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wed 18 jun 03

+ this'un tweren't bad, neither. kinda lak a paintin':

rodeo, santa fe, new mexico, june 18, 2003.

+ one of the most successful follow-focus shots of the eve:

rodeo, santa fe, new mexico, june 18, 2003.

+ 'row-day-oh day santa fay' tonight. it's been raining all day, where i am. may be a mud hole. may be too dark. but i'll see if i can get some pix.

+ and happy birthday, andrea ... from all of us here in new mex. sheila, too ...

+ watchblog, if you aren't already.

+ i see via code the web socket that bare bones has taken mailsmith to 2.0. still no imap. *sigh* ... i might have switched back to mac for that, i loved mailsmith that much.

+ tom's hardware looks at longhorn's winfs.

+ webreference takes a peek at css 3.0 [part one].

+ slashdot: platform evangelism. oh, platform evangelism is so 1980's ... [grin] ...

+ the register discusses senator hatch's ill-laid rotten egg.

+ slashdot: working with adhd.

+ scientific american: the sun's surface in 3-d.

+ discovery: the biology of lawns. or, in my terms, "the art and science of attracting canadian geese and deer year-round, wasting countless billions of gallons of water, chemically polluting valuable waterways, and jeopardizing or killing dozens of species."

+ sacbee, george will: democrats' weakening radar. no, i don't particularly want to link it, nor do i agree with all of it. but it's like taking a particuarly odius spoonful of cough medicine; necessary and bitter - you'll be better afterwards.

+ new scientist: gm grass to snuff hay fever. no doubt, this *will* help sell gm ...

+ new scientist: toxic metal clue to autism. maybe infant vaccinations, maybe mom had amalgam fillings ... all theories at this point. but what a load of potential 'guilt' some mothers will be accepting.

+ boston globe: flu vaccine nasal spray ok'd.

+ winex 3.1. downoad. release notes.

+ mozilla 1.4 rc2. download. release notes.

+ ny daily news: phenomenal growth in the u.s. hispanic population. as i've warned before, don't expect hispanics to vote as a block. it won't happen.

+ washington times: study, gun dealers will aid illegal gun sales. yeppers, and immunity will certainly help *this* situation, right? note, it's a united press international story, not allied to any specific rag ... as some contest.

+ voa: china opens 3 gorges dam to shipping.

+ hi pakistan: for all we seem to frequently bash the international atomic energy agency, the u.s. is demanding a 25% increase in their funding.

+ urlwire: alta vista unveils "world's largest multimedia index."

+ getty: illuminating the renaissance.

+ the tour de france starts july 5.

+ village voice: u.s. black leaders confront mugabe.

+ mail and guardian.za: japanese pets grow fat on dolphin and whale meat.

+ bbc: congolese children starving.

+ mother jones: chatting up the taliban. "so much for no negotiations, no compromises."

+ bookforum: socratic apology. on hans-georg gadamer.

+ cbs news: modern art, not fit for a queen. i agree with the egyptians; nefertiti needs no adornment other than her own native grace.

+ ny times editorial: opening skies over the atlantic. more competitive fares? better scheduling? europe, here i come ... when biz picks up a bit more.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the search for reasons for war. and don't miss "don't santize history."

+ ny times: dog fight on the streets of new york. ah yes, i miss the 'dirty water dogs,' the scorched pretzels, the chestnuts, the pastry carts ... [the head reminisces, the stomach breathes a sigh of relief] ...

+ ny times: g.o.p. dismisses questions on banned arms proof in iraq. they're quoting gingrich? the question has *never* been whether "the world was better off with saddam in power." nice try, newt. didn't work. i don't especially want to see blair go down, but if that's the only way to learn the truth, so be it.

+ ny times: word that u.s. doubted iraq would use gas. "the november c.i.a. report, which remains classified, indicates that most analysts believed at the time that iraq had some illegal weapons, but that mr. hussein was not likely to use them or share them with terrorists." my italics. imminent threat, mr. bush?

+ santa fe new mexican: oy, water. city, county at odds over revenue, state behind in its efforts to buy pecos river water rights ... but most disturbingly, democratic governor bill richardson is requesting a hearing to allow the extinction of the silvery minnow in the rio grande. the water situation's really bad here, and this shows clearly how 'develop and tax' municipalities, states have no connection to the real world. oh, i'm angry ... and where's the national coverage?

+ reuters: house panel to explore iraq wmd intelligence. i'll wait for the senate, thank you very much ... the house is too reactionary.

+ cnn: ny judge resigns over 'terrorist' remark to arab-american woman. he should receive censure or something similar. he'll probably go out and practice law, now ... a cheery thought, eh?

+ cnn: "jesus box" exposed as fake. not surprising.

+ lots of storms last eve, not a lot of water. may have to run the hose ...