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thu 22 may 03

+ had a social tonight, over in la tierra. here's a flower to make andrea feel better, and a sunset to tickle hal's fancy, right over the jemez:

iris, santa fe, new mexico, may 22, 2003.

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, may 22, 2003.

+ mark my words, historians of the future will love senator robert c. byrd. "but, the bush team's extensive hype of wmd in iraq as justification for a preemptive invasion has become more than embarrassing. it has raised serious questions about prevarication and the reckless use of power."

+ unesco: religious education on the rise worldwide. expected. but this is sad ... "[in french society] ... the religious and symbolic dimension of this cultural heritage has now become partly incomprehensible."

+ scientific american: windy city mice evince speedy evolution. note, evolution as observed fact, not theory.

+ washington times: tort reform, r.i.p. "poor chaps, the law would have pared their pay down to $2,500 per hour, from the $100,000 an hour some currently are making on the tobacco settlement." good lord, is that true? now, brain surgery might be worth $100,000 an hour. maybe. but attorney in a tobacco suit?

+ washington post: congress wants info on iraq contracts.

+ cbs news: feds shoot blanks on gun laws. "clearly, this hasnít been a priority for a democratic or republican justice department for a long time. and the study shows that in many states, federal prosecutors neglect gun laws flat out."

+ amorphoscapes.

+ aftenposten.no: coral reef found in fjord! "coral researcher pal b. mortensen believes the coral in the drammen fjord is lophelia, a deep water type, and over 7,000 years old, and has probably been dead for several thousand years." how very cool.

+ radio free europe: greenspan says risk of deflation "remote."

+ outdoors magic: first look at the petzl myo 3 headlamp. halogen and l.e.d.

+ sacramento observer: danny glover targeted for anti-war views.

+ greenpeace: monsanto wages war on consumers, farmers and the environment. "it must be the gmo producers such as monsanto - not organic and conventional farmers or the european taxpayers - that should bear the economic burden of genetic pollution and measures required to prevent it." the responsibility for preventing contamination must not fall on the non-gm farmers. and, while i'm at it, i'll continue my plug for labelling gm products ...

+ iol: cockroach art drives some people buggy.

+ stuff.co.nz: beauty queen still unsure of nigerian woman's fate. the major media may have dumped this story, but i'm still interested in finding out the outcome.

+ business week: the new gender gap. but even when i was in grade school (60's), girls did better. this is not sudden, imho.

+ discovery: forget romulus and remus ... rome may have been named for a trojan 'warrior-princess.'

+ this is london.uk: looking at the decomposing composers' exit from the world's stage.

+ washington post: the image of security. 'branding' our safety. but does good branding guarantee efficacy?

+ ny times guest contributor: orphans of invention. "it was to remember that real innovation ó the stuff that made computers so much more than 'crummy factors of production' ó comes from mysterious places, wild people, dreamers and tinkerers, and to remember all the skepticism they had to endure." geek = mythic hero?

+ ny times editorial: the republicans party on. i really enjoy this ... "the g.o.p. budget hawks of yore, born again now as deficit spenders of record proportions ..."

later: from ronald reagan's '92 republican convention speech ...

"you know, i used to say to some of those democrats who chair every committee in the house: 'you need to balance the government's checkbook the same way you balance your own.' then i learned how they ran the house bank, and i realized that was exactly what they had been doing!"

"and my friends, once and for all, let us get control of the federal deficit through a balanced budget amendment and line item veto."

my, how republicanism has changed. hypocrisy is the new platform.

+ ny times: computing's lost allure.

+ ny times: texas deleted documents related to search for 'missing' democrats. never has government bureaucracy moved so swiftly ...

+ ny times: for high design, a hard sell. we have architects and designers in santa fe who try the high design route, but it's the southwestern viga-and-latilla that buyers want.

+ ny times: politics in a perilous place: the basque country.

+ santa fe new mexican: agents release some arab workers. civil liberties aside, los alamos is a tempting target for al-qaeda. time was, santa fe was filled with cold war spies. lesson from history? rash of ford escort thefts puzzles police. escorts? somebody must be doing a customization job in town. and, the rio grande will run out of water in august. not what you picture when you look at a map of the united states. the rio, dry from middle new mexico to the gulf ...

+ cnn: six bodies unearthed near stonehenge. fred, wilma, barney, betty, pebbles and bam-bam?

+ ny times: prewar views of iraq threat are under review by cia. "the failure so far of american forces to find conclusive evidence either of iraqi ties to al qaeda or unconventional weapons has added urgency to the study's outcome."

+ ny times: bush links european ban of genetically-modified crops with world hunger. judge for yourself. a 1998 iowa state study. a european commission study. [scroll to 5.6 near bottom of page]

+ cnn: new york judge asks arab-american woman, appearing to contest a parking ticket, if she's a terrorist.

+ reuters: pennsylvanians behind santorum on gay issue. not quite what i expected; then again, much of pennsy is quite rural.

+ the guardian.uk has an article, the unkindest tax cut is bound to fail, that pretty well wraps it up. the supply-side philosophy of candidate george bush should have disqualified him before the 2000 election. via booknotes.

+ reuters: dixie chicks booed at awards show. between toby keith and martina mcbride scoring wins, sounds like a 'patriotic' and 'conservative' crowd. the chix, as i said before, clearly misjudged their fan base.

later: ny times op-ed, dancing with the devil. countrified 'patriots' are worried about foxes in the dixie henhouse, while halliburton is snapping it's fingers under our noses.

+ slept sound last night. inertia in the head, y'know?