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fri 27 jun 03

+ ny times: pitting fuel economy against safety. but haven't f1 cars gotten faster, lighter and safer because of monococque frames? i'd like to see stats to back up the claims made.

+ webreference: expandable/collapsible content. cross-browser. big plans for this ...

+ the creative commons site highlighted the phoenix trap the other day. weren't they the first blogging band? support 'em.

+ bbc: coconuts, breadfruit, polynesian breezes ... and wifi.

+ upi: analysis, bush fails to court black voters. the last couple of paragraphs are important, "hispanics are not yet a voting powerhouse, though that may change with time. some of the latinos living in the united states are either not yet citizens and thus cannot vote."

+ xinhua.com: shell oil workers kidnapped in southern nigeria. linked partially for the description of the perpetrators: "heavily armed privates." stop laughing. you're not supposed to find humor in the travails of multinationals ...

+ cbsnews.com: u.s. pushed world climate watch. if everyone's not sharing environmental info, this is a good thing. i believed certain disciplines of science were above petty international politics ... naive, i guess.

+ bbc: gm fish glows in the bowl. "franken-pets." yep, that's just about right. i don't like it.

+ flight simulator freaks will love this.

+ nick bradbury's got the feeddemon beta 1 for download. rss reader, windows only. been looking forward to this.

+ the lwala schoolgirl kidnapping seems surrounded by poor information. i can't reconcile these two reports, one from allafrica, and one from voa: 120 lwala schoolgirls back, 140 still missing. and, most abducted schoolgirls safe. i'll keep watching. do note, in the voa article, the goals of the LRA. some disbelieved in the existence of christian terrorists, a while ago. here's your proof.

+ strom watch. the information in the right side column is fascinating. via mefi.

+ i have not been able to find any current information today on the circumstance of the lwala schoolgirls in uganda. but i understand president bush is going on an african 'tour,' with a stop in entebbe. maybe in the upswing of media interest for those countries on the tour, we'll find out more.

+ sabcnews.com: congolese rebel leader says his forces remain vigilant.

+ o'reilly: defending your site against spam.

+ the register: sobig-e worm spreading rapidly.

+ scientific american: harvesting hydrogen from plants gets cheaper.

+ exn.ca: shaolin science. kung fu feats, analyzed by physicists.

+ unixreview: openbsd's packet filter.

+ washington times: mexican i.d. a threat, says f.b.i.

+ science daily: towards an h.i.v. vaccine ... an unusual antibody that targets h.i.v.

+ bbc: ddt pregnancy warning. those who wish to rehabilitate ddt tend to ignore the long term health effects. for these women, one must assume casual contact with ddt ... as politicians are pushing for in malarial locales.

+ try a muddy buddy trail run. beware the frog.

+ urlwire: searchfit, a search-engine friendly shopping cart. i'm curious.

+ pbs.org: this far by faith, african american spiritual journeys.

+ outside online: 'cave dog' sets appalachian speed-hiking record.

+ taipei times: u.s. biotech conference wins few converts. "like european consumers, some participants at the conference questioned the health risks of genetically altered crops and voiced concern about corporations creating a monopoly by controlling seed supply. others discussed problems about adopting technology or food that didn't have an overseas market or didn't work in their countries."

+ times of india: rainforest destruction in brazil increasing.

+ times of india: former british foreign secretary robin cook attacks iraq dossiers. blair's in up to his eyeballs, it seems.

+ the believer magazine: "babette's feast," and the reclamation of melodrama. i'll have to pull out my tape and watch it again ... sounds like a cure for today's bitter pills.

+ cia.gov: how 'uncle joe' bugged f.d.r.

+ ny times letters to the editor: europe vs. biotech food. "instead of attacking the european union, united states officials should realize how little they have done to protect american consumers from the potential risks of these novel crops." yes, and phrased wonderfully. also, in america, "... genetically engineered foods are not labeled or required to be tested for their safety ..." one of my long-standing points. i wish to be able to choose.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: toward one-party rule. yet, as we've seen in congressional elections, the one with the most money to spend isn't necessarily guaranteed a win. i cannot buy into the 'poor underdog' routine, as long as we maintain a semblance of 'free press.' i will not concede defeat before the battle is met. the bigger they are, the harder they fall. i remain optimistic. it's a long time, in politics, before november 2004 ... that is, if we the people can bodily shove a reasonable platform under the democrats.

+ ny times editorial: the nuclear finds in iraq. read u.n. resolution 687, c 12 [you'll have to scroll]. all rhetoric aside, i believe we have verifiable material breach, as i understand international rule of law. this material was not disclosed, and it did not, with iaea knowledge, accomplish "destruction, removal or rendering harmless." the u.n. security council and the iaea should be up front about this. it doesn't matter if it was buried before the war or not. it doesn't matter if the nuclear weapons program was active or not. post-gulf-war-one all of this stuff was supposed to be turned over and destroyed or monitored. my previous posts aside, score one for colin powell [and the bush administration] over the united nations. progressive/liberals, tread carefully ... and be specific in critique. this is evidence of active concealment and planning for the future on the part of the hussein regime; don't tie your horse to the loose post. more may be coming. keep focused on the one important trigger for war, the 'imminent threat' threshold.

later: perhaps we political-leaning weblogs should be pro-active and declare what situations [weapons, stockpiles, etc.] would constitute an imminent threat. that way, there's a standard to hold everyone to. no prevarication allowed. just a thought.

+ ny times: bush calls for changes in africa. "'corrupt regimes that give nothing to their people deserve nothing from us,' he said. 'governments that serve their people deserve our help, and we will provide that help.'" yet those people who suffer under corrupt regimes are the most needy ... and most likely to ally with terrorist factions? how do we plan to help starving victims of violence living under corrupt regimes?

+ sorry, got sidetracked. paying work does come first, y'know. sometimes i can't multitask ...

+ ny times: amid a glut, the biggest ship ever rises. the queen mary 2! let me win the powerball lottery, and i'll book one of those suites that is larger than my house ...

+ ny times: with deadline near, states are in budget discord.

+ ny times: on the plains, wily buffalo outfox indians. they're right ... buffalo's good eating. better for you than beef.

+ santa fe new mexican: los alamos national lab exonerates the employee who charged a $30,000 ford mustang to her lab credit card. her story's been the symbol of lanl mismanagement; but instead of employee malfeasance, it may be a vendor's opportunism.

later: to counter certain larger-media articles, here's the link from the lanl website. it clearly says that, "records further show that immediately upon receiving her purchase card statement that contained the $20,895 charge for an automobile from the mustang company instead of transducers from fluid conditioning, anaya began the process for disputing the charge. bank of america, the institution that had the laboratory's purchase card contract, promptly reversed the charge, so at no time was taxpayer money involved." my italics. and certain authors of big media articles are laughingstocks amongst the journalists in the local santa fe/los alamos area, too ...

+ reuters: who says the world will be 'sars-free' in two to three weeks. but it will return.

+ reuters: too much shark and swordfish may pose health risk. not a mention of concern over the real cause ... ocean pollution.

+ cnn: castle builder's hobby got out of hand.

+ whiskey bar: doctor of revisionism. revisionist history from the senate majority leader, in his own words. i'll repeat from yesterday, cfr.org: america's rationale for war.

+ nothing to say, yet.