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wed 28 may 03

+ looks like jeremy bowers is working on a magnum opus. bookmarked.

+ ft.com: u.s. 'faces a future of chronic deficits.' "... closing the gap would require the equivalent of an immediate and permanent 66 per cent across-the-board income tax increase." yeah, but the republicans don't intend for social security or health care to even exist in the future. so, there's no problem, right? via metafilter.

+ bbc: more on the fatal everest helicopter crash. pictures, too. i have to agree with hillary; let the mountain rest. "just sitting around base camp knocking back cans of beer i don't particularly regard as mountaineering."

+ bbc: thousands of slaves in the sudan.

+ orion society, curmudgeon in the wild: do food additives cause republicans? just for chuckles.

+ new york times, may 25: i seem to have missed this one. defending the right not to have a nice day. "the great american grump out." c'mon - everyone loves a curmudgeon. mostly in small doses.

+ cnn: it seems 'jackass' copycat stunts only get reported in preferred areas. as i mentioned a few days ago, two of these incidents have taken place in albuquerque in the last two weeks. i think the malady is quite widespread, schools and parents should be dealing with it *now,* not when some legislator latches onto it for political gain. kids're going to start dying soon.

+ columbia journalism review, macarthur: the lies we bought. a recommended read on iraq, wmd's and american accusations. dare i call it read of the day? "the american media failed the country badly these past eight months." amen. via booknotes via wood s lot via commonplaces.

+ i'll take rafe's suggestion to heart. i try to be good, but sometimes i get lax.

+ ibm developerworks: information modeling with xml.

+ internetnews: windows xp update pulled.

+ an individual writing in reason seems to think there's no health care crisis. i'd like to rend this limb from limb, in my signature prose poetry, but i don't have time. prevention is the best medicine, and what we've got today costs half as much as my mortgage, with seemingly yearly diminishing coverage and rising deductibles. "catastrophic coverage" is what i had, during my arrhythmia diagnosis, and it didn't pay a g-d thing. this author must live on the moon.

+ newsweek, fineman: religious voters in bush's prayers. "i asked karl rove more than a year ago what his goal was for 04. his straightforward, unblinking answer: to increase evangelical turnout."

+ newsweek, borowitz: bush to phase out environment by 2004. "accelerated extinction" ... it'd be funnier if it weren't true.

+ upi: iraq export news sends crude prices lower. i wonder how much we'll be charging iraq as the cost of regime change, taken as crude supply?

+ new scientist: worriers more prone to cancer. accentuate the positive.

+ nj.com: congressional delegation leaves for north korea. i see in other news that russia has offered to mediate. good.

+ bbc: iraq weapons 'doubts.' they certainly put the hammer down ... "regime change in iraq was said to be a necessary condition for disarmament, not an end in itself." as i said yesterday, you don't get 'disarmed' of tons of chemical and biologicals in a short time period.

+ bbc: mrs. mccartney, heather mills, removes her leg on the larry king show. larry, stop fondling that nicely [lathe] turned ankle ...

+ teen hollywood: angelina jolie's "blue" movie. a movie to be shot entirely on blue screen. i'll go to see this, just to see if they get the lighting correct. not to mention foot placement in 3-d space. i used to spend hours working on chromakey sets, lighting and tech ...

+ dp review: the new nikon 5400 five megapixel replacement for the 5000 adds a 28mm wide. a contender for scenics. wish they'd up the megapixels, though. oh, and a company called nucore has a new image processor to shrink jpeg sizes by reducing noise. yeah, 'noise reduction' sets off bells in my head, too. wait and see the actual results, right?

+ domino artwork.

+ unexplained america.

+ balance bar adventure series.

+ outdoorsmagic: a helicopter has crashed on everest today. so far, details are sketchy.

+ fashion uk: "for beauty in the afterlife." lip lock, eh? reminded me of that inauspiciously-named goop called 'skin spackle' that came out for women a decade ago.

+ cnet: the university of calgary plans a virus-writing course. read it, see how you feel.

+ cnet: geeks enter the matrix.

+ iafrica: farmers dodge hippos on the run. and here most folks think farming is dull ...

+ bbc: once again, the west chickens out. liberia "too unsafe for aid." um ... airdrops? seems to me the u.s. used them in the midst of the afghan war. that would classify as a bit more unsafe, wouldn't you say?

+ well, if you ever wondered how long those rubber weight bands on a soloflex muscle machine last, i can tell you. thirteen years. the first one i ever broke, broke this morning. not bad, for a machine i've used consistently through those thirteen years.

+ times of india: islamic countries reject terrorism tag. pre 9/11, many would have answered 'ireland' or 'italy' or 'palestine' to a question about terrorism.

+ guardian.uk: a philosophic investigation into enron.

+ sf gate book review: the descent of men. "males are, in many ways, parasites upon their partners ... [snip] ... their interests are to persuade the other party to invest in reproduction, while doing as little as they can themselves. like all vermin, from viruses to tapeworms, they force their reluctant landlady to adapt or to be overwhelmed." speak for yourself, sir.

+ new york post: 'reading rainbow' needs an influx of cash. but i doubt, no matter how good the program, any of our high-bracket tax cut recipients will shell out. gotta reinvest that interest.

+ publishers weekly: tower records, up for sale.

+ chronicle of higher ed: have we lost the 'public' in higher education?

+ ny times letters to the editor: g.o.p. fund raising. "your finding that the republicans have about a 3-to-1 advantage in money raising over the democrats is no surprise. it will probably increase to a much higher ratio after the wealthy receive their tax cuts."

+ ny times editorial: to the summit. celebrating the conquest of everest. keep track of what's going 'up' at the mountain, at everestnews.

+ ny times: pressure increases for limiting injury lawsuits. it seems, oftentimes, that insurance companies are interested in insuring only one thing ... that they never make a payout. maximize that profit, at any cost.

+ ny times: farmed salmon looking less rosy. covered this a couple of times before. canthaxanthin is implicated in certain eye diseases.

+ ny times: supreme court ruling on the 'family and medical leave act.'

+ santa fe new mexican: plague in eldorado. time to get rid of the ground squirrels again. council to reconsider drought rules.

+ reuters: condom programs do not promote school sex, study finds.

+ reuters: bush signs tax cut bill, republicans promise more. the 'promised land' of the flat tax? scorched earth, for low and middle class.

+ reuters: iran accuses u.s. of terrorism double-standards.

+ good morning. looks like we're supposed to have these afternoon thundershowers for the next few days. water! nectar of the gods ...