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tue 15 jul 03

+ krqe.com: the molina fire, which has been so generous in supplying us with smoke, has apparently jumped a fire suppression line, and authorities are beginning to evacuate folks out of the rio en medio neighborhood. this fire, as mentioned before, has been allowed to burn in order to reduce forest fuels. citizens are going to be a bit ... jazzed ... about this tomorrow.

+ so, those may be a bit weighty for the blog page, but i figure you're all on broadband anyway ... and dm! needed some balance to all that political vitriol over the past couple of days. like opus the penguin [from 'bloom county'], i too need an occasional soul-restoring "meadow break." just figured i'd share this one, in case anyone else needed to remember there are good and beautiful things in the world, too.

+ i had thought this 'mexican hat,' but since it's been identified as 'blanket flower.' nice and saturated:

blanket flower, santa fe, new mexico, july 15, 2003.

+ ye olde mint-fish was slow to start, what with all the heat. he should be ready to harvest for the august iced-tea season:

mint in a fish pot, santa fe, new mexico, july 15, 2003.

+ ever seen a balloon flower? it actually begins to flower as a pentagonal 'balloon,' as you can see above the lovely purple flowers it splits into:

balloon flower, santa fe, new mexico, july 15, 2003.

+ relton, that's very kind of you. i just happen to recommend your site as one of the first to visit, for folks new to the virtual metacosm. you do an excellent job of metablogging and cherry-picking yourself.

+ cs monitor: latino vote in '04 is the big enchilada. and if either party couches terms in a title like that, they sure as shootin' won't have it. i've said it many times ... don't assume latinos vote in a bloc. it's the biggest mistake the political parties can make. the fictitious 'latino vote' must be won state by state, municipality by municipality.

+ awholelottanothing.org: taking mt beyond the blog.

+ the register: mac fans pervert forbes tech-c.e.o. popularity poll. virtual fisticuffs between different sets of bigoted devotees.

+ linux security: real-time alerting with snort.

+ ibm developerworks: connect securely with ssh.

+ linux today: openoffice 1.1 rc1.

+ boston globe: faith-based science is not really science. "there is no such thing, however, as protestant science, catholic science, islamic science, jewish science, or hindu science." maybe it's not too late to remember the lesson of soviet genetics [pdf, slow to load], again. many similarities to today, unfortunately.

+ women's enews: corporate ladder especially slippery for latinas. "... the spanish culture commitment to family is particularly important and the definition of family extends to include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. because of this, latinas many face work-life issues and have responsibilities that are not adequately addressed by corporate policies." and it's a patriarchal society framework. tough to get ahead.

+ reuters health: u.s. and canadian researchers say black cohosh may not be so great to replace hrt. it seems to promote tumor growth and spread.

+ science daily: looks like you don't have to shine light on the backs of your knees to adjust to time zones. biological clock more influenced by temperature than light.

+ boston globe: countess of paris, widow of french pretender, dead at 92.

+ online journal: gm food for thought. an important read. "unless you've gone exclusively organic, the odds are you've eaten potatoes that are registered pesticides." my emphasis.

+ a little article in bikemagic about how to make bicycles fit the female physique a bit better. "this does not mean that women have large bums. this is worth remembering."

+ men's journal: men take a thong turn. i don't see sumo-style ...

+ science daily: high-intensity exercise best way to reduce anxiety, university of missouri study finds. as long as you don't blow a gasket.

+ times of india: 47% of americans want reduced immigration. sept. 11 is pegged as the cause here, but as belts get tighter, america's fringe xenophobia will become a stronger undercurrent. that may curb the administration's foreign policy exploits, for 2004.

+ times of india: chirac says, no french troops for iraq. we chose to go it alone, the world will simply allow us to continue.

+ chronicle of higher ed: questioning gadamer.

+ guardian.uk: erotic exiles. er, the body shape preferred in that age, wouldn't be considered very glamourous today, i believe.

+ ny times: the controversy over cleaning michelangelo's "david." somehow, the idea of cleaning him back to his 'original' whiteness strikes me as equivalent to having a 70 year old lady receive breast implants. we may celebrate youth, but it's not always advisable to emulate youth ...

+ washington post: archaeologists on the block. bad idea. bad. lowest-bidder preservation of the nation's archaeological treasures. "this will destroy centers of expertise that can never be reassembled." visit chaco culture national historical park, and you'll understand.

+ the new york times editorial page goes to town over the iraq/niger uranium link. i am really entertained watching the 'blame' get shoved onto "45-minute-wmd-deployment" british intelligence. whose responsibility is it to vet the intelligence? the buck stops where? get ready for our great, universal excuse for armed conflict, 'harboring and/or supporting terrorist groups.' al-qaeda, wmd and nuclear links not necessary. remember september 11! war on terror! fire up the band! fly the red, white and blue, and collect those campaign donations. the ends justify the means, and that's what the administration means when it says the uranium issue was just one facet of the case. wait'll the right gets wound up. it's coming. but i must wonder how congress feels, as we continue to find no wmd's, forged nuclear documents, inaccurate foreign intelligence, rising occupation cost and toll ... having sat silent and having not debated the evidence for unilateral war.

later: boston globe, the dirty road to war. mr. oliphant misspelled 'al-furat' ... you can read about the u.n. inspection here. more on that inspection, from cnn. and more, googled from the north county times. mr. oliphant also overlooks that the al-furat plant was bombed in clinton's 1998 "desert fox" attack.

even later: did you ever wonder which corporations were mentioned in the dossier iraq submitted to the u.n.? thought you might.

later even than that: msnbc: u.n. arms hunter says u.s. claims are off-base on baghdad 'nuclear cache.' "... it appears the unearthed cache of uranium enrichment parts, surrendered by an iraqi scientist last month, lacked critical components, and its accompanying blueprints were marred by errors." also, interestingly: "... once u.n. economic sanctions were ended, after inspectors certified baghdad's weapons work had ceased, the security council was to have imposed an ongoing monitoring and verification regime on iraq." sanctions were not the end of monitoring and surveillance.

even later than the previous later: where else in africa, could iraq find uranium? one, two.

+ ny times: white house projects a $455 billion deficit. as i said yesterday, imperialists who don't collect tribute, go bankrupt. imperialists who pass tax cuts in a down economy, go bankrupt even faster. in three years, we've gone from surpluses to 1980's/1990's levels. boy, am i proud of this administration. simply bursting.

later: bbc, u.s. slashes economic growth forecast. greenspan continues to softball the administration on deficits.

+ ny times: i have believed, and always will, that north korea was a greater threat than the hussein regime.

+ cnn: a rare black bear attack in rocky mountain national park.

+ cnn: pat robertson prays for the retirement of three supreme court justices. televangelists make god very small; as if he is able to be controlled by them.

+ santa fe new mexican: smokin'. "when monday morning rolled around, however, this blanket of cold, sinking air effectively capped the atmosphere around 8,000 feet. combine this 'temperature inversion' with a northerly wind and you get smoke advancing south along the foothills, infiltrating noses, permeating clothes and burning eyes along the way."

+ busy again. postings as time will allow.