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fri 13 jun 03

+ headmap is quite interesting. dig around. via the recently digital-photo-enhanced time's shadow.

+ friday-the-bling-blasted-thirteenth. no wonder everything got screwed up today. mondays are supposed to be messed up, not fridays ...

+ thunderstorms spun off the jemez this afternoon [looking east-south-east]:

rainstorm, santa fe, new mexico, june 13, 2003.

+ digging into the practices of the new york times as 'paper of record.' fair has two articles, "trouble with the times," and "when doves lie." pbs looks at the controversy, too. but in the bigger picture, presidential distortion and intelligence bombast disturbs me more than just another filthy little case of plagiarism. the times will clean this up, take their lumps ... and we have many, many other sources to aggregate for the purpose of cross-checking. we've only got *one* administration, no backups [congress and the supreme court, at present, hardly fill the role of backup]. oh, and lest you think the times is alone, have some fun at abc.au mediawatch. it's great. is there one for america? can't find it.

+ upsaid "... is the free webloging tool you've been looking for!" haven't heard of them before. their spelling, btw.

+ tricycle: tibetan buddhism in the west, is it working?

+ sourceforge: pywebmail.

+ pc pro.uk: microsoft to overhaul frontpage with xml.

+ linux planet: linux at the (server) beach.

+ cnn: the christian coalition and charles schumer, working together ... well, pigs may not be flying, but let's hope spam heads someplace else.

+ radio netherlands: islam in the wings. as opposed to our administration's beliefs, democracy does not cure all ills.

+ the economist: the iraq factor. in oil, that is.

+ new scientist: big bang 'soup recipe' confirmed. but who was the chef?

+ channelnewsasia: top u.s. civilian administrator in iraq bans anti-american activities.

+ cnn: "the collective breathing of cows accounts for nearly 20 percent of the methane gas released into the atmosphere." elsie the cow, your local global warming criminal.

+ library of congress: experiencing war, the veterans' history project.

+ the mercury.au: aboriginal youth 'roadkill.' "a witness reportedly said the driver revved the car's engine, reversed and hit wyles before driving off." man's inhumanity to man, seemingly doomed to repeat throughout history.

+ enn: seeds of doubt, monsanto in court. "farmers who want the seed must buy it new from the company each year, sign special agreements to spray only monsanto herbicides, and allow company officials unfettered access to their fields. anyone else caught growing the roundup-ready canola violates the patent and risks legal action from monsanto." again, i keep hearing ian malcolm [from 'jurassic park'] ...

+ sydney morning herald.au: the everlasting bloom. on james joyce, and ulysses. [make your day an epic.]

+ valley advocate: is rock dying? "the continuing cycle of retro movements - from the silly, pseudo-cool of rockabilly revivalists to the nerdy pretensions of the post-alternative, post-indie, psychedelic bubblegum crowd, and right on through to the deliberate blindness and self-consciously affected snottiness of the neo-punks - represents little other than a prolonged period of rock's life flashing before its eyes." ouch!

+ scotsman.uk: museum celebrates return of vase. 47 pieces were still missing as of last week ... 30, 40, 170, ten thousand, umpteen thousand ... will we ever learn the truth of the baghdad museum looting?

+ times of india: talks on north korean nuclear crisis start.

+ times of india: liberians agree to truce, pave way for talks. a calm in ivory coast, now possibly next door in liberia.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: some crazy guy. oh, i'm a fan of tom delay, like i'm a fan of horror movies [not]. others i've linked to agree with this view. blaming columbine on the teaching of evolution in schools ... and republicans are saying bob graham is nutty?

+ the new york times, in editorials and op-eds, is all over the niger/iraq uranium story. the vanishing uranium, white house in denial, and from a former cia analyst, a letter to the editor. clamoring for culpability from the administration, culpability that will never be publicly admitted, i'm afraid.

+ ny times: two from the 'circus' ... house passes limit on big class action suits, and house g.o.p. drafts bill to overhaul head start.

+ ny times: the "devil's highway" is no more. route 666 is renamed. "'the real devil lives right here,' he added, pointing to his chest. 'you've got to go to the local bar in every town to find him.'"

+ santa fe new mexican: two heartwarming animal stories. court rules in favor of minnow, and llama on the lamb. just as an aside, when you begin talking about making species extinct, you're already at crisis stage. whether you want to recognize it, or not.

+ santa fe new mexican: compare and contrast ... economist says state will gain from tax cuts, and open up your wallet, taxes going up everywhere. there's a reason it's called 'voodoo economics' ...

+ slept deep last night. like falling into a black hole.