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wed 04 jun 03

+ well, my road trip's postponed for at least a day. one of the two major players involved tore his achilles tendon. so i'll be accumulating bloggage tomorrow, waiting for the go/no-go verdict.

+ happy one year anniversary to veer.com. they're the bee's knees (not the dog's hindquarters), really.

+ ibm developerworks: parsing, indexing, and searching xml with digester and lucene.

+ dlib: trends in the evolution of the public web.

+ nature: stick-on pads stifle guitar feedback.

+ eweek: openbsd gets harder to crack.

+ thisislondon.uk: the aussie bible. i can't even quote it, i'm laughing so hard. gotta get a copy.

+ sacbee: even william buckley's wondering where the wmd's are. or what happened to them, and why intelligence may have let us down so.

+ washington post, oliphant: a new nuclear madness.

+ guardian.uk: wolfowitz, "the most important difference between north korea and iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in iraq. the country swims on a sea of oil." wait for the flood of rationalizations - to allow continued condemnation of the 'no war for oil' protestors, yet support the neocon/hawk philosophy blindly. wolfy's cake-hole looks like more of a 'threat' to the administration than any of the democratic presidential wannabees.

later: it looks like the guardian may have misquoted wolfowitz here, as well as taking out of context. see tomorrow's posts.

+ turkish daily news [may linkrot over time]: perry, time running out for north korea solution.

+ miami herald: blair to cooperate in iraq weapons probe.

+ times.uk: fabulous at 40? "... half these 40-year-olds turn out to look fabulous because they have spent the equivalent of a year’s budget for 'crossroads' on plastic surgery. in [demi] moore’s case, allegedly £100,000. money, as ever, is the great divide."

+ cnet: senator wants limits on copy protection.

+ bbc: horse and donkey meat found in salami. will you have seabiscuit salami, or bright angel chorizo with that?

+ digitalanimations: do you agree with 'renovating' existing films? how about when it changes the flavor? via broomeman.

+ the hill: democratic think-tank taking shape. nothing to compare with the hegemony of the conservative think-tanks, however.

+ wsj opinion journal: subtitles, please. "obviously tied to the decline in reading." one time, a fellow movie-goer was trying to read the subtitles out loud [mumbling], and couldn't keep up. it shocked me. foreign, subtitled films are prominent in my collection. yet, i can't help wanting to learn the languages, to get the unparaphrased dialogue. in my copious spare time, i guess.

+ boston globe: examining women's radio silence.

+ chronicle of higher ed: scholars who blog. "in their skeptical moments, academic bloggers worry that the medium smells faddish, ephemeral. but they also make a strong case for blogging's virtues, the foremost of which is freedom of tone."

+ ny times editorials: making an anti-hero, rudolph as folk hero, freedom fighter, terrorist. be careful who you put upon a pedestal. and, 'partial birth' mendacity, again. i sometimes wonder if congress has ever contemplated the range and nature of birth defects.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the missing weapons scandal. those who quote the '98 clinton statement, seem to wear blinders. clinton would have based his assumptions on virtually the same cia intelligence as mr. bush, yet he did not declare war [why?] - and, noone seems to consider that clinton's "desert fox" might have been a success?

+ ny times: delay rebuffs move to restore lost tax credit. delay believes because low income folks "don't pay taxes," this amounts to a spending bill - a free handout. yet, low income wage-earners contribute to our economy's growth and recovery too, don't they, sir? yep, just wait till delay and other fiscal conservatives try to shove the flat tax down our throats.

+ ny times: alabama, a reagan wannabe, and taxes. oh, i'll have to follow this for a while.

+ ny times: excavating a house [not bunker], looking for hussein. even the tip of a finger would allow victory cries to drown out the current wave of investigation into lack of wmd's, in addition to local benefits. at least, for a while.

+ ny times: two on the iraq wmd intelligence brouhaha. the cia is reviewing their intelligence, and pentagon denies slanting intelligence on iraq. keep in mind, intelligence is usually raw data. in this case, the rubber meets the road where someone interprets that data. that's where the creative writing occurs.

+ ny times arts: they got the ol' tv documentary blues ...

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe national forest and the valles caldera [jemez mountains] have lifted fire restrictions, due to recent generous rainfall. ya-hoo!

+ santa fe new mexican: pentagon project, "lifelog." "... a multimedia, digital record of everywhere you go and everything you see, hear, read, say and touch." unclassified, so don't get all paranoid.

+ jish, is back.

+ coyotes growling around outside the bedroom windows last night.