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mon 14 jul 03

+ the air is dessicated, but the smoke seems to be mostly overhead at the moment. that'll change, after sunset.

+ smoke from the molina fire, with a closeup box enhanced to show visible billows:

smoke, santa fe, new mexico, july 14, 2003.

+ sky news: russian mafia orders 'hit' on a caviar-sniffing cat.

+ reuters: u.n. questions british iraq intelligence. "a western diplomat close to the iaea said the iaea had the impression the genuine evidence was ultimately referring to the same alleged transaction described in a series of fake documents."

later: not much new in the 'iraq uranium' storyline. just a lot of repeats of patently stupid inaccuracies that five minutes of simple googling would eliminate. i can't be bothered to link such pap. the aluminum tubes were a bit of a stretch for centrifuge use, and considering the other evidence, likely for artillery rockets. or maybe saddam wanted to corner the market on aluminum bicycles, making ripoffs. oh, i spoke too soon! [rimshot.] we'd best watch out for dictatorial regimes ordering cannondales; they use a higher-strength and larger-diameter aluminum tubing ...

even later: bulletin of the atomic scientists, sept. 12, 2002: you call that evidence? "the tubing in centrifuges is not nearly as hard to acquire or assemble as the mechanisms that allow them to spin at rapid speeds; getting that stuff right, and getting thousands of centrifuges working in concert, is really hard." aluminum tubes, dual-use items, are significantly ambiguous evidence. added to forged iraq/nigeria documents, you get ... ?

+ asia times, commentary: washington's afghan plan unravels. well-stated. we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

+ sitepoint: style web forms using css. pretty basic, but some may find it interesting.

+ building accessible websites, serialization.

+ computerworld: know thyself, an easy approach.

+ cs monitor: connosieurs of the vacation. how the seven-week holiday works in france.

+ guardian.uk: iraq, where the truth lies. a philosophical journey into the current area of contention. deceit, lies, premeditation ... it's all explored.

+ bbc: brazil's lula attacks u.s. trade stance. "and if you want to combat drugs trafficking, organised crime and terrorism, the best way to do that is by carrying out social policies in the poorer parts of the globe." and he has worries at home.

+ women's enews: in western states, 1 in 5 women have been raped. we talk about humanitarian issues in other countries, what about our own?

+ sunspot: maine seeks to give health care to all residents.

+ usa today: conservatives sound warning over medicare plan. trouble in the ranks. "for us to even appear to become the party of entitlements ... could have a very negative impact on the enthusiasm of conservative voters in the 2004 election."

+ irish examiner.ie: belgium throws out war crimes law. "under the new bill, which is expected to be approved by parliament in early august, only cases with a direct link to belgium will be considered."

+ boston globe: benny carter, jazz pioneer who helped create swing and big band sounds, dies at 95. more. you've reached 'wonderland'; rest in peace.

+ kim kommando: weird and whacky websites.

+ vintage 'good girl' and romance covers.

+ guardian.uk: lads' mag scales peak of bad taste. "alongside pictures of frozen, mummified corpses was a short paragraph about her husband." read it.

+ philly.com: fly through the air, for the greatest of workouts.

+ bill moyers interviews jon stewart. "i'm looking forward to dean as president. we haven't had a president whose neck is larger than his head in a long time. and it's time that changed." great. via mefi.

+ that last entry evolved as the result of finding out two more long-time businesses in downtown santa fe have closed, due to the poor economy. tourism is down again. some hotels are only at 70% at this 'high tourist season,' not very good. some galleries aren't selling pieces for days on end.

+ wall street journal online: beware wars of altruism. i'd like to amend this, by saying 'beware imperialistic tendencies, when you're not levying tribute.' america is not rich enough to play policeman, and for the bush administration to start this role in a down economy, is a 'bankrupting' stance. reinvigorate the u.n., now. i very much wish to significantly assist africa, but with the very real drains of afghanistan and iraq, the insidious threat of north korea, how can we afford to spread our military so thin? this idea of unilaterally supplanting the u.n. is going to drive america's economy into the dirt. and with our stagnant economy, i strongly feel our interests should be turned inwards, at present.

later: along these same lines, from the chicago tribune, stretching our military limits in iraq. i was listening to a native-american talkshow this morning, the subject being 'america as international police force.' a couple of young wives of servicemen mentioned that their husbands are on two quarts of water ration for each day (for drinking and bathing), their movements are restricted in small areas of control, and snipers are having a field day. oh, and their tours are being extended. the wives didn't sound happy, and intimated their husbands weren't happy either.

+ la times: lights, camera, action. marxism, semiotics, narratology.

later: mark twain, "use the right word, not it's second cousin."

+ america's most literate cities. albuquerque's number 31; santa fe didn't rate.

+ the tate.uk, jmw turner worldwide.

+ archaeology: focus on iraq, spoils of war. the u.s. and u.k. never ratified the hague convention, that specifically had clauses for the protection of cultural property. maybe it's time to write congresspersons, before the next target surfaces.

+ times of india: india says, "no troops to iraq." u.s. says, "that's ok. that decision won't make any difference in our relations" u.s. senate says, "we're cutting aid to india for back payment of property taxes." hey, i think it's perfectly appropriate. i just wanted to point it out.

+ times of india: good news ... the ugandan army rescues 249 children from the l.r.a. [lord's resistance army]. i'd really like to hear the views of america's televangelists on this group, wouldn't you? their combined condemnation of poor christian behavior is deafening.

+ ny times: the bright stuff. "politicians don't think they even have to pay us lip service, and leaders who wouldn't be caught dead making religious or ethnic slurs don't hesitate to disparage the 'godless' among us." somehow, i prefer being classed as an unwashed pagan; less baggage. that being said, i really abhor the concept that one must 'organize' in order to ensure one's liberties.

+ ny times travel: the isle of skye and the orkneys. bet they don't have to worry about forest fires there ...

+ ny times letters to the editor: sinking fast.

+ the new york times names a new exective editor, bill keller. here's his posted biography at the times.

+ ny times: armstrong avoids a crash to keep the overall lead in the tour.

+ reuters: britain gives a major boost to offshore wind power.

+ just got back from town. looks like the fire north of santa fe (molina?) has flared this morning, sending a huge plume south/southeastward down the sangre de cristo range [depositing in my front yard, too]. i took a photo to show you, but smoke obscures all the landmarks ... so i fear it would mean nothing to you. i believe i see clouds gathering over top the smoke, so we may be a bit cooler than predicted.

later: yep, it's the molina and capulin fires that have flared a bit.

+ woke up this morning to fog? no, smoke. *thick* smoke. can't find any indications of new fires, so it must be the spread of existing smoke. got the house closed up, but if the temperatures rise to the same high they were yesterday, this is going to be brutal. pray for rain.

+ busy.