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sun 15 jun 03>

+ just bailed out of the sangres before the thunderstorms hit. perfect timing. so i'll have a new gallery ('tis about time) when i have some spare moments this week for you to peruse. made it to 12,000 feet, the shoulder of lake peak, but the weather turned sour and predicated the bailout. the new boots [asolo 520's, the la sportiva glaciers had to be returned], on their first use, performed splendidly, with only two hot spots ... and now, i'm a bit tired, so i'll catch up with y'all in the mawnin' ...

+ ny times guest editorial: slaves in the family. now this really surprises me, that some believe the north was some sort of slavery-free zone. i realize that many municipalities and historical societies practice the "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy. but the truth is usually bandied about via other channels. in princeton n.j. [where i grew up], the ambivalence about the slavery issue was well-known.

+ ny times op-ed: maureen dowd, and the stepford wives. the article has me thinking about comparisons between atticus finch and erin brockovitch, and how the sexes are portrayed in dominant roles.

+ ny times editorial: the poor as a handy distraction. "the bush cuts offer too little short-term stimulus while choking the long-term revenue flow for the looming time when social security and medicare costs will balloon." hear, hear. as with the previous tax cut, this latest endeavor will also be spent on dvd players and xboxes, but will do little for our economy long-term.

+ ny times: 2 centuries later, a moment for indians to retell the past. if you have never had the opportunity to read the journals of lewis and clark in their entirety, it's a good year to do so.

+ yesterday was the 'buckaroo ball' in santa fe, for those who could afford the entry price ... and the rodeo de santa fe starts this wednesday. can't wait.

+ sunset last night [at a friend's domicile, a bit of rv in the bottom right]:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, june 14, 2003.

+ happy father's day, to all you dads out there.

+ i believe i was a victim of vowel play yesterday.