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tue 01 jul 03

+ eff: file sharing, it's music to our ears. "but there are more than 60 million people in the united states alone who use file sharing - more than the number of people who voted for our current president."

+ will-harris.com: how to [and not to] work with a designer.

+ washington post: web firms choose profit over privacy.

+ adobe's going to give the apple g5 a leg up on the competition by writing a plug-in for photoshop 7.

+ aidsmap: bush administration's censorship and underfunding of domestic aids groups attacked. get this ... "the letter highlights the instruction which 'stop aids! san francisco' received on june 13th from the federal government’s center for disease control to cease its h.i.v. prevention workshops after complaints from religiously conservative politicians that they were 'encouraging sexual activity'." my italics. i *had* hoped the c.d.c. could overcome partisan pet theories. it seems even mentioning a condom is 'encouraging sexual activity.' quite the medieval view. no wait, i take that back. dante put unrepentant sex in the outermost ring of hell, because sex has great capacity for good ... farthest from satan. premeditated murder is much closer in. so this isn't even medieval ... neanderthal?

+ motherjones: greenpeace ousted from the international maritime organization. "the i.m.o.'s final decision - which will be handed down this november - could leave the tanker companies as the only consultants to the i.m.o." the outrage over the exxon valdez [and other incidents] should have resulted in double-hull tankers as the status quo for today, not ten years from today. everyone's behind the eight ball, guarding their investments, and greenpeace isn't pulling any punches. i should think investigative journalists could have a field day with the ghastly condition of some cargo shipping ...

+ wired: finding wildlife in new york. central park is quite an oasis, if a bit rat-ridden. but you really don't have to go far to find water bears, folks. i used to put gutter-scrapings under the microscope in grade school and discover quite a menagerie.

+ the register: proposed u.s. anti-spam laws will 'legalise' spam. ugh.

+ the register: nvidia ships the nforce 3 pro. opteron, here we come. asustek will be the first mobo on the ground ...

+ thinksecret: inside panther, part one [os x.3]. brushed metal, whether you like it or not. too bad you can't turn off the eye candy; but it's early yet.

+ ibm developerworks tutorial: living in emacs [free reg required].

+ linux world: the linux geek diet. he forgets that screaming at and beating a computer to a pulp uses a lot of calories, and has physical benefits too.

+ washington post, richard cohen: crackpot conservatism. ms. coulter, "nothing more than the bush administration's useful idiot." apropos, that she seemingly puts mccarthy on a pedestal. innuendo and interrupting loudly worked well for him, too. celebrity boxing suggestion: al franken and ms. coulter. wit vs. dogma.

+ cs monitor: don't understimate hillary.

+ msnbc: women warned of dioxins in fatty foods. and don't live near incinerators.

+ absolute arts: protected art: a record of the committee for the artistic patrimony during the civil war. note, that's the spanish civil war. if you don't recall the war, here's a short descrip.

+ sydney morning herald.au: rock art find makes stonehenge seem recent.

+ while visiting austin the other week, my brother and i popped into a barnes & noble bookstore; a book from our childhood caught my eye. seems robert mccloskey died yesterday. 'make way for ducklings.'

+ three new digicam reviews at dp review: sony dsc-v1, nikon coolpix 5400, canon g-5. the culmination of these three reviews is the final 'comparison' in the canon g-5 review. canon's sharpest, sony's cheapest.

+ the fantastic in art and fiction.

+ join andrea (and andre) for a four-day trip through berlin in pictures. don't miss the museum pics.

+ the cockeyed.com science club.

+ art of the first cities.

+ taraland notes that all about.com homepages are now being built with moveable type! big score for mt.

+ environmental news network: how to tell a cage-free egg from a free-range egg? i'm still not sure.

+ environmental news service: energy facts contradict bush warming plan. the department of energy confirms my fears, "... president bush's global warming plan will allow more greenhouse gas pollution to occur at a faster rate than if the nation maintained the pollution trends of the past five years."

+ cbsnews: u.s. tobacco crop smallest since 1874. "american manufacturers are buying less u.s. tobacco because they can get cheaper leaf from zimbabwe, brazil and other countries ..." somehow, i never thought i'd see the marlboro man puffing on imported tobacco.

+ health-news.uk: you don't need viagra, guys ... just do pelvic floor exercises.

+ bike magic: bikes scare ostriches, and parachutists make them impotent. vital pieces of information, those.

+ guardian.uk: of fleiss and men.

+ bbc: u.s. plans hypersonic bomber.

+ chronicle of higher ed: only in america. if americans perceive de tocqueville as 'anti-american,' it is to their own detriment. much of what he wrote still rings true today.

+ new scientist: counselling can add to post-disaster trauma. let the memories lapse naturally, let them be overwritten. don't revisit them, cradle them, nurture the horrors. seems only logical, really.

+ slate: figuring out beethoven's ninth.

+ miami herald: so sue me, teens tell music biz. strikes me, they should be reading franklin.

later: cnet: court says anonymous p2p no defense.

even later: the register's take on the above decision.

+ the new yorker: world's biggest dam floods the past. a little late to register a complaint now, methinks. i try to look on the bright side ... maybe a layer of silt will preserve, instead of destroy.

+ ny times editorial: rescuing liberia. as the bush administration believes one middle eastern democracy might encourage democracy in other area nations, why not the same in liberia and africa?

+ ny times: fox hunting still seems to be a lightning rod in britain. then again, cockfighting is still legal in new mexico, and other u.s. states ... which is more brutal? at least the fox has a chance. in fact, going to some of these 'summer blockbuster' movies might be more cruel.

+ ny times: few habitats, many species, and a debate on preservation. my old belief was that we should have clear 'wilderness highways' through suburban and urban areas, for species to migrate and continue to gift us with the benefits of their existence.

+ ny times: pursuit of a tour's champion begins with head games. tour champions tend to surface around age 33, when wisdom of age, team management capabilities and physical stamina meet.

+ ny times: cia said to find north korean nuclear advances. *snort* i hate to be a one-note charlie, but we ignore the long-range taepodong 2 icbm at our own risk.

later: csm: in korea, a quiet u.s. weapons buildup. dangerous games.

+ ny times: i've warned before of the return to 19th century industrial age phenomena, now we have another instance: redistricting for fun and profit. if you can't legitimately guarantee a win ...

+ ny times: i see the times is engaging in a little supreme-court tea leaf reading.

+ santa fe new mexican: two on the local environmental front. tribe protests monitoring for mine site. make sure you're monitoring the right aquifer. and, more than park jobs at stake. our parks have precious resources that contract work just can't protect and preserve.

+ santa fe new mexican: a carlsbad location for the nation's new plutonium pits? well, at least they're not proposing los alamos. carlsbad is downstream ...

+ santa fe new mexican: texans fire back in the 'billy-the-kid' border war. 'the kid' is dead and buried in new mexico; get over it, boys. or maybe he got himself a guitar. see below.

+ cnn: the remaining dead resurrect. i'll be interested to hear what joan osborne adds, texturally.

+ reuters: there's an intimacy gap.

+ reuters: kraft changes portions over fat fears.

+ buddy hackett passed away, i see [multiple news sources]. no more 'shi-boo-pee.' [sp?] and i will refrain from adding another eulogy to katharine hepburn's passing. the vultures of cultural enshrinement continue to circle the last lingering stars of the golden age of cinema ... but they've been waiting with especial slavering glee to rip open the tracy/hepburn affair. rest in peace, kat.

+ july one already. summertime seems to go so fast ...