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wed 09 jul 03

+ slashdot: freebsd 5.1 review and bsd roundup.

+ cs monitor opinion: don't let 'reading rainbow' go off the air. a sentiment with which i concur.

+ unhcr: special rapporteur on freedom of expression to visit iran from july 17 to july 27. important because of an item i saw over at ev's ... "blogspot blocked in iran." surely one can reach ambeyi ligabo through the u.n. telephone exchange, or via email. i did a little searching, to no avail. but someone should get in touch, and let him know. if i was still in the new york area, i'd take a walk up to the u.n. building, just to see what i could do ... did an a/v gig there, years ago, for the environmental programme. my personal telly award, my claim to fame. but i digress. anyway, they're nice people at the u.n.

+ telegraph.uk: zen branagh. say what you will about his version of 'hamlet'; i enjoyed it immensely.

+ ny times: here it comes. a 20-year talk with hepburn is being published. tomorrow. smart lady, to get such a jump on the scandalmongers. i bow to a film legend, and a woman of particular mind.

+ nj.com/ap: cable television rate hikes outpace inflation. [warning: sore spot!] you're damned right they do. i started a year ago paying 31 bucks for basic. it's now 42 bucks. the 'increased value' is b-s. unadulterated outside-the-barn fresh. still steaming. they dropped all the good stuff in basic a short time ago, you now have to pay an additional fee to get anything watchable. i'm probably moving to satellite, or dropping it all again and just signing up for netflix. i'm happy cable is available, but i'm also very happy there's competition.

+ the red kitchen.

+ reuters: bp plans to shut down production on alaskan north slope oil field. notable because it's the area closest to the arctic national wildlife refuge; this indicates oil prospects are not as rosy as developers predict. if nigerian uranium was a bit of an exaggeration [or just faulty information], one can suppose the predicted production of the anwr might also be.

+ the world wildlife fund has entered into a partnership to help save the african black rhino.

+ a very interesting report, via seedquest: an environmental safety assessment of roundup ready wheat: risks for direct seeding in western canada. [pdf] the summary's on page 25, and from there you can go back and peruse comfortably. the conclusion is, it is environmentally unsafe to use this product. europe, africa, australia, new zealand, mexico ... all have every reason to be cautious. i'll not tolerate any more of my countrymen's badmouthing, thank you. the information about the potential for glyphosate-resistant weeds is enough for me.

+ egg74. gotta get me one of them oddjob t-shirts ...

+ pravda: russians 'not interested' in the internet. what? they don't care about britney spears' chastity, or ordering martha stewart everyday china? cam finally saw this. knew he'd pop a minor gasket.

+ the register: intel to boost xeon cache, drop prices.

+ slashdot: water cooled laptops.

+ builder.com: information taxonomy plays a critical role in web site design and search processes.

+ bbc: a survey suggests file swappers buy more music.

+ the association of professional [coin] tossers? do you get a free membership to the dull men's club?

+ cs monitor opinion: not so cool. sorry, i don't agree. labelling is not protectionism; we have a right to know, especially in a world of 'mad cow' and other diseases. the fda and the department of agriculture don't have completely trustworthy records.

+ bbc: pressure grows in britain over guantanamo trials. "... 163 mp's have now signed a parliamentary petition calling for the men to be repatriated."

+ bbc: north korea closer to nuclear goal. south korean intelligence says the north is reprocessing rods. "it is a grim reality that the black clouds of nuclear war are gathering on the korean peninsula minute by minute." and while this is progressing, what's the bush admin doing about it?

+ bbc sport: i have been remiss in not mentioning we're in day four of the tour de france. the u.s. postal team won the team time trial today, victor hugo pena winning the yellow jersey. looks like lance is laying the groundwork for another win, "their dominance was such that u.s. postal riders now occupy the top eight positions in the overall standings."

+ traditional conservatives really dislike the medicare solution put forth by congress. i'm finding article after article. unfortunately, the public wants to have their cake and eat it, too. lower taxes, and a prescription drug benefit. democrats, asking for a bigger entitlement, are just playing into the opposition's hands.

+ human rights watch finds the u.s. state department's human rights certification for colombia something of a travesty. colin powell seems to retreat behind statutory blinders. hear no evil, see no evil ...

+ sac observer: fighting black female depression.

+ reuters health: two years after the anthrax incidents, u.s. agencies are ill-prepared for bioterror. the bush administration has been dropping the ball on civil defense.

later: cs monitor opinion has a bit to say about this.

+ iht: the intelligence on stupidity. "stupidity is the engine that drives our society." what a depressing thought.

+ nj.com/ap: postage stamp to honor american artist mary cassatt. more on mary cassatt.

+ la times: howard king, guardian of the redwoods, passes away.

+ national geographic: doctors without borders, life in the field.

+ environmental news network: good news! u.s. house panel cuts bush nuclear requests. specifically, "the bill would also cut most of the $15.5 million bush had requested to study new, smaller nuclear weapons that could be used to destroy deeply buried bunkers, aides said. critics say they fear the move could spark a new nuclear arms race."

+ environmental news service: energy department's reclassification of nuclear waste illegal. "this case is the most egregious of several ongoing efforts by the department of energy and the nuclear industry to 'solve' their nuclear waste problems by relaxing regulatory standards instead of cleaning up their mess." shameful and immoral.

+ boston globe: consumer reports pans irradiated meat. "... a slightly scorched taste and a smell reminiscent of singed hair." yum, yum.

+ scoop.nz: a small flurry of articles in the aggregator indicate gm corn has escaped confinement once again. this time in new zealand. bt corn again, similar to the incident here in america.

+ sitepoint: build an xml-based content management system with php. obviously, you could use this to build your own weblog app, and rewrite bits to make an rss feed.

+ slashdot: open-source law. novel concept, copyright a law. should someone try copyrighting freedom of speech?

+ newsmonster, the aggregator that runs in mozilla. 1.0. taking you to the screenshots page.

+ guido van rossum is leaving zope. but staying involved with python. best of luck, and thanks for your hard work on a product i use everyday!

+ washington post: review, 'heroes without a country.' on jesse owens and joe louis. "after the olympic games in berlin ... [snip] ... i came back to my native country and i couldn't ride in the front of the bus. i had to go to the back door." i hope history never buries these two in obscurity. they both have 'official' websites.

+ bbc: 'one in 10' iraqi treasures looted. the missing item count is back up to 13,000, and possibly higher. no retractions in sight from the barking media pundits ... all we can expect is redirection, i'm afraid. also, from the guardian.uk, an american archaeologist recommends shooting looters. iraq is the crux of many ancient cultures, and a trove for archaeologists, so i forgive her this zealotry.

+ new yorker: rock 101. "music at its most potent creates the feeling that the world is about to undergo a vague but tremendous change, which is how political energies become attached to it."

+ ny times editorial: wrestling for the truth of 9/11.

+ ny times: one of the letters to the editor mentions, "if it ain't broke, george bush is busy fixin' it" ... *snort* i like that a lot. hope it has some staying power ...

+ ny times: man held as 'combatant,' petitions for release. an important civil liberties case to watch.

+ ny times: a galaxy of asian gods in chicago.

+ ny times: the tick riders. 'garrapatero' does sound more romantic, to anglo ears.

+ santa fe new mexican: the national cemetery's specs run up against santa fe's water restrictions. must every veteran sleep under water-wasteful sod?

+ santa fe new mexican: taos fire intensifies. it's burning in the taos pueblo's watershed, threatening their water supplies.

+ 'tis the time of year to use creative cooling strategies ...