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sat 21 jun 03

+ i should also mention that today is the first cloudless sky day we've had in new mexico since i can remember. usually, the heat and cloudlessness turns on like a switch, may 31st. it's been an unusual spring/summer transition. 'monsoon season' is due to start anywhere from july 1 to mid-august. is this the beginning of the 'big sweat'? well, we've been well-watered this month. if we continue to have clear days, it means more peak-bagging is on the menu ...

+ a happy anniversary to hal and audrey, from all of us folks in n.m. - plus, hal has some outstanding solstice linkage.

+ *sigh of relief* ... couldn't find tsja for the longest time. i'll update my links.

+ just got back from running some errands. sam's club, in america, has the new harry potter hardback for $15.97. don't know how that stacks up, but i thought i'd toss it into the metacosm.

+ builder.com: determine the best elements for web site navigation.

+ overclockers.com: pc water cooling with a passive radiator. i guess i could pipe my pc and create radiant heating for my garage ...

+ new scientist: clamping the sound levels of tv ads. still, i like carl sagan's "preachnix" and "adnix," from the book "contact."

+ ctv.ca: militias face french ultimatum in congo.

+ the nation: the empire strikes back. multiple book reviews in one, so don't be blinded by the 'pulpit opportunity.' "clinton packaged american imperialism as globalism, and he was also genuinely motivated by a vision of global order in which america would lead rather than merely dictate. bush is not just packaging imperialism as american nationalism; he and his followers are genuinely motivated by nationalism, in a way that clinton was not, and, as nationalists, they are absolutely contemptuous of any global order involving any formal check whatsoever on american action."

+ the american prospect: the usual suspect. the change from autocracy to democracy is the enemy of al-qaeda.

+ ny times book review: nelson. spoiler: the story ends in a keg of brandy.

+ from the ny times op-ed page: gale norton rouses congress, and from the letters to the editor, when politics trumps science. ms. norton is more formidable than james watt, and cruising under the media radar. and, you'll imagine my opinion about ignoring climate change.

+ ny times: court upholds tougher rule on arsenic limits in water. i've been following the issue of arsenic in drinking water, as well as in lumber, for a while now ...

+ ny times: bush says suspected weapons sites were 'looted.' the nuclear site we've heard about. but chemical or biological sites? somehow, i can't see looting vx or anthrax without significant civilian deaths or epidemic ... can you? one down, try another story, mr. bush.

+ reuters: new apple news on monday, including the new os x "panther."

later: seemingly-illicit panther screenshots. via slashdot.

+ santa fe new mexican: domenici: silvery minnow ruling presents dire implications for state. senator, the problem is the water supply, not the fish. let the fish die, what will you blame for next year's shortfall? read the comments at the bottom of the article.

+ santa fe new mexican: locals sound off on chopper noise. an air ambulance service is apparently making a racket, and residents are displeased. i had been wondering what the dark dauphin was doing hovering over the hospital so often.

+ i see agni is taking his summer vacation down tucson way. my condolences, sam. be sure to close your windows at night; the cooling of the night air spreads smoke over a wide geographical area. believe me, i know ...