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tue 08 jul 03

+ bbc: aha. "the cia warned the us government that claims about iraq's nuclear ambitions were not true months before president bush used them to make his case for war." so, who cooked the books?

+ cnet: p2p's little secret. y'all ain't anonymous. and, congress is debating opt-in or opt-out antispam legislation.

+ regina.canada.com: okay, since we're on the subject, ovulation occurs up to three times a month, say researchers. shooting triphasics in the foot, this, if i grasp the theory correctly.

+ honestly now ... is anyone surprised?

+ hmmmm. getting a 'crawler918.com' in my referrers, registered to register.com, unpaid names department. curious.

+ hal sent me a link earlier this day, saying "cactus ed would be proud." ed abbey, that is. i concur. great article. denver post, add risk to national parks.

+ voa: ivory coast cracks down on protests against unity government.

+ computerweekly: the metadata detectives. "every time a document is created in microsoft office, metadata that tracks author, machine, product versions, amendments and more is added. when multiple authors work on a document, an audit trail builds up showing who wrote what, and when." as weblogs get more authoritative, this type of metadata needs recording and tracking.

+ earthweb: image-loading failsafe. an interesting idea ...

+ slashdot: teach an old athlon new tricks.

+ the register: epson, we have a problem. i don't know ... my printouts are pretty trashy when i get down to red-light status.

+ linux world: key features in the linux 2.6 kernel will favor enterprise. no word yet if they'll bundle t'pol ... sorry.

+ cs monitor, opinion, doug bandow, of the cato institute, former special assistant to ronald reagan: conservatives' core duty on wmd's. "only fear over iraqi possession of wmd unified the administration, won the support of allies, particularly britain, and served as the centerpiece of the administration's case. If the wmd didn't exist, or were ineffective, washington's professed case for war collapses." read this one, it's excellent.

+ guardian.uk: our fake patriots. "a month ago we discovered that our home secretary had secretly concluded an extradition treaty with the u.s. that permits the superpower to extract british nationals without presenting evidence before a court."

+ cs monitor: moves afoot to curb ceo salaries. looks like the 'free ride' may be ending, one-party rule or not.

+ chicago tribune: black women unlikely to suffer anorexia. i guess one can gather from this that black women are portrayed with 'more realistic' body dimensions in the media?

+ thisislondon.uk, brian sewell: sex, the bible, and the real world. first couple of paragraphs are a cryptic summation of the bible. be warned. might be a bit textually graphic, for some readers.

+ government information awareness.

+ khaled hosseini.

+ chicago tribune: families fight to retrieve world trade center remains from landfill. with the lack of corporeal remains, the dust and ash become valuable to grieving families. it is appropriate that some of the ash be memorialized in the wtc site.

+ scienceblog: climate scientists reaffirm view that late 20th century warming was unusual. of note, "... they refuted recent claims that the warmth of recent decades was not unprecedented in the context of the past thousand years."

+ ninemsn.au: aussies and britons most likely to avoid gm foods.

+ news.com.au: don't kill the cockatoos. as with the silvery minnow in the rio grande, here in new mexico ... a case of farmers vs. endangered species.

+ cnet: court backs thumbnail image linking. only if you host the thumbnails on your own servers, searchies. don't drive up my bandwidth costs for your umpteen thousand searches ...

+ outdoors magic: araceli segarra to try for k2.

+ the illustrated catalog of acme products. looney tunes, that is. hey dan [my brother], better bookmark this one! via way down here.

+ slanted lines, using borders in css. thanks, j.j.!

+ related to yesterday's last link: andrew sullivan shares the wsj opinion of ms. coulter. nice to see those on the right recognize shadings in liberal/progressives ... rather than brand us all communist pig-dogs. also, as an aside, thisislondon.uk thinks the neocon publishing industry has reached a zenith. rather than label it 'neocon' [up for interpretation, that], i'd rather lay it down as we're simply getting tired of political sensationalism. the howard stern/limbaugh shock-jock routine is just as tired as top 40 pop. move on, already.

+ guardian.uk: stonehenge, an ancient sex symbol? someone best break it to the druids gently.

+ ny times letters to the editor: telling tall tales about iraq's arms. i've overlinked the times today, but this was worth just one more: "worst of all, we have failed, once again, to learn anything from the french."

+ ny times op-ed: the chechen threat. for more info, chechen republic online, human rights watch.

+ ny times: iran confirms test of missile. in all these stories, american intelligence seems to be late to the table. we missed pakistan, now we've missed iran. who else are we missing? how about carving off some of that huge defense budget, specifically for significantly beefing up intelligence?

+ ny times: power failures on the jersey shore dash summer hopes. oh, lordy ... i can imagine the chaos. the long hot wait over the bridges to the barrier island, and then no power. no cool drinks, no ice cream ... no air conditioning.

+ ny times: a wildlife corridor, green but imperiled. protect sterling forest, create a buffer zone around it.

+ ny times: opposites attract? not in real life.

+ ny times: in response to yesterday's ny times op-ed, the white house says 'bush claim on iraq had flawed origin.' if none of the cia senior leaders read the statement, who exactly was feeding bush this information as solid intelligence? this is not just a simple mistake, this is one of the foundations of the ultimately-nonexistent 'imminent threat.'

+ ny times: test shows foam was likely cause of shuttle's loss. as i believe i've said before, even a high school student in physics could predict the damage done by a high speed impact of a 'soft' object. and, i'd like to point out, another incidence where composites catastrophically failed. "... the panels vary in their resistance to breakage by 70 percent." do watch the video 'interactive feature' on the right hand side, for a graphic depiction of the damage caused.

later: via cnn, superhot gases breached shuttle atlantis in 2000. "aluminum structures inside the wing 'looked outstanding' ..." aluminum *burns,* boyo. looking outstanding, in this case, means dodging the bullet by the skin of your teeth. i want to explore space as much as the next person, but nasa is really looking the chump in these situations. where on earth is simple common sense?

+ santa fe new mexican: fire and water. taos fire threatens pueblo water. fire's glow over santa fe continues. humidity calms large tucson fire. for those affected by the fires, read about how some cerro grande claims are still pending.

+ news24.africa: n!xua has passed away, found dead after going to look for wood. i'm assuming you recall 'the gods must be crazy'? via follow me here.

+ just getting up momentum ...