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tue 27 may 03

+ view around sunset, looking east at clouds breaking up:

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, may 27, 2003.

+ ny times: rumsfeld suggests iraq might have destroyed illicit arms. how do you eliminate supposed tons of vx or other nerve gas, biologicals, etc., in a compressed timeframe without detection, without killing civilians ... and without detectable residue? maybe we should hire iraqi scientists to dispose of *our* stockpiles ...

+ bugtoaster.

+ linux journal: polishing your linux laptop setup.

+ bcvg: dial-out connection in freebsd.

+ webdevtips: setting up a home development server.

+ o'reilly open p2p: the power of metadata.

+ sci american: chimp studies yield new clues about evolution of human speech mechanism. may involve the size of our 'swallower.' a diet change, that favored a certain mutation?

+ hi pakistan: maybe american christianity should be concerned about their message. islam is making inroads into american suburbs. though it seems from this article to be a mostly-immigrant movement.

+ pbs.org: lehrer, with shields and brooks, on the tax cut, bush and the media, iraq. a trillion dollars this tax cut will cost, not 350 billion, admits hastert. and, the concept of a 'one party government.' yuck-o.

+ l.a. times: miranda gets its heart cut out. "the court said defendants have the right not to have statements they make to police used in court against them during trial. but defendants or suspects can still be compelled to respond to police questioning." my italics. just short of torture. i'd like to see a hard federal definition of torture, then.

+ l.a. times: lionel wilson, voice of 'tom terrific,' passes away. one of the original terrytoons story men was an early mentor of mine for animation. a creative bunch, this.

+ new scientist: beware the horned kangaroo. at least it doesn't have raptor claws on its hind feet.

+ inq7.net: u.s. pouring money and guns into mindanao.

+ wilderness society: bush administration proposal would eliminate northwest forest plan safeguards to protect old growth and rare species.

+ prevention: zap zits in 24 hours. well, more like six weeks. but info i haven't seen elsewhere.

+ messy 78: feed on feeds 0.1.

+ the first iris in the courtyard. big file, but very worthy of posting:

iris, santa fe, new mexico, may 27, 2003.

+ a belated happy b-day to craig. oops, and euan, too.

+ the guardian.uk contemplates emerson.

+ prospect magazine: imperial history.

+ sf gate: artist makes a verbal threat against bush, gets thrown in the clink. hmmm. well, this guy sure sounds nuts. but prior to pearl harbor, many americans wished for f.d.r. to 'expire early' [careful use of terms] for lend-lease, and other support-our-future-allies strategies. haven't seen any historical items on their incarceration.

+ independent.uk: giving more evidence for the old saw "ya gotta be nuts to be a great artist."

+ new york times guest contributor: don't kill the a-10.

+ new york times op-ed: stating the obvious. this seems strong, but i still don't think krugman went far enough.

+ new york times op-ed: is america finally waking up to africa's plight? what did you do during the african holocaust? i have a feeling any action will be too woefully little, way too late.

+ new york times: cartier-bresson.

+ new york times: seeing islam as 'evil faith,' evangelicals seek converts. you can interpret the koran in as many ways as you can the king james bible. but it all comes down to who is doing the interpreting.

+ santa fe new mexican: they're finally going to put up a permanent bandstand in the santa fe plaza. that temporary eyesore will be gone forever. can't wait.

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe's somewhat in shock after being named one of the ten best business locations in the country by forbes. good lord. be sure to read the comments, too.

+ santa fe new mexican: where did the protestors go? interesting to contrast with the new york times' 'trust in military heightens among baby boomer children.'

+ reuters: wine tasting takes brains? then again, you may remember this article i posted almost two years ago.

+ which reminds me. i've heard national media is broadcasting reports that we're still in severe drought. yes, that's true. but we've had more snow than last year, filling our reservoirs. we just got off a memorial day weekend doused with rain, both here and in the sangres. don't let the conglomerates scare you. there are restrictions against open fires in the forests, but other than that, we're better than the last two years. come. tour. spend money.

+ cnn: colorado outfitters optimistic for summer.

+ in other news, i actually got *carded* when buying wine yesterday. it's been so long since that's happened, i don't even remember where to find the date of birth entry on my driver's license.

+ back to work. preparing for another couple of morning meetings, so linkage will follow slowly today.