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mon 02 jun 03

+ blasted ground squirrels are after my flowers again. one devoured a whole generation of my pansies and johnny jump-ups. don't laugh. this bugger's going down. here, mr. gopher ...

+ register-guard, oregon, june 30, 2002: the end of fairness: right-wing commentators have a virtual monopoly when it comes to talk radio programming. for a taste of what fcc changes can wreak. a detailed history of the overthrow of talk radio in america. if you think some liberal politicos and pundits are loud and obnoxious, always remember who set the current fashion for commentary. as the author says, "monopoly on public expression is inconsistent with a democratic tradition." reinstate the fairness doctrine, before it's too late. give our ears a break. after today's decision, give our eyes a break, too. don't let us devolve into one giant 'mclaughlin report.'

later: mix liberally with fair's examining the "liberal media" claim.

+ cnn: jewel gets shakira'd.

+ cnn: u.s justice department's inspector general finds significant issues with treatment of non-citizen 9/11 detainees.

+ last night's sunset. was doing some photoshop work, so figured i'd post it:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, june 1, 2003.

+ msnbc: shoot the messenger. "they want to intimidate and chill the press, and they want to criminalize the free flow of discussion, and they want to use september 11 as the lever to do this.

+ scidev.net: the international brain drain dossier, introduction.

+ builder.com: clearing the confusion about xml databases.

+ linux journal: doing it all with openssh.

+ sunspot: starving the social agenda.

+ opt-in news: email research shows html preferred format. for who, spammers? good reason to turn it off.

+ la times: spare a kind thought today for janet collins, who just passed away. "collins broke a color barrier at the met in new york city on nov. 13, 1951, when she performed in a production of 'aida.' over the next few years, she had lead roles in met productions of 'carmen,' 'la gioconda' and 'samson and delilah.'"

+ new scientist: gecko tape will stick you to the ceiling.

+ mozilla 1.4 rc1. download. release notes.

+ all africa: u.n. congo force has mission impossible. they agree with my assessment of the other day; too few troops. "a ceiling of 8000 troops has been authorised for monuc but the u.n. has struggled to find nations willing to contribute. compare this with the 18000-strong u.n. force sent to sierra leone in its civil war. analysts say it was a simpler scenario there government versus rebels. the congo conflict was regional and civil."

+ times.uk: ministers briefed to back off gm crops. "ministers have been warned that they should not be too zealous in their support for gm crops because there are no immediate advantages to the country." the cost-benefit rag is catching on worldwide?

+ dp review: canon powershot g5. five megapixel, finally. wish they'd plug six mp into this form factor, and add a 28mm wide. i'd be very happy with this rangefinder form factor, though i imagine hitting those two little buttons on the right with my nose ...

+ time tales. found photographs.

+ amnesty international's 2003 report.

+ cnet: the fcc has chosen to ease media-ownership rules. party line split. remember to thank the republicans in '04 if you don't like the results.

+ usa today: bush backtracks on black colleges pledge.

+ nutra ingredients: u.s. loses egyptian support over gm wto challenge. it's a free market, as i've said before ... europe can buy whatever it wishes.

+ policy review: larry diamond, universal democracy? "we cannot always lead from the battleship or the bully pulpit. sometimes, we must do so more softly and subtly, as part of a team."

+ siliconvalley.com, gillmor: fcc's powell must be held to his word. "if powell is serious about reform - about ensuring a vibrant and diverse media - he'll push ahead with spectrum reform. if he's just a puppet of the media and communications oligarchy, he won't."

+ national post.ca: cirque's "zumanity."

+ the art newspaper: will unesco become an extension of u.s. foreign policy? america infiltrates u.n. ... anyone told the 'new world order' folks?

+ ny times op-ed: safire. count the logical fallacies. we swiftly went to war, without u.n. sanction, as i understand it [through long-winded arguments with some conservative-leaning readers here] because the administration believed that weapons of mass destruction posed an imminent threat to the american homeland, and american interests. i remained agnostic over the war vs. inspections, expecting saddam would have something significant squirreled away, in spite of crushing economic sanctions. i, in my most hawkish mode, seem to have been wrong. mr. safire does not answer the central enigma, he just offers 'alternative justifications' which had nothing whatsoever to do with moving to war outside of the u.n. bureaucracy. maybe i've misperceived, but the words 'imminent threat' resound in my ears, unanswered.

later: from president bush's declaration of war against iraq:

"our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. the people of the united states and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder."

+ ny times letters to the editor: evangelicals, islam and salvation. it seems muslims know more about christianity than the obverse.

+ ny times guest contributor: more news, less diversity. "... the internet shouldn't be invoked to justify diluting existing safeguards."

+ ny times editorials: nuclear mirage, and dawdling over food labels. russia has admitted publicly they will counter our low-yield nukes ... why start a new arms race? and, what's the problem with knowing exactly what is contained in our consumables?

+ ny times travel: three for the road, in an rv. oh, and on the jersey shore, also. cape may's victorian 'painted ladies,' shrouded in fog, are a photographer's delight.

+ ny times: the marketing of superbaby formula. what's this i see? links in the text of a new york times article? when did this change?

+ ny times: internet battle raises questions about the first amendment. "shifting legal distinctions" indeed. worth watching.

+ ny times: starbucks vs. an internet rumor. reminds me of this, but the internet allows faster dispersion.

+ santa fe new mexican: napoleon's troops get a proper burial after 200 years.

+ santa fe new mexican: irrigators and government reach agreement on pecos water. by the time species are impacted, the crisis is much greater than a 'them-vs.us' issue. now, all eyes in this state must turn to the rio grande ...

+ an individual emailed me about the nonsequitur on this post from the other day, where i stated "no doubt, some poor schmuck is checking weblogs regularly for psych profile. no need for anything but nonviolence ... we can bore them to death." [popping my head back like kramer from 'seinfeld'] whoa, jerry. well, my excuse is that i had many other things on my mind, one of which was the fbi.homeland.gov experience. e-profiling is a reality, but from my admittedly rudimentary understanding, only used after an incident. i deem it unlikely the fbi is trolling weblogs in random fashion, esp. if most of us are teenage girls, pouring our hearts into online diaries. it was a misleading comment that could lead to needless paranoia. sloppy on my part. consider it retracted, with my apologies.

+ up early; lots to accomplish.