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thu 12 jun 03

+ sometimes, just sometimes, marketing to american males just boggles me. home shopping network, father's day special. for equipping your army? caught it on tv a bit ago.

+ at strand books, you can purchase books-by-the-foot.

+ in searching for mythological symbols to present abstract concepts, i ran across mythography. kind of odd, but served my purposes.

+ omigod, beanie and cecil! then again, there were other cartoons, too ...

+ msnbc/newsweek, zakaria: exaggerating the threat. via rc3.

later: in this same vein, a couple of items to warm your toes:

"the soviet union has deployed a third more land-based intercontinental missiles than we have. believe it or not, we froze our number in 1965 and have deployed no additional missiles since then."
- ronald reagan, 11/22/82.

he forgot to mention we went from single-warhead minutemen 1's to MIRV minutemen 2's and 3's. whereas the quantity didn't go up, the quality and firepower did.

"soviet leaders invest 12-14% of their country's gnp in military spending, two or three times the level we invest."
- ronald reagan, 11/22/82.

once again, he forgot to mention our gnp was twice the soviet union's. the 6-7% we spent was equivalent to the soviet union's. or was it? the institute for strategic studies stated clearly that we outspent the ussr and it's warsaw pact allies both by $300 billion dollars for the previous decade.

and these are only two examples. i have many more in my clipping file. as i've said before, president bush is truly the stepson of "the great prevaricator." hence my comment yesterday about punditry without a rearview mirror ...

+ dribbleglass billboards. some are rude, some are crude, some are socially unacceptable. but most are funny.

+ yahoonews afp top photo picks. editors choose these. a cut above. via brilliant corners.

+ i missed wishing broomeman a happy two. his windows xp linkage is dynamite, and has contributed significantly to my smooth transition to xp from mac. i owe him a debt of gratitude. i may be missing the unix geekness and graphic beauty of os x, but xp is enhancing my production output in myriad ways ... where my profit bottom line resides. i am convinced i made the right, if unfashionable, choice. it's been a calm year of xp ownership, compared to the os x stories i read on others' pages.

+ upon returning from texas, there was [were?] an anarchy of flowers waiting in my courtyard. these snapdragons survived the winter, and were bursting even before i left. st. francis looks happy:

snapdragons and st. francis, santa fe, new mexico, june 12, 2003.

+ deutsche welle: the first auction of iraqi oil has taken place. six buyers, the only americans to purchase were chevrontexaco.

+ new scientist: hiv's complex family history revealed.

+ alternet, john dean [of watergate notoriety]: the case for impeachment. on bush's veracity. "the absence of any explanation for the gap between the statements and reality only increases the sense that the president's misstatements may actually have been intentional lies." the information about bob graham is also of interest.

+ ny times: gregory peck has passed away. godspeed, atticus.

+ american scientist: the value of positive emotions. positive emotions broaden, negative emotions narrow. listen to talk radio much? might think about picking up a book instead.

+ linux journal: linux access in state and local government, part one. i'd bet state agencies are using open-source software, but are completely ignorant of the circumstance.

+ sunspot: from homeless to college graduate. read it.

+ chicago tribune opinion, steve chapman: the unfulfilled promises of the iraq war. for those of us on the progressive side of the aisle, the redoubling of effort by other totalitarians comes as no surprise.

+ usa today: senate backs offshore oil, gas study. ruh-roh. "... such a study may lead to lifting a 20-year ban on drilling beneath most of america's coastal waters." the next anwr issue, coming to a television screen near you.

+ computerworld new zealand: how to make money from free software. "make margin and add value just like any other third-party product or service."

+ boston globe obituary: ira spring, prolific photographer and trail guide writer, has passed away.

+ ny daily news: iranians and north koreans, hanging out, shooting the breeze over nuclear technology? as i've said before, any nuclear plant can be leveraged to assist in the creation of nuclear weapons. this 'communication' does not bode well, however, with pakistan/north korea in the rear view mirror.

+ sky.com: a blushing j-lo, a squeezable brad pitt, and an inflatable britney at madame tussaud's. i guess wax effigy + muppet was bound to find congruence someday.

+ minneapolis star-tribune: gun law triggers workplace fears. "when it comes to at-work shooting sprees, killers don't pause to check gun statutes." which means this will be an interesting human 'trial.'

+ scoop: islam, democracy and human rights in iraq. some great questions are asked in this article. worthy of a ponder.

+ washington post: photo voyage. "exploring your world through our lens."

+ miami herald/ap: paris celebrates marlene dietrich.

+ mother jones: disarming the congo [or not].

+ sf gate: year-old drought emergency extended in new mexico. this is important for us to know, around here. wonder why it didn't make the local rag? thanks to the marvelous monquis.

+ edge.org: a bozo of a baboon, a talk with robert sapolsky.

+ this is london.uk: how americans became the fattest people in the world. as nicholai hel said, in trevanian's book 'shibumi' - "... americans excel in one narrow rubric: the snack. and i suspect there's something symbolic in that."

+ cbs news: is penmanship a dying art? when my typing speed went up, my penmanship went in the toilet. i've been spending time retracing letterforms recently, to recover what was lost.

+ chicago tribune: one person in the right place, at the right time ... with a weblog. salam pax. i've never read or linked his stuff; the kaycee nicole experience, so long ago, put me off webloggers i can't verify. the "won't get fooled again" philosophy, y'know?

+ times of india: secularism does not mean anti-religion: advani. in the polarized world of public opinion, america has this same perception error.

+ ny times letters to the editor: tax cuts, by their real name. interesting as all of these are, everyone seems to be missing one essential point. congress is cutting services they don't like, while keeping their individual pet pork projects well-watered.

+ ny times editorial: the civil service faces an overhaul. "workers are understandably anxious about this work force revolution, warning of a retreat toward the 19th-century spoils system of patronage and cronyism." yet the 19th century is seemingly where the bush administration wants to take us. read, when you have time, of the age of rockefeller and standard oil [1870's], united states steel [1897], pierpont morgan ... basically the trusts, monopolies and the nascent industrial age in america. the epitome of 'ends justify the means' business practice.

+ ny times: california may restrict vehicle cellphone use. since the requirement for hands-free headsets in santa fe, you see three things: even crazier driving, people fiddling with wires while driving, and people seemingly talking to themselves in the vegetable aisle in the supermarket ["but honey, are asparagus the long ones or the short bushy ones?"]. not that anyone will do it, but i think pulling to the side of the road to grab a call is the best answer, really. insurance companies won't be slow on this issue, however. wait and watch.

+ ny times: unlikely allies seek better enforcement of firearms statutes.

+ ny times: david brinkley has passed away. i'm old enough to remember the huntley-brinkley report, but was young enough at the time to find their style completely boring. i liked cronkite better. but i do miss those days of radio-journalism-talking-black-and-white-heads. just the facts, ma'am, none of the editorializing. [heaven forfend, they didn't even have a fancy graphic for 'tonkin gulf,' or 'the retreat from vietnam,' either.]

+ santa fe new mexican: three albuquerque teachers with anti-war materials in classes not rehired. note, some material created by students. "barrett and cooper were suspended after refusing administrators' requests to remove student artwork with war-related messages."

+ santa fe new mexican: bark beetle epidemic "worst in history."

+ santa fe new mexican: relax the restrictions on big business, eh? the city of questa is having a problem with the risk of rockslide from a mine outfit's tailing piles.

+ santa fe new mexican: moths overstay their welcomes in new mexican homes. a couple of years ago, they were so numerous that driving on the highway at night looked like driving through a snowstorm.

+ reuters: more on the obesity epidemic. trade in the fritos for rice cakes ...

later: from my discussion group: out, out - damned rice cake! beef jerky! advantage bars! long live atkins! well, a paraphrase on my part, anyway. but it's bill [who] says this.

+ "e-patriots."

+ yeah, yeah ... still catching up.