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thu 26 jun 03

+ there's been a couple of blurbs on television that (former) senator strom thurmond has passed away. 100 years old. haven't seen anything online yet.

later: ny times, strom thurmond dead at 100.

+ i've had a glass of wine. i'm putting away the keyboard ... (low tolerance) ... you think you get unedited mind now. you haven't a clue ...

+ the abc's of making adobe bricks [pdf]. thinking of building a replica anasazi ruin at the bottom of my yard. more productive than weblogging, in summer ... i'd like to make a broken-down kiva, at least. with sundial features.

+ eating nature: the second recipe here, 'snail with frogs legs.' what can i say? yuck-o. but the piñon trees around here are prolific with pine nuts after the first frost ...

+ lest you think i've forgotten, i'm still watching for more information on the schoolgirls kidnapped in uganda, mentioned here yesterday. the count may be down to 80; but the remainder of this news item does not give one much hope for mercy. the bishops are sleeping on the streets, thousands of children coming out to support them, to urge u.n. action. human rights watch has a page of testimonies. u.n., e.u., u.s. ... pay attention. have mercy. also from human rights watch, what you can do.

+ guardian.uk: a way with words. had to link this, because of my persistent curiousity about all things basque. especially the fact that "... its isolation is almost complete. apart from a lost earlier form called aquitanian, attested by about 500 words in roman manuscripts, 'there is no shred of persuasive evidence,' he says, 'that basque is related to any other language at all, living or dead.'" great link, follow me here.

+ slashdot reports that the win 2k service pack 4 is now available via windows update.

+ the australian.au: no iraq-al qaeda link: u.n. "unveiling his group's latest report, chandler told reporters powell's statement remained the sole source of information on a possible link between saddam's regime and al-qaeda." geez, and that ain't much. maybe that's why the house rejected a deeper probe on iraqi arms intelligence. "an amendment proposed by rep. sheila jackson lee of texas to require the u.s. comptroller general to study u.s. intelligence-sharing with u.n. inspectors was defeated 239-185." given these two articles, there may not have been any of significance. fascinating, the threads you can gather with an aggregator and a sharp eye ...

+ mother jones: after all the 'mad cow' incidents, don't you think americans should know what countries their meat comes from? house republicans disagree. be sure to note the little blurb about 'free-range.'

+ cfr.org: afghanistan, are we losing the peace? [pdf] a comprehensive report by the council on foreign affairs behind foreign affairs mag. an interesting sample: the great revival, understanding religious fundamentalism. best line is the last: "millions of people out there believe what nobody believes anymore."

+ the spectator.uk: two of interest. land of the free, saying 'enough of the canada-bashing.' and, what's the connection between saddam and chess? "... u.s. intelligence could do worse than take a close look at the third castle from the right in chess city, elista." thanks, j.j.!

+ reuters: oh, this is going to do wonders for u.s./mexico relations ... 'mexico raises proximity of u.s. base in killings.'

+ washington post: nature conservancy founder richard pough has passed away. the land acquisition idea was inspired. rest in peace.

+ scotsman.com.uk: ships cause air pollution.

+ sky news: not that it will come as any shock to adults, but britney's done drugs.

+ milostongue.com. what's next, parents making flash mx shrines to their newborns first ... unmentionable? well, it's a free internet, after all ...

+ brookbend outdoor teak furniture. the interface is not bad, in that you find price even before you look at an item ...

+ californiaauthors.com. hmmm ... do they not recognize 'tech' authors?

+ outside online: mountaineering 101, top ten.

+ cnet: win 2k fixes seep onto web. service pack 4?

+ guardian.uk: artists vs. critics, round one.

+ abc: demonstrators march against biotech in sacramento. my realplayer is screwed up again, but the still looks like a cut from "starship troopers." not meant as an amusing comment, either.

+ itv: e.u. farm policy gets radical overhaul. "... money will now be distributed more evenly, giving poor farmers a better deal and rewarding those who switch to farming methods respecting food quality, rural management and environmental standards - regardless of high or low production levels."

+ xinhua: u.n. chief concerned at renewed fighting in liberia. and via nj.com/ap: bush calling for taylor to step aside in liberia.

+ the paris review: a talk with jonathan miller. i should take this to heart: "there is no point wasting time asking questions for which there are no answers, or pondering problems that have no solution. first of all you have to ask yourself if something is really a question just because it has a question mark after it."

+ ny times editorial: an environmental report card. which reminds me, when hiking in the ski basin the other day, an individual who worked for the ski concern was ripping about on his motocross bike. the minimally-muffled noise ruined the wilderness experience for everyone in the valley. one bike. probably a dozen square miles affected. just thought i'd mention it.

+ ny times: economy grew slower than expected, 1.4% in first quarter. yes, but it grew. in the meantime, states are still dealing with budget woes. "besides cutting programs, 29 governors turned to new taxes and fees to find a way past the fiscal challenges. governors proposed at least $17.5 billion in higher taxes or fees next year, the biggest proposed increase since 1979." depending on where you live, you might consider putting that tax cut check into savings for next april.

+ ny times: the television conservative talking heads were going nuts over the 12 year old nuclear parts last night. smoking gun! smoking gun! liberals are traitors! on other, more fair stations, commentators mentioned that the c.i.a. information determined if inspectors left, no-fly zones repealed, and sanctions were ended, it would take iraq three and a half years to develop one uranium weapon ... shortest time frame. providing items buried for twelve years or more are still within tolerance. i say for the dozenth time, "imminent threat?"

later: just to be crystal clear, i have said consistently over time that saddam must have something vicious squirrelled away somewhere. what's a good, evil dictator without something to ensure personal safety? but i remain skeptical of the philosophy that there is quantity or quality to meet the 'imminent threat' standard used to bypass the united nations and wage war.

even later: looking for clear definition of 'imminent threat' ... from the bush national strategic plan [pdf]:

"for centuries, international law recognized that nations need not suffer an attack before they can lawfully take action to defend themselves against forces that present an imminent danger of attack. legal scholars and international jurists often conditioned the legitimacy of preemption on the existence of an imminent threat - most often a visible mobilization of armies, navies, and air forces preparing to attack."

beyond later: still looking for clear definition of 'imminent threat' ... article 51 of the united nations charter:

"nothing in the present charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a member of the united nations, until the security council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. measures taken by members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the security council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the security council under the present charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security."

if ye find one, drop me a line. i'd also like a solid legal definition of 'terrorist,' too. through all these documents i've hit, 'terrorist' seems way too broad in definition.

lightyears beyond later: bbc: iraq nuclear find 'backs iaea.' "the united nations nuclear watchdog says parts of a gas centrifuge found hidden in the back garden of an iraqi scientist do not change its assessment that iraq has not had a nuclear programme since 1991." in other words, instead of adding wmd evidence for the u.s., this adds credibility to the long-held u.n. stance.

big bangs beyond later: cfr.org: america's rationale for war. refresh our memories, shall we, and stop with the 'humanitarian' b.s.?

+ ny times: the rich get richer ... but i'd like to see the figures go back to the '40's or earlier, for better perspective on how the top rate has come down ... and which administrations were responsible.

+ ny times: sludge spread on fields is fodder for lawsuits. surely it's within our technological abilities to test simple dirt before, during, and after application ... isn't it?

+ santa fe new mexican: if you're going to do the santa fe opera, you *have* to tailgate. though i'll say it again, i'm sad they put the roof over the open air midsection of the opera; i so enjoyed watching summer storms to arias ...

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe contractor challenges new state gray water law. "untreated gray water can spread hepatitis, typhoid fever, dysentery and other bacterial and viral diseases ..." er, let's use scare tactics, shall we? gray water policy center. as an aside, i heard over the weekend that some of the new developments in santa fe are building roof runoff systems and cisterns ... showing responsibility towards future water needs. i applaud both gray water use, and runoff/cisterns!

+ santa fe new mexican: crews battle forest fires around new mexico. and, on another interesting note, firefighters move due to prairie dog behavior. hantavirus?

+ santa fe new mexican: if you live in the southwest, don't panic if you don't have hummingbirds.

+ cnn money: the bush administration is suggesting changes to the overtime haymarket. a lot of outrage unspoken in this article. i don't know of many industries where they *don't* start reclassifying you as 'managerial' once you reach the $65/75,000 level. when travelling doing a/v in the late 80's/90's, i used to over double my $40k base in overtime. they moved me to management level, with bonus, that matched my level of straight-and-ot pay. then the market tanked, and i was damned glad to have been switched. dangerous to 'count on' overtime; but when you receive it regularly, you begin to.

+ reuters: 'mediterranean diet' cuts heart attack, cancer risk. but it's done on mediterraneans! i understood, when i took anthropology, that there are synergies between ethnicity and native foods.

+ reuters: the 'polypill' ... good grief. for "everyone over 55"? i can't picture everyone needing bp medicine ...

+ "dangerousmetastasizing." ?!!