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wed 16 jul 03

+ ny times: top u.s. general sees 'classical guerrilla-type war' in iraq. working hard to avoid the dreaded v-word, and all the attendant comparisons.

+ nj.com/ap: russian church consecrated on site of royal family's killing. "the church on the blood."

+ nj.com/ap: lawsuit says 400,000 los angeles-area residents wrongly sent to mexico in 1930's.

+ upi: analysis, hispanic ... and evangelical. important read. "for the moment, latino voters are still a small group. the census bureau's post-election survey of 50,000 households found that hispanics cast just 5.4 percent of the vote." other nuggets of info within.

+ russellbeatie.com: a thought about java and python.

+ slashdot: statistical analysis of copyright registrations.

+ ibm developerworks, charming python: functional programming in python becomes lazy.

+ os news: the history of the NeXT computer. one of those cases where caps are required. stop laughing. i know who you are.

+ computerworld: european union wants u.s. to ban spam. so do i!

+ sacbee: william buckley, bush has problems. a clear-minded view of upcoming bush challenges, coming from the right. but i wanted to comment on this little justification: "it was simply inconceivable, up until a few years ago, that a judge could not display the ten commandments in his courtroom, unthinkable that marriage could take place except between a man and a woman." so what? a hundred and some years ago, i have to say, you would probably hear that "it was inconceivable, a few years ago, that slaves would be voting and land-holding members of society." are not historical practices candidates for amendment, the same as for religious interpretation? and what of thomas jefferson and his historical views on the origins of american jurisprudence [mentioned here before, just recently]?

later: i meant to mention this the other day. mr. buckley seems to have missed the bow katharine hepburn made to mark twain [bottom of article]. compare to:

"i don't mind what the opposition say of me as long as they don't tell the truth about me."

the quote goes on with, "but when they descend to telling the truth about me, i consider that this is taking an unfair advantage."

ironically, this was from a speech mr. twain made at a republican rally.

ms. hepburn grew up in proximity to a twain homestead, as well as harriet beecher stowe's home, and obviously knew these subjects well. her 'pre-emptive' autobiography may head off some 'unfair advantage,' but she clearly knew the slavering, ever-hungry media has their utensils out, waiting for the funerary meal to begin. this is her approved interpretation. others will come.

personal note: i enjoy mr. buckley's writings immensely, because he never takes cheap shots, obviously admires and exercises the artistry of the english language. even when i read something i don't agree with, i find i usually enjoy the trip. these just let me down somewhat. i should also mention my brother lent me a book of mark twain quotes, and it caught my eye shortly after reading the article. a little googling connected the threads.

+ village voice: confederates in my attic. "rush describes the moral 'debt' owed by chloe for having the relationship with my great-grandfather, in which she saw the black woman as the vengeful debaucher of her brother."

+ women's enews: house to vote on abortion-driven foreign policy. well, it is the house, after all. i'd say the result is pretty predictable.

+ nj.com/ap: most democratic candidates oppose gay marriage but support civil unions. as a civil ceremony, for legal rights, 'marriage' is appropriate. but for religious sanctification, it's up to the particular faith. "marriage vs. civil union." pure semantics, and a waste of time. the dems have no cojones. this all smacks of the old interracial marriage and bastardy laws, 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' blood ['pure' race, or mix] ...

+ mother jones: 'holy joe' and 'the black vote.' learned some new things, here.

+ reuters health: u.s. ready to use generic drugs to fight aids in africa. all of a sudden, when you're the one paying for it, the parsimonious side comes to the fore.

+ discover minds island, opportunities in art.

+ chicago tribune: oh, for heaven's sake ... bush fighter enshrined at navy museum. this little bit of p.r. is costing us taxpayers $27 million dollars, as well as taking a perfectly good vehicle out of service. how about mr. bush trades this for his post-term presidential library? we're on a budget here ...

+ boston globe: rev. norman o'connor, 81; helped shake attitudes on "the devil's music." 'swing' on a star, and rest in peace.

+ dp review: "sony corporation has today announced that it will be implementing a new four color filter array pattern on a 'consumer ccd' ..."

+ africanceremonies.com.

+ urlwire: findsavings.com expands coupon search engine.

+ xiii.

+ two from cnet: corporate p2p use is common, and hotspots elude riaa dragnet.

+ ny times: early voices, the leap to language. what's happened to dethroning old schools of thought? sounds like an intellectual dictatorship.

+ telegraph.uk: a big hand for the old art of applause. that spontaneous applause might be on the wane is a good thing. for a while there, even the most horrendous performances got an obligatory standing ovation, just to encourage an encore. but with modern 'perfection' studio techniques, i find a more critical audience is awaiting that same 'perfection,' an effect unattainable in reality. maybe a less-enthusiastic audience will bring a semblance of reality back to the studio.

+ times of india: "señor, your horse isn't dressed up." mexico should be commended for the use of horse diapers.

+ motherjones: goodbye, new world order ... keep the global ideal alive. left and right viewpoints gel here ... read this, and think about tom clancy's imaginary "rainbow six."

+ sfgate: blockbusters, or documentaries? those on the right will have a hard time with this, but it seems michael moore has swung open the cashbox for documentary films.

+ globe and mail.ca: tracking threatened cultures.

+ times of india: "it's scary working with anil." you heard it here, first.

+ ny times editorial: nuclear doubts in the house. i agree; booster more efficient conventionals. but as this administration has lowered the bar for war, it will likely lower the bar for nuclear weapons use also - intentionally making our world a more dangerous place.

+ ny times editorial: the deficit floats up and away. "independent estimates suggest that the deficit will grow to the half-trillion-dollar level next year and barrel on through the next decade at a cost in excess of $4 trillion once congress's hypocritical commitment to 'sunset' various tax cuts is quietly reversed." if this were happening during the tenure of a democratic administration, the earsplitting howls from the right-wing media would be deafening our tender eardrums, 24/7. instead, there is a covering low-level noise, astounding in irrelevance.

+ ny times: is organic food provably better? hey, at least the tomatoes don't have the consistency of styrofoam.

+ ny times: springsteen's homecoming, with 55,000 guests.

+ ny times: columbia crew survived a minute after last signal.

+ santa fe new mexican: on our fires. fire sparks scare after jumping line. encebado fire 65% contained near taos pueblo. and an interesting article on looking for fires.

+ it's a bit cloudy this morning. hopefully it'll stay slightly cooler.