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sun 13 jul 03

+ it was a scorcher today, and the evenings winds are just starting to whisper now, at 10 pm. how i want the summer rainy season to start. the few high clouds we had, are black, obscuring the rising moon. thin lines of black across an orange/yellow disc. color is probably from lingering smoke from the wildfires around the state. saying prayers for cool air. oh, now the man in the moon has a handlebar mustache. just for a second. whoops, in the clear now.

+ i got a netscape 3.01 hit today. good lord, you realize that's vintage 1996? you're probably not driving the same car, but you're driving the same browser ... go get mozilla. you'll like it better, honest.

+ enough. i've got other things to do ... planting austrees, for one. my family gave me about a dozen cuttings, and they rooted prolifically in two weeks. time to get 'em in the ground ...

+ the tdf weblog. don't need to say more. armstrong in yellow. kbibb points me to the velonews live text feed.

+ to continue the iraq uranium thread, this morning we have:

ny times: bush declares his faith in tenet.
reuters: cia stopped iraq nuclear mention in october 2002 speech.
reuters: blix: u.k.'s "45 minutes to deploy" claim was an error.
santa fe new mexican/ap: britain stands behind iraq uranium charge, says u.s. withheld information.
reuters: britain denies u.s. rift over iraq intelligence.
washington post: condoleeza rice now says the statement was accurate. as long as it's pinned on the british, not on the cia.
guardian.uk: blair ignored cia weapons warning.
guardian.uk: the niger connection.

ny times op-ed: as maureen dowd points out, many of the compass needles seem to point to mr. cheney. it's the point of commonality that's kept the niger story alive.

the bush administration's use of forged iraq nuclear evidence. [pdf] committee on government reform, rep. waxman. once again, as mentioned in my first post, the real linchpin is the dick cheney 'meet the press' of march 17.

important read: you might want to refresh your memory on timeline and events, in this article: the selling of the iraq war: the first casualty. [from the new republic, of all places.] "tenet and the cia came under an entirely different kind of pressure: iraq hawks in the pentagon and in the vice president's office, reinforced by members of the pentagon's semi-official defense policy board, mounted a year-long attempt to pressure the cia to take a harder line against iraq - whether on its ties with al qaeda or on the status of its nuclear program." if you want to trace the extent of the sales job, this looks like a good place to start.

if you're wondering, as i am, who is the 'defense policy board', here's a start.

later: january 24, washington post, u.s. claim on iraq nuclear program is called into question. the infamous aluminum tubes couldn't have been used in a centrifuge, without 'extensive modification.' but even more tellingly, "... there is no evidence so far that iraq sought other materials required for centrifuges, such as motors, metal caps and special magnets, u.s. and international officials said."

also, from october 2002, knight-ridder washington bureau, cia report reveals analysts' split over extent of iraqi nuclear threat. "the white house and the pentagon, these officials said, are pressuring intelligence analysts to highlight information that supports bush's iraq policy and suppress information and analysis that might undercut congressional, public or international support for war." and, also: "... the tubes were not suitable for manufacturing into high-speed enrichment centrifuges because their diameters were too small and the aluminum they were made from was too hard."

past posts, one, two.

+ santa fe new mexican: wildfires are still being fought, while we get drier and drier ... where's our july monsoons?

+ some news you wish you just hadn't read.

+ more 'home improvements' today ...