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fri 23 may 03

+ here in america, we're gearing up for the memorial day, three-day weekend. i wish all of you american readers the best. have a safe and enjoyable one! meantime, weblogging here will either be, or not. pictures? getting more requests lately. we'll see.

+ ny times: lawmakers want to expand inquiry on u.s. efforts in iraq. republicans *and* democrats. "the members gave up on getting the administration to share information, so they asked for this full investigation." typical of this administration, isn't it?

+ msnbc: bush turns up heat on north korea, again. discussions bog down -> veiled threat -> knee-jerk reaction -> more discussions -> return to start.

+ cnn: death sentence tossed out over bible.

+ dc.internet.com: powerful house leaders join anti-spam crowd.

+ bbc: afghans' uranium levels spark alert. don't like the sound of this. via booknotes.

+ it seems b2 is becoming wordpress ...

+ internet news: house panel approves internet tax moratorium.

+ scientific american: scientists find key to spice sensitivity.

+ boston globe: john quincy adams *just* died. no, i'm serious. he did. and i'm sure he's hobnobbing with old honest abe and his predecessors right about now.

+ new scientist: kazaa is the 'most downloaded program ever.'

+ linux today: open office 1.1 beta 2 available. support for pdf and flash export ... woo-hoo.

+ environmental news service: buried hanford nuclear waste fuels fed-state clash.

+ the no-contact jacket for women. "when activated by the wearer, 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulses just below the surface shell of the entire jacket."

+ american outlook: the benefits of no-till farming. yes, but no-till organic farming sounds best.

+ chicago tribune: a new genre - sinners clutching book contracts. i should think vh-1's "behind the music" would have killed this whole category. but now it seems the sin is premeditated, designed for later publication. and yet, the public still bites. lives of quiet desperation, i guess.

+ the economist: pots of promise. the eternal marketplace for beauty products.

+ bbc: oldest sculpture found in morocco? looks like 'robby the robot.'

+ times of india: cambodians flock to see 'python boy.' i just pray the constrictor doesn't revert to instinct ...

+ from the new york times op-ed page. if you're a democrat, and really want to be depressed, read this guest contribution, from texas, coming soon to a statehouse near you. and points are well taken from in the aftermath of september 11, and a letter to the editor leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

+ ny times: u.s.-utah land accord incites unlikely critics. trash the land, you no longer have an attraction.

+ ny times: iraqis tearing up archaeological sites. hopefully, the most valuable items are buried deep. very deep. but that's a very thin thread of hope. this is part of western civilization's heritage, and there is a clear obligation to protect it.

+ ny times news analysis: tax cut without end. the dems blew any chance at effective opposition. "this year, mr. bush was helped by the fact that democrats abandoned that approach and offered tax cuts of their own smaller than mr. bush's, aimed at the middle class and not the wealthy, but tax cuts nonetheless."

+ santa fe new mexican: a route reborn. finding the 'royal road.' subdivision turns to trial in dispute with the city. the rich section of town vs. the city on emergency water use restrictions. and, in spite of all our late snow, forests are open, but restrictions remain. a spate of severe winds has dried things out. but a little hiking stove is still a.o.k. ...

+ reuters: don't want sars? don't eat cats.

+ cnn: coalition challenges colorado's school vouchers. a tiny article that doesn't offer much info. keeping an eye open ...

+ cnn money: what the new tax cut means to you.

+ cnn: ladies, there are sickos everywhere.

+ heading into a three-day weekend ... ya-hooooooooooooo ...