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sat 12 jul 03

+ off-the-cuff evening notes: caught lyle lovett and his large band at the paolo soleri outdoor amphitheatre, in the santa fe indian school grounds. [note for those intending to visit santa fe ... there are no bad seats at the paolo soleri.] the twin arcs work really well to bring sound forward without the usual muddiness. bass seemed a bit overmixed at times, but i blame that on the location of the mixing board ... backstage, instead of front and center. i've never seen lyle live before ... he's one of those artists who is able to capture his album sound, and improve on it in a live venue. if you have the opportunity, you really have to hear 'her first mistake' live. so much better than the album. lyle plays guitar with fingerpicks. metal on the index fingers, white plastic on the thumb. he sings out of the left side of his mouth. the large band contained a couple of guys from the muscle shoals horns, and a simply great jazz pianist sparkled each set. lyle played for almost three straight hours, only walking off stage while the band played an instrumental, or one of the backup singers did a song. and what a song. i didn't catch her last name, but francine from atlanta has a set of pipes, sugar ... "knock 'em down, mama!" ... and can belt out the nina simone like nobody's biz. the cello player in the large band did a solo, sort of a take-off on a guitar solo. dropped his bow at one point, recovered well. took my preconception of cello to a different level. i had a great time. and watching the sun set, while hearing a great band just put the icing on the cake. b.b. king and jeff beck are supposed to be someplace in new mex august 6. now that's something i can't miss. now to bed ...

+ been patching stucco. all i've been thinking of all day is the groucho marx line, "and you can get stucco ... oh, how you can get stucco." more here.

+ santa fe new mexican: state looks at desalinization for drought relief. another stopgap measure, when we need renewables. this will just postpone the inevitable.

+ ny times: mr. bush may consider the matter closed, but the rest of us don't. an editorial, the uranium fiction, sums up part of what i collected yesterday. it has been mentioned time and time again, that this point about uranium was the 'swing' fact peddled to holdout congresspersons [here's a nice right-wing source]. will they rise up, or cover their cans? one guess. and now, the iraq-al qaeda link, another leg of the case, is being further disputed. though, we are hearing some weblogs bark at this article. funny, how those who spend their entire days denigrating newspaper reporting in general, all of a sudden find unshakeable faith in an iraqi rag produced during the hussein regime. can't have it both ways; that's what you accuse liberals of doing. personally, i'll wait for further authoritative confirmation before judgment.

+ ny times: monsanto sues dairy over labelling. since when is it a crime to state fact? "our farmers' pledge: no artificial growth hormones." we, the public, have a right to know.

+ my hosting began bugging out last night just before midnight. it was apparently out most of the night last night, and is continuing to be buggy today. there's been a problem at the upstream provider, with their switching. if you email, or have emailed in the last 16 hours, i may or may not have received it. check that this site loads, then try emailing. sorry for the inconvenience. one of those outages where you just have to sit tight ...