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tue 17 jun 03

+ bbc: nude protestor walks into trouble. looks like the british have a conflict with colin fletcher's "second law of thermodynamic walking" ... but even the most immodest hikers tend to have second thoughts in populated areas.

+ devshed: caching with php cache_lite.

+ miami herald: census, more kids with stay-at-home moms. "those children that were in day care growing up are now becoming mothers themselves, and now they don't want their kids to become day care children." quite a condemnation, really.

+ nj.com/ap: crowd hurls bricks, bottles after police chase ends in motorcyclist's death in michigan. if you ask me, they should get close enough to take the license plate, stop the chase, and wait at the motorcyclist's place of residence. rather than engage in such high-speed chases with individuals who think they know how to race a motorcycle [guaranteed death].

+ iht: freed guantanamo captives tell of suicidal despair.

+ union of concerned scientists: plugging into renewable energy, grading the states.

+ reuters: federal officers banned from racial profiling. except, "the racial profiling guidance, therefore, recognizes that race and ethnicity may be used in terrorist identification." persons of middle eastern descent, videotaping landmarks while on vacation, will be classified ... how? i fail to see how this helps.

+ enn: in environmental packaging, corn replaces petroleum. wild oats markets are using 'corntainers' ...

+ pcworld: will big media choke the net?

+ independent.uk: shelve the pilates stuff, buy a ballet barre. anyone clairvoyant enough to predict the next exercise fad? no, please ... not 'yoga boxing' ...

+ ny review of books: bohemia in baghdad. the effects of saddam, sanctions, american occupation. fascinating perspective. along with this, the art newspaper reports on looting of iraqi archaeological sites. it's pretty bad.

+ chronicle of higher ed: american historians need to broaden their horizons with a bit of travel.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: dereliction of duty. the implication of the first three paragraphs is pretty clear.

+ ny times letters to the editor: on writing well.

+ ny times: mein kampf, part two.

+ a few from the new mexican: the minnow fight continues [get real with the water situation, please], mexican power plants begin operation, african bees moving north in new mexico [hopefully our cold winters will keep them away, as they do fire ants], fire east of flagstaff closes i-40 at new mexico border ... and for the great news, hikers now allowed without guides, but with fee, into valles caldera preserve.

+ reuters: liberia's warring factions sign cease-fire.

+ the old cerebellum's working at half-speed today, and i've got a lot of work to crank out. weblogging is going on a back burner for a bit.

+ a sleepless night last night. can't figure out why. just couldn't get over the threshold until about 4. rare, for me.