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mon 07 jul 03

+ omigod. hell froze over. the wsj opinion journal is in congruence with one of my assessments ... on ms. coulter's book, "treason." an unusual place to find support, for a progressive ...

+ ny times: what i didn't find in africa. "for this reason, questioning the selective use of intelligence to justify the war in iraq is neither idle sniping nor 'revisionist history,' as mr. bush has suggested." call folks liars, you'll get some interesting feedback. via billsaysthis.

+ bangkok post: obituary, cia operative stood out in 'secret war' in laos. cutting off ears for reward, and dropping decapitated heads on porches. be a good patriot ... read more about our war in laos.

+ bbc: iraq weapons intelligence 'limited.' er, ah ... sure you don't have a case of alzheimer's? what happened to the "45-minute deployment" schtick we were hearing a week ago?

+ devshed: date arithmetic with mysql.

+ nick bradbury released feeddemon beta 2a. i was writing a little review; i'll have to revisit it. the beta 1 has been supplying all my linkage for the past week.

+ slashdot: book review, text processing in python.

+ ny times tech: marketing high-end digital cameras to the masses.

+ ars technica: nasa benches the apple g5. floating point was the major thrust of the test, and the stat most trumpeted. price/performance, it looks like the g5 is not 'the one.' the upcoming panther release will not be 64-bit, only 32. i'll keep watching dual opteron layouts ... speaking of the devil, cnet mentions amd releasing the 64 bit athlon in september.

+ silicon valley.com: scientists challenge for-profit journals. ever hear of weblogs? get a scientific organization to sponsor 'sciencepad' ... to borrow from the upcoming 'typepad' service.

+ cs monitor: ah, now it gets down to brass tacks. those who love tax cuts, must lose their favorite spending programs. red ink at the statehouse. the lesson best learned is, unfortunately, the painful one.

+ ny times: anger rises for families of troops in iraq. "frustrations became so bad recently at fort stewart, ga., that a colonel, meeting with 800 seething spouses, most of them wives, had to be escorted from the session." we have been told, dozens of times under previous administrations [usually by republicans], that fighting troops are not trained as policemen. well?

+ scotland on sunday.uk: is the feminist fight over? dream on, man. "because whatever improvements the last 20 years have brought us, statistics - on domestic violence, pay and child care - show we continue to be very much the underdogs."

+ the times.uk: america keen to exploit boom in africa's black gold. "... there is mounting concern that america’s scramble for africa’s resources will lead to an increase in the corruption and mismanagement that has afflicted the continent." and there's enough already, isn't there?

+ nutra: making folate available for mental health. probably should read facts about folate, too.

+ bbc: museum to reveal 'rings' secrets.

+ iafrica.com: a user's guide to chastity. "... young people should beware of friends of questionable morals, 'especially during summer'."

+ the national constitution center.

+ speech accent archive.

+ '57 chevy couches. but the checker cab's a good one, too.

+ the bangles are back. i always liked their pre-top-40-hit stuff best.

+ washington post, james schlesinger: climate change, the science isn't settled. another of our nixon-appointed boys. the dark one's minions are everywhere, it seems. whereas global climate change will be difficult to conclusively prove, one can observe local climate change very easily. pollution needs to be seriously addressed, the 'truth' of global warming aside.

+ businessweek: frankenfoods, the outcry over terminator genes. flash-popups-from-hell, too. can hardly read the damned article.

+ cnet: piracy and peer-to-peer. ian clarke of freenet faces off against matt oppenheim of the riaa.

+ times of india: u.s. muslims still facing post-september-11 suspicions. here's a statistic you won't see in american newsrags ... "families who have lived in the united states for decades are now leaving in droves, with more than 40,000 muslims abandoning new york city alone for canada and other countries ..." that's a big bailout in less than two years. you'd think it would be more newsworthy.

+ the public interest has an article on the geneaology of anti-americanism. haven't had time to read it, but i'll dip in later and make comments then.

+ speaking of the future, it's already here. via this month's backpacker magazine, edible sleeping bags, packs, tarps, hiking poles. you read that right. *edible.* ediblegear.com.

+ miracles you'll see in the next 50 years. reprint from 1950.

+ the spectator.uk: drawing board. on today's art scene, and young artists. "they are under great pressure to be ‘creative’ and to ‘express themselves’, but they have not been taught the skills with which to do so, as it is no longer thought necessary to learn to draw, paint, carve or model. the divorce between art and craft is complete." sad to say that one can graduate from a four year art program at the country's leading art schools, and never have a course in simple one- or two- point perspective ["too limiting"]. in my experience, *any* sort of realism is severely dealt with, to be ashamed of. apprenticeships are certainly advisable.

+ publishers' weekly: the plight of university presses. "flat is the new up."

+ scotsman.uk: art detective solves 300 year old mystery.

+ national post.ca: how language stunts creativity. part one of a four part series about the brain and creativity. being a fan of asymmetry, i like this comment: "i think at the core of creativity is asymmetry ..."

+ msn/newsweek: requiem. classical music, on the cultural literacy chopping block?

+ ny times guest contributor: harry potter and the childish adult. another "you should be ashamed at reading children's literature." more to say on this, but no time at the moment.

+ ny times editorial: dry prospects. an editorial of pulled punches. but at least water issues are going national.

+ ny times: the south is posing '04 questions for democrats in the senate. sometimes one can believe that the 'republican revolution' is merely the rise from civil war ashes of the bible-belt south. i hear kids often asking why all politicians seem to have southern accents ...

+ ny times: now there's a vacation ... sea kayaking in vancouver. and rolling and strolling the gulf islands.

+ ny times: a simpler, more personal key to protect online messages.

+ santa fe new mexican: hgtv is filming a couple of santa fe gardens. it's too bad so much beauty gets hidden behind courtyard walls ...

+ santa fe new mexican: the fires up at taos are growing.

later: ny times: wildfires in arizona approach expensive tucson homes.

+ cnn: thousands run with the bulls at pamplona.

+ cnn: teens arrested with guns, swords, sacks of ammo. you'd think a parent would notice stockpiling.

later: 'stockpiling' two rifles, two handguns? a bit misleading. more at the ny times.

+ reuters: last adieu to french as world language? ah, go for latin, as i did. there's no language like a dead one.

+ lots to accomplish today ... the blog may be thin. but you never know ... whenever i say that, i have a lucrative day.