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wed 02 jul 03

+ cnn: mystery sea creature washes up onshore in chile.

+ sunset, looking east at the dissipating afternoon storms. note, the water doesn't hit the ground ... it's too hot:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, july 2, 2003.

+ koat channel 7 [new mex]: cate blanchett gives santa fe environmental group a 'substantial donation.' yeah, we've been having 'celebrity sightings' over the past couple of months. here's the forest guardians website for more info. this little item is hilarious ... "is environmentalism a religion?" ooooh. 'deep ecology.' rumor has it they wear pentaquarks ... i find it's loggers who are the most dogmatic. thanks, hal.

+ jerusalem post: the jewish goose, and the arab gander. "is the pope a goy?"

+ malta star: europe's gun culture rivals the u.s. this should be no surprise to those who have read "a year in provence," but i guess it will boggle some.

+ uk nights.

+ science daily: mediterranean fishery recovers, thanks to manmade pollutants. the headline, and article, need more context. no mention of heavy metals, pesticides, pcbs, and other nasties in the nile stew. get clear on what's really happening [scroll down a bit]. personally, you wouldn't find me eating that fish ...

+ macobserver: steve jobs considers bringing renderman to g5; asks for feedback.

+ signon san diego: popocatepetl belched. the name runs trippingly off the tongue ...

+ voa: analysis, impact of historic surge in u.s. hispanic population. will there be an 'immigration backlash?' i don't think so.

+ i didn't drop the ugandan schoolgirl story; just got sidetracked by my mini-vacation. the bbc reports only 29 were kidnapped, of whom 13 have escaped. but the l.r.a. ["lord's resistance army"] is inscrutable. 80% of the girls who return from their kidnappings are h.i.v. positive, living lives of sexual enslavement and rape. with fundamentalist christians like this, who's worried about islam?

+ radio netherlands: the afghanistan disarmament trap.

later: voa: attacks increasing against afghan troops, foreign peacekeepers.

+ o'reilly webdev center: 'super-efficient' image rollovers. *please* make sure your art files are in perfect alignment. i hate pixel-shifts in rollovers.

+ the register: open and closed source software defects, reloaded.

+ tom's hardware: building a home network from scratch. agree on the pinouts for ethernet, too, following a standard. some contractors are sloppy, using a mostly consistent but nonstandard config. coming in after the fact, is a nightmare. after cable's pulled, sometimes the wires inside will break and you have to reconfigure [re-pulling was no longer an option in my case]; permanently affix information about the nonstandard config on both ends of the cable!!

+ environmental news service: "the solar energy industries association released an analysis that shows that clean, renewable solar power could replace nearly one-third of the natural gas supply shortage in 2005, if the federal government took steps this year to promote solar expansion."

+ news.com.au: hollywood's worst accents. connery in 'the untouchables' rated worse than van dyke in 'mary poppins.'

+ one of the 'dangerousmeta irregulars' sent over this just now:

"this is not really news you will not see everywhere else shortly, but the 2010 winter olympics have just been awarded to vancouver, bc, from where i am typing to you now. bedlam here -- car horns honking etc."

thanks, j.j.!

+ village voice: u.s. curtails iraq's new media freedoms. "they say the new papers lack responsibility and professionalism, and that they fabricate information." sure sounds like unabridged freedom of the press, to me ...

+ the age.au: harry potter and the lost wages.

+ washington monthly, joseph epstein: the green-eyed monster. "one may be jealous - again, rightly - of one's reputation, integrity, and other good things. one is almost never right to feel envy: to be envious is to be, ipso facto, wrong."

+ times of india: yellowstone national park off unesco's endangered list.

+ la times: the air guitar championships. surprised the riaa isn't trying to get royalties from these folks, too.

+ business 2.0: lojack for your strad.

+ telegraph.uk: the art of chess.

+ la times: recovered iraqi art treasures to be shown in baghdad. we're back up [down?] to less than 3,000 artifacts missing.

+ wired: the great wall of china is finding good use shoring up buildings, strengthening pig sties ...

+ ny times editorial: the ten commandments judge. though, the judeo-christian 'foundations' is incorrect. anglo-saxon common law foundation is correct; judeo-christian influence. see thomas jefferson's letter to dr. thomas cooper. i doubt we'll ever witness marble monuments to "ina, offa, aethelbert and his ancestors." about as likely as the long-overdue monument to thomas paine, that should be sitting someplace prominent in washington, d.c.

+ ny times: with head held high, mondavi at 90 faces a storm. i admire a vintner who doesn't whine.

+ ny times: a study of federal airport security. "one by one, the men placed their loaded m-16 rifles and their pistols on the conveyer belt, sending them through the x-ray machine to be scanned, and then meekly walked past the security guards to retrieve the weapons." huh?

+ ny times: democratic field focuses on environment issue. unfortunately, i don't believe environmental issues will generate swing votes. imho, "preaching to the choir." i'm not saying it's not important, but it's only one facet of the whole campaign gem. come out hard on real swing issues, to influence 2004.

+ ny times: europe approves laws on labeling gm modified foods. "u.s. farmers estimate the european restrictions have cost them nearly $300 million a year in lost corn exports alone." oh, for heaven's sake. and who exactly was it, who chose to grow crops that their customers weren't interested in buying? for all the talk about free trade, bringing freedom to the world ... where is 'freedom of choice' for europeans? sickening. and, i want labelling here in america, too.

+ santa fe new mexican: internet spam law in effect in new mexico. so far this morning, my received spam reflects none of these changes.

+ santa fe new mexican: protesting plutonium. "... a modern pit facility, depending on its size, would produce between 3,000 and 5,600 drums of plutonium laden nuclear waste annually."

+ cnn: missing concorde? try fractional ownership in a private jet.

+ looks like another hot one today.