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thu 19 jun 03

+ had to reduce contrast/saturation on the final right-side image there, losing some drama. but the clouds make up for it. weather changes fast here, don't ya think? at 7,500 feet, you've got your nose in it all the time ... and in spite of a little damp, we're very happy to have the liquid.

+ a quick pano, taken while immolating chicken on the grill tonight. click the image to see the large version [warning, 200k]:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, june 19, 2003.

+ i should also mention, i had a 'dirty water dog' at the rodeo ... the reference yesterday made it top-of-mind. wasn't the same. those dogs in manhattan boil for weeks to get that 'unique' flavor ... [facetious] ... i mean, this one *tasted* like a hot dog. bummer.

+ added another new image gallery, "rodeo de santa fe." kinda fun, this one. two galleries in a week; i may get y'all's expectations too high. also, just taken, a bit of rain coming my way?:

rain, santa fe, new mexico, june 19, 2003.

+ harper's: jesus plus nothing. though you might want to counter with 'true believers and the guises of the weasel," from "a wolverine is eating my leg" by tim cahill. via "accept no substitutes" booknotes.

+ counterpunch: bush's low-intensity war on labor.

+ open for business: win4lin 5.0, a real win for linux users.

+ the register: pirates told to 'pack it in' - riaa. verizon, the isp, handed over the names.

+ asian age: u.s. faces worst natural gas shortage in 25 years. and this, more than anything else at present, could derail any recovery we might be experiencing.

+ washington times: hispanics tune out estrada filibuster. one would hope that even the most dimwitted individual would realize the opposition is not based upon race. but this is disheartening: "... mr. estrada should be confirmed because he did such a good job playing a policeman on 'CHiPS.'" [capitals retained for obvious reasons.]

+ guardian.uk: british scientists have released a study that shows a 6 degree rise in temperature will cause massive extinction of species. up to 6 degrees of warmth is predicted for the next 100 years, if humankind does nothing about greenhouse gases. thinking of a link from the other day, i guess we should eat more cows ...

+ oneworld: u.s. policing of biotech crops denounced. contrast with, via seedquest, u.s. food and drug administration opts against further biotech review.

+ nj.com/ap: judge orders wal-mart to recognize union formed by texas meat-cutters. wal-mart is only nicked, not cut.

+ wwf: kenya loses 75% of its international market in carvings. due to unsustainable practices, note. linked for those who deem the sustainable industry thrust as being 'inhumane' ...

+ whichbook.net.

+ pittsburgh post-gazette: why do so few african americans attend the city's highbrow cultural events? "it's not just that you see so few of us; you don't see us in groups, and you don't see us as couples." mostly argues the economic side alone. money isn't everything ... i think it goes deeper.

+ guardian.uk: margaret atwood, on george orwell.

+ guardian.uk: while worrying about cultural treasures in iraq, don't overlook afghanistan. "unauthorised excavation is continuing across afghanistan's numerous archaeological sites, carried out by professional gangs supported by local warlords."

+ washington post: library of congress buys first map of 'america' for $10 mill.

+ ny times editorial observer: lights out for gray davis? america, run by money, not democracy.

+ ny times letters to the editor: nice to see validation. with iraq, do the ends justify the means? much more elegantly put, than my cryptic comment.

+ hey, the times likes the aspen santa fe ballet!

+ ny times: report by the e.p.a. "leaves out" data on climate change. as i believe i mentioned before, backpacker magazine had an issue in the last month or two listing places in the continental u.s. you can go, to experience the measured and verified results of climate change yourself. i'll see if i can find an online link, later. my point is, if it's noticeable to the layman, it's due some extensive text in e.p.a. reports.

+ times of india: congolese city hit by tribal violence. "after the killing stops, red cross volunteers in bunia don their rubber boots and white-and-red bibs and go out to bury the dead."

+ times of india: musharraf plays the 'nuke card' to get arms. hardly an unbiased source, i know, for this subject.

+ the ny times also has further specific information on what invalidates the 'james ossuary' from being authentic.

+ ny times: u.s. trade deficit swells to record $136.1 billion. you will recall, i'm sure, the trade deficit as one of the only legitimate points of traction the republicans had against clinton. seems for all their arm-flapping, president bush is worse.

+ reuters: music industry gloom proves hard to shake. try an experiment. remove all the songs from your playlist that have 'baby' or 'babe' in the lyrics, or ad-libs.

+ santa fe new mexican: a cyber-cafe? in pecos? i'm truly speechless. i hope they succeed.

+ santa fe new mexican: chavez trying to repeal silvery minnow ruling. when albuquerque sucks the aquifer dry, it is doubtful that all the rio grande water they are 'due' will ever replace it. they should be working on cisterns and reservoirs and other solutions, right now.

+ cnn: los alamos loses plutonium vials. not really 'loses,' "... apparently was discarded with other radioactive waste without being properly logged." misleading, that they show one of the only newly-built buildings at the lab. the place is mostly 40's/50's/60's infrastructure. the santa fe new mexican has more, and better, information ... including defusing some of the spin.

+ cnn: a missile defense test that misses the target, is declared 'success.' of course, missing the target is part and parcel of developing a new system. the headline's a bit sensational. but "immature technology" seems to be about right.

+ the funniest sight last night was that roping calves wear 'hairnets' to prevent chafing. in six years of going to rodeos, i've seen only humans injured; some severely. never an animal.