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tue 24 jun 03

+ honda europe, the accord, the cog. interface is a bit diff, and it required a couple of loads in my copy of moz, but you'll figure it out. find 'the cog' film, load 'high quality.' no 3-d work. all reality. very cool.

later: the muffler's cg. thanks for the correction, steve.

+ slashdot: apple hardware vp defends benchmarks. and do read the comments below.

+ the herald.uk: the menace of nuclear rabbits. folks, you just can't make stuff like this up. next, nuclear earthworms, bats and cockroaches in carlsbad, new mexico ... or nevada.

+ miami herald: u.k.'s straw embarrassed over iraq report. using 12-year-old, outdated materials to sell a war? some heads should be rolling, imho.

+ all the articles in the aggregator this morning were against proscar, finasteride [see below]. this afternoon, all the headlines have changed to: 'drug may cut prostate cancer,' 'bald drug fights prostate cancer,' etc. ... from negative to positive, in mere hours. or, possibly just a different viewpoint from overseas sources vs. american sources.

+ greenpeace: exposing the hidden u.s. agenda on g.m.o.'s. "only the g.e. industry stands to gain from removing or easing g.m.o. restrictions ..." remember india, remember mexico. remember roundup-ready soybeans, wheat, canola, cotton ... etc.? one, two. g.m. doesn't necessarily mean less pesticides on your food, my friends.

+ it's 'squash yoga!' via tacky living.

+ retail junky.uk: deluxe rubber duckies.

+ coincidentally, that previous babble was brought to you by my second can of coke, something my hypoglycemic self knows it shouldn't have had ... but i've got a design to finish, that i just can't get to where i want it to be. obviously, the sugar and caffeine didn't help [when does it ever?]. i think a walk to clear the head, is in order ...

+ reuters: too much soda may cause caffeine headaches in kids. read it, though. each kid drinks 1.5 liters of caffeinated soda each day. if i did that, i'd probably croak on the spot, guaranteed headache ... and i'm an adult. let's see. that's 50.736 ounces per day, 1.5 liters. a can of coke has 140 calories for 12 fluid ounces, 39 grams of carbohydrates, 13% of daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet. an adult diet, i'd wager. [later: wrong, garret. but close enough that the exercise is still valid.] anyway, there are 4.228 12-ounce cans in a 1.5 liter serving. that's over half the daily recommended amount of carbohydrate (all sugars), 54.964%, a total of 162.892 grams of sugars and 591.92 calories. you're wired, baby, even without the caffeine. an independent site says coke has 45.6 mg of caffeine per can, which gives us 192.7968 mg of caffeine for the day. that's equivalent to 9.63984 ounces of drip coffee. doesn't seem like much, really ... but we are talking children's physiology here. i think i lean more towards blood sugar as the major cause, the entire situation exacerbated by caffeine. no mention of it in the reuters article, however. but that would also mean fruit juices would have a similar effect, something i believe i've noticed in kids (hyperactivity, headache). your mileage, of course, may vary.

+ reuters: rumsfeld says u.s. will find iraqi wmd evidence. an emailer posited the thought a bit ago: "what if the bush administration is holding the 'proof' back, waiting for a politically opportune time to field it?" what on earth would the democrats, and newspaper columnists, do in such a situation?

+ cnn: the individual photographing for the california coastline project, seems to have run afoul of barbra streisand.

+ ran ad-aware, 59 pieces of data mining spyware since last thursday. i don't know where i picked it all up, but jeez. i guess i'll have to make ad-aware a weekly gig.

+ since the weekend, the number of spam emails on a couple of my email accounts has tripled. has the apocalypse arrived, or what? yeah, i'll run spyware removal stuff again, but i just did it the other day ... and i guess i'll have to try less-convenient email-masking ideas. and i had been blissfully free on my imap accounts; no longer. "last chance, 15.7 million email addresses" ... if only it were true.

+ blackholebrain will love this. every time i hear another argument about g5 vs. opteron, i keep visualizing this.

+ ack! i missed wishing 'happy anniversary' to code the web socket and his long-suffering wife ... [ducking swiftly] ...

+ computerweekly.com: this'll be handy for someone, i'm sure. ups europe is rolling out xml access to its core systems. xml access to tracking info. beware, the site does a every-few-minute reload, and has a positively humongous popup.

+ the register: apple accused of cheating over g5 benchmarks. i can safely say, once the register gets a hold of you, you're nought but a vulture snack.

+ sydney morning herald.au: islamic schools and sex education. "sex is not the only subject off limits in most islamic schools." tambourines?

+ pbs.org, shields and brooks: on weapons of mass destruction, the future of u.s. credibility, campaign fundraising, and the democratic candidates. i'll only deal with the first, right now. "clinton, clinton." i've mentioned this before ... most of the quotes i've seen, are in association with operation desert fox. seeing as how we've not found any significant wmd evidence, it seems "desert fox" was a great success. but noone has the guts to suggest it as a possibility. i mean, if you *knew* there was something there in '91, '95, and because the clinton administration talked about wmd's in '98 (first time conservatives have taken anything 'clinton' at face value, i notice), then 'desert fox' occurs, and now in 2003 we can't find anything, what other conclusion is there (other than there was nothing to begin with)?

+ platts: industrials call for 'war' on high natural gas prices. read their recommendations. efficiency, alternatives, incentives? positively liberal!

+ new scientist: sexual inequality exposed in virtual world. what we need here, is some 'feminazi avatars' ... to use right good conservative talk radio terminology.

+ the age.au: for those men taking proscar, finasteride, you'd best read this article. seems it will "... delay the development of cancer but increases the risk of developing more deadly tumours."

later: via cnn, also propecia, for baldness.

+ pbs.org, pov: georgie girl. "what are the chances that a former prostitute [of maori descent] could be elected a member of the parliament of new zealand by a conservative, rural district? what if that person were also a transsexual?" read the synopsis, at least.

+ philadelphia museum of art: degas and the dance.

+ dp review has a preview of the new interchangeable lense, 5 megapixel olympus e-1. somehow, i don't think it'll fly [the camera, competing against current offerings ... not the philosophy].

+ outdoorsmagic likes the camelbak omega reservoir.

+ scoop.nz: teenage fine artist star in the making.

+ aggregator-as-spin-detector ... in my 'economics' channel, consumer confidence is: steady, firm, essentially flat, better than expected, soothing ... find a link to match your particular truth.

+ stuff.co.nz: what a headline!

+ food ingredients first: research puts meat on 'addictive' list. meat *and* cheese. and read about 'emotional eating.'

+ hi pakistan: u.s. asks france to help fight taliban. mwah-hah-hah.

+ new yorker: american electric. did franklin really fly the kite? maybe he just didn't bother to disabuse his biographers ...

+ ny times letters to the editor: nonnuclear options. any nuclear power facility can be modified to facilitate the creation of nuclear weapons. should we continue helping other countries ramp up this technology?

+ ny times guest contributor, john s. martin, jr.: let judges do their jobs.

+ ny times guest contributor, colin powell: 'freeing a nation from a tyrant's grip.' i could make a cheap shot about our new american resolution of deposing dictators on humanitarian grounds outside united nations auspices via military force, but i won't. [will.]

+ ny times op-ed, kristof: cover your hair. "we may just have to get used to the idea that we have been midwives to growing islamic fundamentalism in iraq." your tax dollars, at work. i've hesitated linking krugman, denial and deception, because i think his interpretations of bush's statements border on tea-leaf reading. [too easy to debunk, depends on who is doing the reading.] yet i agree with the thrust, going to war on false pretenses is a serious charge. i say again, "imminent threat, mr. bush?"

+ times of india: india recognizes tibet as part of china. another tear for the dalai lama.

+ santa fe new mexican: lockheed martin will consider a bid for lanl.

+ santa fe new mexican: we're up to six fires in northern new mex. had a lot of wind, and no precip yesterday. there's a thick white/brown/grey schmutz in the distance. seems like this is becoming a yearly event around here. also, usda forest service update.

+ reuters: the e.u. pushes back at bush's biotech claims. and rightly so. it's about money, not saving lives.

+ cnn: baby survives seven story fall. stories like this release 'the hulk' in my normal 'even keel.'

+ running a little ahead today ...