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wed 25 jun 03

+ aliens at my front door?!! insect attack?!! (er, aggro grass seeds):

grass seeds knocking at my door, santa fe, new mexico, june 25, 2003.

+ the hill: 'nuclear' option retained to break dem filibuster. pretty ballsy. let's try that "the founding fathers are probably spinning in their graves" quote again.

later: i take the above back. it seems the filibuster is a non-founding-father addition, and has been castigated powerfully and repeatedly by the majority party of each time period. this current plan descends from an original democratic plan. like it or not, the framers of the constitution meant the majority to have control in the senate. i would be remiss in quoting jefferson only when it suited my views, so here's one that applies:

"if the measures which have been pursued are approved by the majority, it is the duty of the minority to acquiesce and conform."
- letter to william duane, 1811.

if you're interested, jefferson speaks volumes on majority rule. this letter from john adams is quite quaint.

even later: also, the federalist papers have good info:
federalist .php#22, analysis. look specifically for majority vs. minority.
federalist .php#62, analysis. senate function.
federalist .php#63, analysis. more on the senate.
federalist .php#64. even more on the senate.
.php#65 and .php#66 deal with the subject of senate and impeachments.

the anti-federalist papers also have comments on majority rule.

just fact-checking my own cryptic comments ...

+ alternet: analyzing bush language. via follow me here.

+ geekman had a link on diceware passphrases the other day. thought i'd mention i use chemical formulae for passwords, only i change the numbers or letters arbitrarily. anyone for a glass of H14XO125? easier for me to recall, when written out as a chemical ...

+ mozilla 1.4 rc3. download, release notes.

+ exn.ca: alternative energy in space.

+ linux journal: doing it all with openssh, part two. a concept i hadn't even considered. my life seems ringed in passwords ...

+ nature: well water could be killing 3,000 bangladeshis each year. arsenic.

+ nature: openness makes software better sooner. gawd, what a headline. feels like it's built of great concrete blocks. better-sooner. clunk, clunk.

+ sacbee: two from mr. buckley. what's up in the spy world, and not so free drugs. both are worthy of some thought. i wonder about russia sometimes, but i chalk it up to leftover cold war paranoia. we were adversaries for a long time. on the health care front, buckley's concept sounds fair.

+ nj.com/ap: federal regulators limit scope of electricity sales that enron corp is allowed to make.

+ new scientist: mystery net traffic linked to attack tools.

+ miami herald: over one million north koreans participate in anti-american rallies. on the 53rd anniversary of the outbreak of the korean war.

+ guardian.uk: campbell admits 'mistake' but demands bbc apology. the continuing saga of britain's iraq dossier. an apology for the 45 minute wmd deployment? stick to your guns, bbc. the evidence is overwhelmingly in your favor.

+ human rights watch says military 'commissions' should not be used. all of their points are excellent.

+ jordan times: greenpeace has found the villages surrounding the tuwaitha nuclear site in iraq have 'frightening levels of radioactivy.' "greenpeace said it had uncovered radioactivity in a number of buildings, including one source measuring 10,000 times above normal and another, outside a 900-pupil primary school, measuring 3,000 times above normal." don't tell me there isn't a single journalist in iraq with a geiger counter ... someone can verify this.

later: scotsman.com: sickness fears over iraqi nuclear plant. "... looters had stripped it of much of its contents, including uranium storage barrels locals later used to hold drinking water." obviously, locals don't understand the mortal danger.

+ sky.com: ozzie has the last laugh. a paternity suit gets 'snipped' in the bud.

+ all africa: ugandan rebels abduct 100 lwala schoolgirls. shouldn't this get the world's attention? you know (very sadly) how this is going to turn out.

+ dp review: leica digital modul for r8 and r9. from kodak/imacon. the back alone is ten megapixels, 4,500 euros [~$5,219.00 u.s.].

+ asia times: america's war against racism. read it. the world is watching, and is disappointed in seeing us lose our moral high ground.

+ new scientist: gm food safety fear 'based on distortion.' don't narrow the conversation, sir. health effects are only *one* of many concerns.

+ boston globe: study, modified crops could lift e.u. farmers. funding provided by ... who would have guessed? ... monsanto. check the outfit, national center for food and agricultural policy. they seem tightly linked to the success of biotech and pesticides, and get monies from the federal government [see their about page]. there are other testing outfits, however. one, two.

+ in the aggregator, one story has turned completely topsy-turvy on yesterday's proscar/propecia issue ... "keep your hair on, and beat cancer too." never deploy your spinnaker in an ocean of spin ...

+ wsj opinionjournal: the new gloomsayers. individual's from the american enterprise institute, so you can predict the opinion. i warned everyone on the left ... too much crying in the beer, begets disdain. the article introduced me to freedom house, another organization i was unfamiliar with.

+ yale global: views of globalization. some slaves didn't want to be freed, either. they didn't understand the pros and cons. proper context, please.

+ washington post: on george orwell. i have to say, i have been noticing the significant uptick in offhand orwell references lately. chris ruzin and i had an email discussion about it; orwell should only be invoked in extremis, not as discussionary pocket-change. the conservatives in america feel orwell's been invoked to death. if you want to change a mind on the other side of the aisle, limit the 'big brother' references.

+ news-journal online: florida slashes arts funding by 80%. talk about culture shock ...

+ atlanta journal-constitution: iraq isn't the only place archaeology has been put on hold, and looting looms ominously.

+ ny times editorial: doing it right in congo. a bit late to the table with this, no?

+ ny times: gm recalls a quarter million saturns. it's an important recall, the problem seems to cause engine fires.

+ ny times: veil of secrecy around town hit by u.s. raid. "if you take a picture, i will break your camera." one has to wonder what happened to that 'great relationship' between embedded journalists and soldiers. defenselink, embedding procedures [pdf]. "the personal safety of correspondents is not a reason to exclude them from combat areas." okay, so there's no biochemical stores there, then ... check .php#7.c on page 13 ...

+ the ny times cybertimes navigator. their journalist portal to the web. they take suggestions ...

+ santa fe new mexican: stepping back in time. archaeologists find 100 mysterious firepits in tesuque.

+ santa fe new mexican: bosque fire in albuquerque scorches 600 acres, forces evacuations. and in jemez springs, it looks like a campfire started that one. but read it. there is some question about charging those who started the fire, as has been done in the past.

+ ny times: lester maddox, archsegregationist, is dead. there are those who argue maddox was fighting for 'tolerance' ... and that we're more intolerant today than in the '60's [because we 'tolerated' segregation then]. that refusing to serve those of another color is a right of private enterprise, and to force segregation down a businessperson's throat, is restricting private enterprise. it's all wrapped up in the "state's rights" movement. in other words, beware. beware the power of modern spin.

+ reuters: stonehenge-era gold cup up for display in london.

+ cnn: arizona wildfire's growth rate slows. it ain't over 'till it's over, and wind speed is a big part of the equation. mother nature's in control, not man.

+ spam from guam and tonga this morning. gee, i feel so lucky ...