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thu 29 may 03

+ courier-mail.au: "the u.s. transport system generates more carbon dioxide (co2) emissions than the entire economy of any country in the world except china's ..."

+ rte interactive: belgian scientists link chlorine to asthma. kids taking swimming lessons? do it in the ocean. get this ... "the tests showed the children who swam most frequently had protein levels of the kind found in regular smokers."

+ usa today: wilderness policy takes a u-turn. opening up desert landscape to vehicles, the average person would imagine is no big deal. one vehicle leaves traces that linger for years. i can only imagine what dozens or hundreds of atv's and 4wd's will do, much less exploration and survey crews. [ed abbey, we need you.]

+ usa today: fed seems to be leaning towards another rate cut?

+ ... and i just heard of a new fitness craze called, "yoga boxing." two more incompatible bedfellows, i've never contemplated. you never force in yoga, you always force in boxing. bizarre. i'll have to do some looking around for links tomorrow.

+ whaddaya know? hugh grant is elected president and c.e.o. of monsanto. 'notting hill' gets gm foods in their open market ... well, not really. click and see the picture.

+ telegraph.uk: our administration's "iraq logic" [a bad man, doing bad things, needs to be deposed and his people saved] doesn't have an answer for this. the u.n., and the french, do. talk ethics at will, as marley yells at scrooge, "mankind is our business ...!" note, don't read this link after a meal.

+ telegraph.uk opinion: it only takes a dollar a day to stop an african from dying of aids. "'lord of the flies' syndrome is emerging: children bringing up children."

+ hey, happy wedding anniversary, mr. and mrs. booknotes!

+ everyone's passing around billmon's timeline of governmental iraq/wmd quotes ... simply beautiful. reminds me of a selection of quotes i have from ronald reagan, about balancing the budget ... "it was a goal, not a promise." this administration is truly the stepchild of 'the great prevaricator.'

+ ibm developerworks: tip, how to combine documents with xslt.

+ cnet: new apache 2.0.46 release patches holes.

+ slashdot: cluster knoppix.

+ science daily: whey protein is good for you. and even better for your prostate.

+ msnbc: automakers can cut emissions output. "in the short term, fuel economy for new cars and light trucks could be boosted by 25 to 33 percent over the next 10 to 15 years with existing technology, the report said." of course it can, and i'd wager in a much shorter time frame. as i've said before, the stonewalling is disingenuous.

+ pakistan daily times: roots of islamic backwardness. "... the gap between the economies of the arab middle east and western europe in (non-oil sector) productivity, technological capability, and standards of living is wider than it was a century ago, and vastly greater than at the start of the industrial age."

+ unicef warns of a worse-than-normal outbreak of black fever, kala-azar, in iraq.

+ iol: apparently, the 'saddam bunker,' which america hit on the first night of the war, was myth. "no underground facilities, no bodies ..." no wmd's, no bunker. what next?

+ washington times/upi: "britain's dossier on iraq's weapons of mass destruction was rewritten on orders from prime minister tony blair's government to make it look more dramatic in the months leading up to the u.s.-led war against baghdad ..." is anyone surprised? britain takes exception, predictably.

+ shop ethically me.

+ ens: half u.s. climate warming due to land use changes. "the growth of cities and industrial agriculture is responsible for more of the rise in temperature across the united states than scientists previously believed ..." compound local climate changes on top of each other, changed weather patterns ... global warming.

+ poynter online: water bottles and landfills. i must admit, i picture water bottles in the hands of the eco-friendly set. only 16% recycled? horrors.

+ the new york post gossip section is a kicker. the girlfriend in the scott peterson case may pose for playboy, and a prediction of two supreme court resignations in the next month. ugh.

+ fingerworks. a different input device. i think i'd have a hard time; i like strong springs in a keyboard for fast typing. then again, maybe it's all learned habit.

+ "mail-order husbands."

+ virtual u.

+ african-american: time to get real about tom delay. "president delay" ... that just ruined my lunch.

+ reason online: biotech and baby food. a pro-gm article. gm could be great, if done with appropriate caution. not mentioned is the fact that scientists are inserting dna from bacteria, viruses, and insects into plants. soon, animal dna and human dna. can't do that by hybridization. then there's the incident or two where gm genes have crossed species barriers. what's the problem with being a little more safety-conscious with children?

+ ny times: water tap often shut to south africa's poor. "privatization is a new kind of apartheid."

+ mail and guardian: dirt cheap coffee starves ethiopians. "not just in ethiopia, but in honduras and vietnam, coffee growers - mostly poor smallholders - sell their beans for less than the cost of production." my italics.

+ bbc: e.u. fishing is driving the bushmeat trade in africa.

+ edge.org: a united biology, a talk with e.o. wilson. "... the bottom line is that the two great goals of the 21st century are, first, raising people around the world to a decent standard of living, particularly the 80% of the people living in developing countries, and second, bringing as much of the rest of life through with us."

+ times of india: hillary not happy with the future of everest. sort of a recap of yesterday's link, but i thought this was important: "anyone with $65,000 can climb everest." it's no longer an achievement, in its current form ... it's "fear factor" for those with disposable income.

+ time: what makes you who you are. balancing nature and nurture.

+ the times, they are a-changing. boston globe, wgbh series goes commercial, and chicago tribune, npr and slate pair for a new magazine program. what's next ... bert, ernie and rush?

+ ny times op-ed, herbert: caught in the squeeze. "what the economy needs is a real stimulus that will create real jobs, not an irresponsible package of tax cuts that will inflate the portfolios of the very wealthy while starving the government of the money needed to pay for essential services and to maintain a safety net for the nation's most vulnerable citizens." amen.

+ ny times: yet, as opposed to below, there always seems to be money for new nukes. bush administration examines steps to a new arsenal. "administration officials say that they have made no decision to produce the first new nuclear weapons since the 1980's and that further congressional debate and approval would be needed to do so." again, careful of the semantics. we're still making nukes.

+ ny times: money gone, u.s. suspends designation of habitats.

+ ny times: teaching youth to start worrying about the bomb. memories of hiroshima are fading, as the survivors die off.

+ santa fe new mexican: what's the buzz? a swarm of honeybees descends on the santa fe plaza. and, city council eases water restrictions for parks.

+ reuters: obesity epidemic set to worsen. you can empirically view this effect. try older yearbooks. i look at mine, from the 70's. kids we called 'fat' were positively svelte compared to what's seen walking to school today, and the overall percentage was much lower.

+ reuters: "for bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on." i thought neocons rose above bureaucracy. my mistake. oh, and regime change was necessary to give u.s. troops a different base of operations?

+ cnn: u.s. rejects amnesty international's charges. semantic games aside, the geneva convention should apply. this hurts america, internationally. gravely.

+ ny times: tax law omits child credit in low-income brackets. "because of the formula for calculating the credit, most families with incomes from $10,500 to $26,625 will not benefit. the center on budget and policy priorities, a liberal group, says those families include 11.9 million children, or one of every six children under 17." ah, yes. always willing to sacrifice the low, for benefits to the high. same old story.

+ php 4.3.2. major bug fixes.

+ up early. going to be a busy one today ...