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tue 03 jun 03

+ ny times: the 'matrix' invented, a world of special effects. "three years ago you would have paid five times as much for the same machines ... [snip] ... but even with falling prices, you can't do this type of sophisticated work without deep pockets."

+ thinking back to the earlier posts today, i think democrats must avoid the 'doom and gloom' prophecies. i know the future looks dim, but it did post-reagan tax cuts as well ... forecasting all kinds of horrors that never came true (thank goodness). [the d.n.c. would do well to have a definitive report on that era, and the recovery, created. scholarly, that is, not partisan. hire david stockman, for example, to serve on the committee.] i keep harping on martin seligman's research on optimism - surely statements, even derogatory ones, could be couched in different terms? the future is not set in stone. i know dems want a solid negative they can pin to 'teflon george,' but they're making it too easy for republicans to point to them and saying 'dividers, not uniters' or 'america-haters' or 'downers' or whatever the current label-o-the-day is.

+ xmlhack: scrapping docbook.

+ time: justice rehnquist, secret feminist? i'll take one and three for $0.25, please.

+ slashdot: defense department memo explains open-source policy. zope, the cms i use to write this weblog, is open source, and used by the u.s. navy, nato, etc. - client list is here.

+ boston globe, oliphant: working poor shafted in tax cut footnote. "being square with the working poor would have cost $3.5 billion. people should remember what happened the next time bush gushes about how much he cares for working single moms struggling to make ends meet."

+ new scientist: net attack overwhelms computers with complexity.

+ ny daily news, opinion: gun traffic is murder on nyc. "... about 1.2% of the nation's gun dealers sell weapons that account for 57% of all firearms used in crimes. the atf knows who the unscrupulous dealers are. it's time that the rest of america knew, too."

+ ny times: glamour takes another peek at the era of the pinup.

+ american prospect: american bioscience meets the american dream. somehow, i can't agree that self-fulfillment is a uniquely american construct.

+ ananova: museum promotes sympathy for donkeys. democrats?

+ mercury news: crossing, stories of gravity and transformation. sounds like cirque techniques applied in a more spacious venue.

+ wall street journal: limits to scientific knowledge?

+ chronicle of higher ed: why gods should matter in social science. somehow, i take a more anthropological view. santa fe's saturated with new-age 'prophets' of all stripes, and the common thread seems to be self-aggrandizement, avoidance of responsibility, control over others, selective interpretation, and other [what i call] rudimentary sales-and-marketing techniques. oh, and talking in a whisper. 'feel your bliss.' [gag.] i may give organized religion a hard time here on the weblog, but it's nothing compared to how i feel about all these other stepchildren of historical faiths.

+ washington monthly, michael hirsh: imperialism of neighbors. gist: we've got the 'fighting' bit down pat, but the 'cleanup' needs a lot more work.

+ times of india: a new zealander's building a cruise missile in his garage. for $2,800 bucks. "... intended to warn governments how easy it would be for terrorists to build one." popular mechanics should do a feature.

+ times of india: blair refuses probe into iraq wmd claims.

+ times of india: survey finds that sex with your boss is good for your career. and more. cutthroat, the workplace is.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: standard operating procedure. good to see a journalist using his god-given brains to recall iran-contra, and the oh-so-convenient 'flexible morality' of the conservatives currently in power.

+ ny times letters to the editor: congressman rangel, tax-cut fallout is worse than you think. "the runaway debt and erosion of confidence in our economy will eventually shipwreck our entire society, and all the money in the world won't buy a life raft."

+ ny times: well, this explains the spate of privacy forms that seem to have come out of nowhere, lately.

+ ny times: at the giro d'italia, breakaways are committed specifically for giving advertisers exposure.

+ ny times: indict martha stewart? she didn't stick with chicken stock ...

+ santa fe new mexican: former nm gov gary johnson is 'down safe' from everest. well, he's back at base camp, anyway.

+ cnn: the return of absinthe. oscar wilde: "after the first glass you see things as you wish they were. after the second, you see things as they are not. finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world."

+ cnn: launch of do-not-call list rushed.

+ cnn: the dixie chicks, back in hot water again? there's bad blood between maines and keith going back a-ways.

+ looks like i'll be doing a road trip later this week, necessitating some 'dark time' on the old blog. gotta get stuff washed, folded and packed ...