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thu 03 jul 03

+ a friend informs me, this is how she surfs here: "boring text, scroll, boring text, scroll ... oooh, pretty picture!" can't please everyone, so i please myself.

+ ny times: bush designates six prisoners for tribunals. among other inhumanities mentioned, there is this: "the pentagon officials also raised the possibility that the military might continue to hold the suspects even if they are acquitted by a tribunal." an in-depth look at unlawful combatants and military tribunals, from juris [duquesne university]. explains why they're at guantanamo, certainly.

+ independent.uk: hopes of genocide trials fade with deaths of khmer rouge leaders. vengeance is a dish best served cold ... but not too cold, it seems. you run the risk of missing the main course.

+ newsday.com, the 'god squad': room for the religious to disagree. "other christians, and we favor those who choose this course, view confrontation as much too arrogant to fit into a christian life."

+ scotsman.uk: how history could repeat itself, as anti-globalisers look to mexico. mas tequila!

+ the financial times calls for an american version of the british colonial office. i wonder what indian-americans think of that one ...

+ xmlhack: morphon 'xml-editor,' now free of charge. i don't see the 'free' designation on their site, however.

+ infoworld: high growth rates for open source in germany.

+ i missed this on june 30, being up in the mountains. mozilla 1.4 final is out. download. release notes.

+ winroll lets windows xp users enjoy some mac features, minimizing windows to a title bar.

+ ny daily news: at the whitney, they 'dump' on guiliani.

+ finding balance. "are you a weird eater?"

+ cyber diver news network: should we leave old oil drilling rigs in place? "his work has shed light on a previously unexplored conflict between two federal regulations, one that protects such coral from harvest and another that requires platforms, some with coral colonies, to be yanked from the gulf once their drilling leases are terminated."

+ environmental news service: pollution may close record number of u.s. beaches.

+ new zealand herald: deer gas won't cost farmers dear.

+ outdoorsmagic: climber's legs return to alaska. drink up.

+ independent.uk: extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert. worldwide, this.

+ the economist style guide. via kottke's remaindered links.

+ guardian.uk: brutal farce in the caucasus. this is where our human rights policies should remain consistent, not swaying to the winds of administration "coalition- or consensus-gathering." this kind of situation is where we continually fall flat, historically. this is what others in the world know as american foreign policy, this purposeful sitting back while the foxes raid the henhouse, while our media keeps american citizens blissfully ignorant and our leaders talk of moral superiority. treason, you say? accountability, say i.

later: washington file: u.s. continues humanitarian demining programs in caucasus. "the united states provided $100,000 to unicef in order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to mines and uxo in the north caucasus region. this region consists of fhechnya, dagestan, ingushetia, north ossetia, and the stravropol krai." how about some democracy, too?

+ hey, i received my first "legal" spam with an ADV: at the head. see yesterday.

+ times literary supplement: lolita in tehran.

+ new york review of books: normal mailer, the white man unburdened. "nowhere is any emphasis put upon the fact that many of the bodies were of the shiites of southern iraq who have been decimated repeatedly in the last twelve years for daring to rebel against saddam in the immediate aftermath of the gulf war. of course, we were the ones who encouraged them to revolt in the first place, and then failed to help them." i can hear coulter cry 'treason' from the wings, 'america-hater.' but underneath the entire piece is a strong love of the america that should be, the model democracy, a moral lighthouse for the world.

+ wsj.com: "the wife-carrying world championship."

+ toronto star: jazz flautist herbie mann passed away on tuesday.

+ times of india: u.s. may transfer dual-use technology to india.

+ times of india: hans blix to head global panel on wmd's.

+ ny times letters to the editor: i was waiting for a comment like this one. from a former prosecutor who participated in the nuremberg war crimes trials: the international court and u.s. immunity. "the contention that 'there could be politically motivated charges against american citizens' is specious."

+ ny times op-ed contributor: no remembrance of things they passed. on the tour de france. interesting, that america remembers winners, france remembers perseverance. "allez, poupou, allez."

+ ny times editorial, and herbert op-ed: the quiet shift in overtime, and picking workers' pockets. to contrast with what i wrote the other day, further information about this overtime issue is making it look bleak. nevertheless, i think it should be passed, the earlier next year, the better. why? the outrage and uproar will remove president bush from office. whereas no other issue can touch him, reducing citizen paychecks or making them work longer hours ... you've got yourself a shoe-in for the democratic ticket. guaranteed. it's the one breakout issue i've seen; but citizens have to feel the effects, first.

+ ny times: the smithsonian preserves the star-spangled banner. another story of best-intentioned, but never tested, restorations.

+ ny times/ap: man gets life in prison for spitting. local and state jurisprudence, like local and state politics, are such fun.

+ ny times: a day after bush assurances, 10 soldiers hurt in iraq. it was a damned stupid comment, reflecting a hollywood bravura instead of cold and hard reality. i'd be peeved, if i were serving in the military. a professional doesn't go asking for more trouble in the midst of a quagmire.

+ santa fe new mexican, editorial: park privatization, stop the silliness. "all this under a president whose campaign platform had a plank promising a reversal of years of national-park neglect."

+ santa fe new mexican: closely monitored pecos fires will become more active today. "forest service strategy for these fires is to let the wilderness self-regulate while under close supervision." we've had enough moisture of late, that these fires are controllable.

+ cnn money: unemployment at highest rate in nine years: 6.4%. looks like our president is continuing the historical trend. recent republican presidents have always raised the unemployment rates, while democrats have brought them down.

later: ny times, on the same subject. an an analysis. i don't know about you, but if the economy doesn't pick up, my 'hoover flags' will be out ...

even later: financial times, u.s. employment reaches a nine-year high, extending the longest employment drought since world war 2. "if president bush is forced to say during an election, as his father did, that the economy is not as bad as you think it is and is getting better ... he's going to have a major headache."

+ cnn: bush 'uncertain' about gay marriage ban. a purely political indigestion, i'm sure.

+ hot last night; winds came late and didn't appreciably cool the environment.