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fri 30 may 03

+ indyweek: "the fbi has been reading my diary." girl writes weblog, girl gets grilled by fbi. her advice: "i know that the government now has forever my extremely personal teenage diary. hell yes, i'm mad. i will no longer be posting in this diary." no doubt, some poor schmuck is checking weblogs regularly for psych profile. no need for anything but nonviolence ... we can bore them to death. via zeldman.

later: this has been amended. please peruse this post on june 2. thanks.

+ the register: "most bloggers are teenage girls." i'm sorry ... i'm afraid i simply look like hell in a catholic girls-school outfit.

+ women's enews: early warnings on abortion enter 2004 campaign.

+ nj.com/ap: it had to happen sometime. christian programming crosses with reality tv. i'm waiting for 'real world: bob jones university.' honestly, i'm curious.

+ new scientist: stem cell "immortality" gene found.

+ bioportfolio: justifying premium prices for hiv drugs. roche announces a 20k/year price point for fuzeon, their new fusion inhibitor ... over twice the price of the most expensive hiv drug currently on the market, apparently.

+ thom paine: conservative journalists' dirty little secret. feed the rage. "criticize other people for not being objective. be as subjective as you want. it's a great little racket." as the article says, arrogance precedes the fall. *sigh* we've seen the technique overused in weblogs to garner hits, because it's a stage many must seemingly go through.

+ two on iraq's wmd controversy: miami herald, comments revive doubts on iraqi weapons, and from the washington times, general: iraq chem/bio arms intel wrong. "we've been to virtually every ammunition supply point between the kuwaiti border and baghdad, but they're simply not there." oops, sorry - we annul our regime change.

+ hello!: zellweger will appear in 'bridget jones' sequel. time to pack it on, after 'chicago.'

+ tall couture. a female friend says, "expensive."

+ you don't know dick.

+ food production daily: survey reveals that most americans are unaware of antibiotics in meat. i can't believe this. then again, americans don't read. and 50% of americans over 65 are functionally illiterate. maybe webloggers are more 'elite' than even the most brash of us believe.

+ ny times: u.n. approves troop deployment to congo. "up to 1,400 troops." i fear too few. america is conspicuously absent, though we have interest in the region, being cell phone users. motorola, hewlett-packard ... and congolese rebels? read the article.

+ webmd health: can cutting corners work? in a word, no. i've been back on my workout routine for a month now, and boy, putting on the sweats this morning was like having my fingernails pulled. but once i did, i had a great workout ... both weights and aerobic. i know my body's routine all too well - you think you're gonna die, and suddenly your body makes a seemingly-alchemical change to greater capacity. it's getting over that 'mental couch' too. time to add intervals tomorrow.

+ strange spam ... "CRUEL AND MERCILESS CREATOR." and what a screed that follows. first time for everything, i guess ...

+ la times commentary, norah vincent: a smorgasbord of intolerance. "the american mind is now closed indeed, and firmly."

+ washington post, ted turner guest opinion: monopoly or democracy? on the fcc.

+ washington monthly: in contempt of courtship.

+ washington post: the importance of being lazy. book review.

+ csm: we've all got the blues, and it's a good thing.

+ say a little prayer for jeanne d'arc, burned at the stake on this day in 1431. via way down here.

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: waggy dog stories. "some americans may be avoiding having an experience of cognitive dissonance." that's good. that means that a war started under false pretenses matters to a subset of the populace. collective conscience may win out, as this progresses.

+ ny times editorial: the tax bill's final indignity. "the real cost of the bill over 10 years will more nearly approximate $800 billion if all the provisions that are scheduled to 'sunset' in the next few years are eventually made a permanent part of the tax code, as they almost certainly will be."

+ santa fe new mexican: former governor gary johnson reaches the top of everest.

+ santa fe new mexican: crossing the line. you don't have to be a spring chicken to be a contender.

+ cnn: mock shuttle foam test causes 'significant' damage. "in thursday's test, a foam piece weighing just 1.67 pounds was fired at 531 mph at the mock wing, which was made of fiberglass - a material 2.5 times stronger than the reinforced carbon carbon (rcc) used on columbia's wing." no mention here of bringing the foam to freezing temperatures, as it would experience being installed against the lox tanks.

+ *yawn*