny times: lack of pre-9/11 sources to be cited as intelligence failure. this, on top of seemingly-exaggerated evidence in iraq, screams for reforms, more oversight, and more of the budget to be invested in intelligence. yet the senate rejects a panel on prewar data. i can understand not wanting a partisan 'bicker-fest,' but our country's safety matters more.

+ santa fe new mexico: fire updates. nambe pueblo declares state of emergency. helicopters fight molina fire in pecos wilderness. apparently, the evacuation order i mentioned last night was a misunderstanding by someone in the media. i caught it on the local television stations, as a scrolling bulletin on the screen. who do you believe?

+ cnn: panel declares recession over. note, they've changed the way they determine such things. check the poll [if it opens]. it ain't over here, i can tell you that.

+ cnn: watergate figure chesterfield smith dies.

+ reuters: e.u. warns on tattoo inks.

+ guardian.uk: the spies who pushed for war. via booknotes.

later: tbo/ap: tenet says white house official insisted questionable information be included in speech, democrat says. i should also mention that some right-wing sites are focusing solely on the state of the union speech, and the forged niger documents, trying to narrow the conversation. likewise, they're putting the question of war with iraq on the table, ignoring the left's main point ... was unilateral action necessary, in a case where saddam and his programs were seemingly 'contained?' the quality of intelligence is the big issue, the bar set by the administration, for building this imminent or soon-to-be imminent threat 'case against iraq.' long before the state of the union, when the iraq war resolution was being debated in congress, both bush and rice gave us the melodramatic 'mushroom cloud' rhetoric, for instance. dredging up the boogeyman for a nervous population, playing on the september 11 paranoia. was saddam after weapons? of course; he was a stereotypical bloodthirsty dictator. could he run uranium enrichment programs, and build nuclear bombs, while under the sanctions and inspections regime? [an unequivocal 'no.'] could he maintain wmd programs? [the question is still open, and i'm patient enough to wait a bit longer.] the left needs to be careful how they phrase their objections, and stop letting the right lead them by the nose. bush lied? all politicians lie. it is for the american public to hold them accountable when they do. i'm more concerned about the integrity of our intelligence, and the interpretations of that intelligence [sans radical or 'fashion-of-the-day' ideologies].

even later: globelaw looks at the legality of pre- and post-war actions. specifically highlights u.n. resolutions. i noticed an error, in bringing up the hague convention ... but with no mention of the fact that the u.s. and u.k. never signed that accord. but it's very informative. i'll keep it on file, for future discussions. you really do get the flavor from this, that if the u.n. or other states assist the u.s. now that the iraq war is over, they're tacitly approving our new unilateral worldview ... and relegating the u.n. and other organizations as 'cleanup crew.' brings up my current concern, the expense of being a unilateralist: "where's the money going to come from?"

related to the above: cs monitor: stretched in iraq, u.s. may return to u.n.

even later than later: the nation, capitol games: a white house smear. i'll be interested to see where this leads, and if congress is paying attention.

+ the first aol journal in my referrers.

+ it was so much cooler last night. "good sleepin' weather."