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fri 20 jun 03

+ sf indymedia: did iran gas the kurds, not iraq? and it seems american military reports tacitly confirm it.

+ cute.

+ an emailer wrote, "garret, those links are too damned heavy for a friday night." i agree. but as much as i'd like to leave the heavy lifting for more convenient times, some subjects and events wait on no man [or woman]. these are some of the images that are filtered by the media [unlike during the vietnam conflict]. these are the results of modern technological war. these are some of the reasons why people of good conscience oppose and protest war, no matter the supposed 'benefit.'

+ earth-info-net.blogspot.com. a fabulous site, suggested by rebecca. i'll second [third?] the movement to clean up land mines. we have gps, we have computers ... what we drop, we should clean up. and that goes for @&$^$%^ depleted uranium, too ...

later: google image search, for 'land mines.'
even later: google image search, for 'depleted uranium.'

"now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

and innocent children.

+ the boston review also has a couple of good articles, weapons of mass confusion, and the blame game. electoral process needs reform, and why using 'wmd' as a catch-all for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is a bad idea.

+ columbia journalism review: the soundtrack for war. do the backrooms of networks have eager young computer graphics whizzes creating 'theme graphics' for "war with iran," "attack on north korea" at the present time? nifty 3-d animations of weaponry? i suppose so. i request a 'pearl harbor' bomb-view animation, if you please. sans affleck.

+ the economist: on george bush and leo strauss. and also, an important read, in defense of elderly hippies.

+ art newspaper: tomb of akhenaton’s scribe found.

+ ft.com, michael prowse: rival certainties. "the u.s. is losing a soldier a day in iraq largely because it is determined to impress its own political views on that nation."

+ cnn: federal court declines to reopen 'roe vs. wade.' "federal law allows litigants to petition the court to reopen cases in extraordinary situations, but such requests must be made weeks or months after the judgment, not decades."

+ new mexican ephemera: why you don't go barefoot in these parts:

punctured soles, santa fe, new mexico, june 20, 2003.

+ women's enews: french teens demand freedom from violence.

+ telegraph.uk: why pessimists are unlucky.

+ usa today: white house money machine may spawn gremlins. but i doubt it. the white house teflon's too efficient.

+ sunspot: general clark keeps cards close to vest. i firmly believe clark has the best shot at bush, if he chooses to run. he'd have my vote.

+ taipei times: iraqi contracts seen as cash cow. "it's the biggest rebuilding initiative since the end of world war 2, and unlike in places like afghanistan, after reconstruction is complete, you've got economic development of a major nation which can be in large part self-funded because of huge oil reserves."

+ enn: a call to arms, the war against invasive species. care to spar with kudzu?

+ seattle times: native american school may reopen as museum. as i've mentioned before, most of these schools have sad little cemeteries, children who couldn't [or wouldn't] adapt.

+ the age.au: mcdonalds moves on antibiotics in meat. a fantastic move, on their part. [*sounds of applause from new mexico*]

+ marketingsherpa: marketing to u.s. hispanics online. basic tips, but good info.

+ maybe it's time to learn a little about chechnya ...

+ yellow times: africans roasting on an open fire. i found this a particularly good read.

+ booklab 2: pigments in painting, how artists have colored our lives.

+ edge.org: the genome changes everything, a talk with matt ridley.

+ the american conservative reviews fareed zakaria's latest. "... argues once again for a society in which elites are accorded their proper place and esteemed for what they are — the true guardians of individual freedom and the ones who have the greatest stake in maintaining law, order, and accountability in the public realm." i sincerely hope he makes a clear distinction between mere affluents and elites. and, is there an 'aristocracy' in america you'd care to mortgage your liberty upon?

+ telegraph.uk: how a woman walked out on 'the perfect man.'

+ two from wired: email mobs take manhattan [i picture muppets with cellphones], and senate proposes new media rules. the f.c.c., to the guillotine! off with their heads! [note to 'patriot act' enforcers, please don't be childishly literal.]

+ times of india: "japan's government said on friday it had no firm evidence to confirm a newspaper report that north korea has several nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles capable of hitting japan." however, it's easier to threaten japan, and ultimately, the american economy by proxy.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: still blowing bubbles. hedge thy bets.

+ ny times: u.s. issues warning on use of paxil in children. warnings on prozac and other ssri's to follow?

+ ny times: hiking the wilds of new jersey. i was thinking either highlands or pine barrens. either way, bring your bug spray and have a ball.

+ ny times: congress and bush split on privatizing the f.a.a. good lord almighty, what is the man thinking? no wait, here's an idea. let's privatize the presidency, too. open it up to the lowest bidder ... competition, cost/benefit ... all those good republican values. surely we can find a good one at a lower price?

+ ny times: limits to be set on telemarketing.

+ ny times: talks collapse on u.s. efforts to open europe to biotech foods. sorry, mr. bush, but you can't shove products down consumers' throats. it's a free market, correct? europe can buy, or not, anything they wish. as you can.

+ santa fe new mexican: three local color stories. rancher considers state elk solution. i can tell you, local sport hunters are riled. extortion is the softest word they're using. wing, leg or thorax? eating what bugs you. sketches of spain. maria benitez teatro flamenco. the sweat, the finesse, the wrenching lyrics of the cantaor, the rhythmic explosions from the guitarist ...

+ santa fe new mexican: you remember the cases of bubonic plague that so frightened manhattan? the ones from santa fe, just a mile or two from casa dangerousmeta? well, john tull is back home, finally. congratulations.

+ reuters: foreclosures hit a record high in first quarter. "while benefiting from low borrowing costs not seen in more than four decades, americans have been straining to meet their mortgage payments and credit card bills." bush's tax cut relief won't do anything here; only economic stimulation will.

+ tgif.