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mon 16 jun 03

+ reuters: house leader delay gets help with legal bills. i don't need to comment; juanita has better lines.

+ okay, new photo gallery posted. 'ascent to shoulder of lake peak.' had some issues with the digital camera this time, sharpness and colour saturation were poor on selected shots. i didn't intend on hiking as far as i did, but since the weather held off, i decided to see how far i could go [on top of the ridge, i could predict when and where storms were approaching]. in retrospect, other than the gore-tex jacket i was carrying, i would have been very poorly prepared for what hit less than a half-hour after my descent. never go for even a day-hike without being prepared for electric-storm-deluge ... mountain ridges block your visual weather predictions.

+ cnn: bush denounces critics of iraq policy. answer the question, mr. bush, before casting aspersions. where is your evidence of imminent threat? until you do, you sound the hypocrite, creating smokescreen. answer the charge of waging war under false pretenses, then we'll reexamine our rhetoric.

+ a great spam. "as seen on [excuse the capitals] Op-Rah." sounds like a character from "the return of the mummy" or "stargate."

+ the discussion between rebecca and eliot has me reading links on group dynamics and the prisoner's dilemma. [also, evolution, selfishness and cooperation.] i need to visit the library, i think; it's a subject that has interested me endlessly. maybe warblogger 'echo-chambers' are classic informal groups working against big media, so "... they can negate the interests of an organization many times the group/team's size." but there has to be agreement in the group, methods for managing that agreement ... ach, it's so complex. have weblogs made the creation and maintenance of such groups simpler? "group dynamics" ... on my library list. [btw, this is one of the major reasons i love weblogging ... you never know where a day's posting might take you.]

later: a reader sends over this: ira chernus, fredric jameson's interpretation of postmodernism. a great deal of food for thought. thanks, mark.

+ courier-mail.au: cost deters career women from having children. in america, too. counterbalance with women's enews: more u.s. dads balance laptops, kids on laps.

+ warcry: ximian desktop 2.

+ chicago tribune: lunacy on the left ... and some sanity. no. you can't dismiss extreme right voices, and then portray extreme left [and lunatic fringe] as anything like mainstream progressive. we have other voices being heard in the media, thankfully, to balance things out. but stupidity is forgiveable in america; one only has to look at the pecadilloes of politicians to see that truth ...

+ the world bank group has interesting information on iraq's debt.

+ new scientist: iran is failing to report all nuclear activity. so says the u.n. international atomic energy agency. all right, now my ears are up on this issue, rather than thinking it could be overplayed.

+ scotsman.uk: morality drive causes hollywood to sack sex. well, in the carter years we were gifted with 'the dukes of hazzard' and 'carter country.' no love lost on *their* demise [anonymous email note: "please amend with 'other than missing daisy duke.'"]. ebb and flow, ebb and flow. students of history are not alarmed.

+ herald.ca: deodorant probed as possible cancer cause. aluminum, absorbed via the underarm, was once implicated in alzheimer's ... don't know if that's still "in vogue." haven't used antiperspirants for decades ... i've always used 'natural' alternatives [most recently, i like weleda sage deodorant. makes me smell like a proper southwesterner.].

+ fortune: is this the next tort trap? oooh, this is a good one ... for challenging your morals. if an american company, in order to maintain profit margin, knowingly engages in, promotes or finances human rights abuses, should they be criminally liable in court cases?

+ csm: journalism 101, keep the ego in check. "they wanted to please, they didn't have the time to do it right ..."

+ cnews: the dead sea scrolls visit canada.

+ voa: heated debate sparked by effort to give lawsuit immunity to gun makers. say no to blanket industry immunities. it's unconstitutional, and there are other ways to curb frivolous suits [many already on the books]. tying it to national security issues would be funny, if the average american citizen weren't in the mood to buy it wholesale.

+ teenhollywood: daniel radcliffe to stay on as "harry potter." but it's early yet ...

+ the 800x600 project.

+ 300 love letters.

+ universal studios archives and collections.

+ the unh! project. "a collection of guttural moans from comics."

+ pigments through the ages.

+ style.com: beauty marks spot the runway. surely i'm not the only one having trouble correlating 'beauty' with the pictured 'corpse in clown suit.'

+ ncm: black vote no sure thing for democrats. any good progressive, regardless of skin color, will have problems backing the d.n.c. if they continue to outperform "mr. bean."

+ la times: decades later, black students get diplomas. "black students were forced from their classrooms from 1959 to 1964 when the county closed its public schools rather than obey an order to integrate."

+ expatica france: french troops in dr congo firefight. "saturday's clash was the first confirmed occasion that the foreign troops - the first e.u. peacekeeping force to operate outside europe - had engaged in fighting since they began deploying in the d.r.c. on june 10."

+ bbc: even zimbabwe's dead need fuel.

+ papascott's alter-ego?

+ note for future reference: going vowel-less is easier in monospace.

+ guardian.uk: expressionism, it's a scream.

+ sf gate: a 'gutter-al' expression of the sistine chapel? reaching a bit on that one ...

+ toronto star: "television is good for you." my answer to the last question ... yes. but i practice moderation. i don't shelve real life for a 'season finale.' but contrast with guardian.uk: fast forward into trouble.

+ 2 blowhards: tacit knowledge - writing a book. *sigh* ... what's happened to the romance of being an author? yet, we author weblogs ...

+ ny times op-ed: safire, regulate the f.c.c. as you know, i don't always agree with safire. but i have no problems getting on board for this: "the effect of the media's march to amalgamation on americans' freedom of voice is too worrisome to be left to three unelected commissioners."

+ ny times editorial guest contributor: william julius wilson, there goes the neighborhood. poverty's so bad in parts of new mexico, i really can't imagine any lower level of existence ... leaving only the 'six foot under' option.

+ ny times travel: naples and sicily.

+ ny times magazine: a mighty wind. wind power off nantucket.

+ times of india: the 'artifact count' keeps changing. now we have 32 pieces missing from the museum, 3,000 from the storeroom. but don't miss the forest for the trees. were items taken? yes. should the cultural treasures of iraq have been guarded more carefully? yes. should they have been guarded as carefully as the oil ministry? yes. did the media have a severe gut reaction to the 170,000 number without double-checking? yes. are pundits now opportunistically placing the focus on a number, rather than an event that shouldn't have happened? yes. never forget the national library burned to the ground, too ... destroying countless priceless treasures. archaeological sites are still being plundered. and the total count of missing items now does not reflect the initial number of missing items. we're getting 'played' ...

+ times of india: gandhi's "tolstoy farm" to be renovated.

+ santa fe new mexican: emergency room conditions for santa fe surgeons reflect nationwide problem. here at casa dangerousmeta!, we owe a great debt of thanks to dr. lieberman for a recent emergency room visit ...

+ santa fe new mexican: juneteenth celebrated around new mexico.

+ reuters: the cdc predicts that one in three children born in 2000 will develop diabetes. take away the candy and send them outside to play, if you love them.

+ cnn: it is appropriate that tom robinson eulogize atticus finch to eternal rest.

+ anyone for snowballs in june? large pockets of snow remain, high in the sangre de cristos:

snowball, santa fe national forest, new mexico, june 15, 2003.

+ anyone get the number of that truck that hit me? ow, i'm sore ...