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wed 21 may 03

+ thinking like a genius. "they weren't afraid to fail, or to produce mediocre in order to arrive at excellence." the grammar isn't genius, but you get the point.

+ not the roswell crash photo. though apparently some remain unconvinced ...

+ well, not every sunset's worth writing home about. proof that i 'cherry pick' when to post a sunset:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, may 21, 2003.

+ the brady campaign allows one to get clear on what an 'assault weapon' really is. "only semi-automatic guns with multiple assault weapon features are banned. traditional guns designed for use in hunting and recreational activities are not affected." that cnn segment the other day was woefully misleading.

+ builder.com: ewebeditpro 3.0 + xml. web-based html, xhtml and xml programming enviro.

+ sitepoint: introducing xul.

+ internetnews: w3c adopts patent policy.

+ scientific american: no cavities? you're probably a tea drinker.

+ os news: why i ditched os x for linux.

+ sacbee: buckley, tee-hee time. on jfk's womanizing, "... 'all the way with jfk.' you can't go much further." yes, you can. think mitterand. [pdf file.]

+ new scientist: galactic boom-and-bust cycle revealed, alchemy with light shocks physicists, and shuttle redesign planned to prevent repeat of columbia.

+ grab your foil beanie and go for a ride at worldnetdaily. yowzer.

+ bbc-i: care for your antiques.

+ cnet news.com says the macintosh version of opera will get updated. on thursday. but it will not have the new updated code base.

+ obsessive consumption.

+ cnet news.com letters to the editor: sour grapes. "this ridiculous movement ['free software,' assuming 'open source' too] is nothing but a vain socialist attempt to marginalize the software industry."

+ sacramento observer: g.o.p. criticized for 'token' outreach efforts. 'handouts' are all p.r.-pretty for fifteen seconds of airtime, but real progress is overdue.

+ times of india: senate gives the green light to mini-nukes. welcome to international arms race 2.

+ times of india: the outdoor life network is going to attempt a live television broadcast from the top of everest. 'course, you'll never know if it's really live or not, unless you work on the receiving end.

+ globe and mail.ca: a genetic truce. "naive laboratory-raised monkeys become fearful after witnessing another monkey's fearful reaction, even on videotape. however, they cannot be made to fear equally novel flowers by an identical manipulation."

+ saw almost half a dozen toyotas today. but i'm boggled on the plural ... do i go for the somewhat vulgar "priuses," or the latin "priae?"

+ ny times editorial: a weakened treasury. american political peptalk doesn't play on the world economic stage.

+ ny times: luxury at whisper-level in the maldives. oh, to have the funds to be a world-traveller ...

+ santa fe new mexican: feds detain plaza workers. immigrant middle easterners are being culled. schools might stop dissecting real animals. be sure to read the comments from readers at the bottom. insurer wants homes in fire zone made safer. again, the comments are priceless.

+ just an offhand observation ... in the evening news from albuquerque, there have been a spate of "jackass" copycat stunts, injuring a number of kids in the last couple of weeks. it's not making national news. mostly the 'standing on car hoods' variety. anyone else seeing this in their local area?

+ reuters: elvis costello defends outspoken artists.

+ cnn: blair "couldn't stop laughing" at times correction. er, what of personal integrity? the new york times may be partially culpable, but the dishonor lies with one man. 'book and movie deals' ... yeah, right.

later: chicago law school, posner, the truth about plagiarism. don't know. i still see some forms of plagiarism as theft. 'market value' isn't the only value involved.

+ local color: in a downtown parking lot, an individual taping letterhead sheets across his windshield to block sun ... with friction tape. the tarry stuff. boy, what a mess that will be in a couple of hours ...

+ messy-78 has released 'feed on feeds,' a server-side rss aggregator. much nicer than my first attempt, years ago. why would you want it server-side? when you want all your ram and processor cycles for what you're working on ... [think 'photoshop'] ...

+ morning meetings *again.* linkage will be sparse 'till noonish ... didn't i say this once before?