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thu 10 jul 03

+ frank steele is doing a tour de france weblog. now i don't have to dig so much to stay informed.

+ outdoorsmagic: the uci is letting gary fisher field 29-inch wheels for mtb's, instead of 26'ers. always the man to break the status quo.

+ ny times: being a johnny depp fan, i must see 'pirates of the caribbean.' then again, i like 'kim possible,' too ... i guess massive amounts of sunday night 'the wonderful world of disney' shows, 'the mickey mouse club' and untold bowls of popcorn corrupted me as a child. i'm the product of my era. no apologies. 'moderation in all things.'

+ found the hay group in my referrers, admired their dhtml menus, checked source, and found simplythebest.net. gotta love having a weblog.

+ la times: judge lets power flow from mexico.

+ zopenewbies: what to use, if you want to use python ... but not zope?

+ os news has a very interesting comparison of x86 to ppc. mac fans will be in heaven, the ppc holds the philosophical high ground. but unspoken, intel still holds the price/performance mark ... or so i read it.

+ unix review: importing data into mysql.

+ the register announces that 'the riaa fight is on.'

+ ars technica is watching broadband trends.

+ sacbee: william buckley, no on liberia. as per usual, i do watch conservative news sources. "our nation-building has given us lebanon, somalia, haiti, bosnia, kosovo, afghanistan and iraq." what, the u.s. isn't perfect? so, how come ms. coulter isn't screaming 'treason?'

+ chicago tribune: helping africa up, or holding it down? an interesting take on the issues.

+ guardian.uk: white house 'lied about saddam threat.' this is not the same story retracted yesterday by capitol hill blue. "The whistleblower, gregory thielmann, served as a director in the state department's bureau of intelligence until his retirement in september, and had access to the classified reports which formed the basis for the u.s. case against saddam ..."

+ bbc: private lynch 'not shot, not stabbed.' as with the iraq museum looting, the clouds of war obscured truth.

+ la times: senate votes to end bush policy blocking foreign abortions. but, "if the provision survives the house-senate conference, president bush would veto the entire bill ..."

+ bbc: lord shawcross, britain's lead prosecutor at the nuremberg war crimes trials, dies at 101. nice wig. rest in peace.

+ interrracial voice: eyeballing and you.

+ taipei times: the war on aids in africa needs action, not words. the lack of action of america is mentioned, but also the 'leadership gap' in africa.

+ msnbc/newsweek: terror tort reform. "the bush administration, alarmed about a rash of lawsuits over international acts of terrorism, is pushing a controversial plan that would set up a new federally funded 'compensation fund' for the victims with sharp limits on how much they can recover." $262,000 per person.

+ op classic. tapping into the '70's again. aside: whenever i think about afros, jim kelly's stands over and above. now that was a righteous 'fro.

+ mirella riciardi.

+ washington post: greenspan says natural gas prices are a threat. helps to reinforce my belief that it was low energy prices in the 90's that gave us budget surpluses, not any economic wizardry. all the more reason to push renewables and alternatives.

+ miami herald: u.s. report on 9/11 to be 'explosive.' early, reports-by-rumor are bound to be a bit sensational. but we'll know more in two weeks' time. this is of interest: "the report will show that top bush administration officials were warned in the summer of 2001 that the al qaeda terrorist network had plans to hijack aircraft and launch a 'spectacular attack.'" looks like the 'blame clinton' faction will lose traction.

+ bbc: satellites could spot ancient remains. maybe some technician somewhere will spot prester john ...

+ ny times: clash, then synthesis, the joys of laptop jam.

+ yahoo news: mother theresa, copyrighted.

+ washington post: pennsylvania man opens 'music church' to bypass laws. i'd always wondered about this loophole.

+ andante, charles rosen: the view from the keyboard.

+ times of india: pakistani journalist gets life term for blasphemy. sticks and stones ...

+ times of india: india to get firefinder radars from u.s. but look towards the bottom ... "the indian army stepped up efforts to obtain firefinder radars after pakistani forces used them to target indian gun positions during the kargil border conflict of 1999." supplying both sides, so they can wage more efficient wars?

later: the above brought to mind a quote from the inimitable mark twain:

"two or three centuries from now it will be recognized that all the competent killers are christians; then the pagan world will go to school to the christian - not to acquire his religion, but his guns."

+ two from the ny times op-ed page, on race and its effects: bob herbert, breaking away, and the never-ending saga of the jefferson descendents, the reunion upon a hill.

+ ny times: the new card shark. poker.

+ ny times: on the tour ... by land and air, a live view of cycling's big race. and, armstrong aces first real test.

+ santa fe new mexican: two from los alamos. lanl gets eight r&d 100 awards. on the flip side, the cdc says lanl is withholding documents. "... cited a 1996 report by the new mexico tumor registry in which health officials found a 'statistically significant' rate of thyroid cancer that was four times what was expected in los alamos between the years 1987 and 1995." you know what that's about ... that's why some of you are stocking potassium iodide pills. it implies exposure to radiation.

+ santa fe new mexican: today's fire news. taos pueblo is concerned over its sacred water source, and the smoke in the rio grande valley isn't going anywhere soon.

+ santa fe new mexican: stuck in the heat. the lion's share of residents in santa fe do not have air conditioning. the nature of an adobe house begets a certain amount of coolness, aided by ceiling fans. portable swamp coolers [basically a fan that pulls air through a wet filter material, creating cool breezes] are selling out at the moment, however.

+ reuters: government moves to label trans-fat foods. as opposed to labelling foreign meat, i see noone here complaining about the cost of ink and labels.

+ reuters: continuing jobless claims are at a 20-year high.

+ cnn: robert wagner to sue over "charlie's angels." he sure waited a long time; you'd think this would have popped up after the first big success.

+ cnn: hillary clinton has sweet revenge. a right wingtip ... perfect. you see? humor, humility, tolerance and optimism aren't so hard to practice. for either side of the aisle.

later: in the bottom of this article, new york chefs come to tucker carlson's rescue. sort of. couldn't you just put 'em in a really powerful blender or something?

+ catching up with myself ...