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tue 20 may 03

+ there were these great little wisps off to the left, but by the time i ran to get my film camera and long lens, the intensity had gone. one must watch and be prepared for the peak moments. or details thereof. luckily, i have a lot of raw materiel to practice on ... (grin) ...

+ this evening's sunset, just a couple of minutes ago:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, may 20, 2003.

+ sacramento observer: general robert e. lee loses another battle. "robert e. lee is often portrayed as sympathetic and kind and all that but he was still part of a system that was oppressive and defensive toward black people." lee may have an 'honorable' opponent. but his chosen cause was not just; that's what he represents.

+ "women riders." leather and tattoos do not necessarily make the 'motorcycle mama' ...

+ dp review finally posts an exhaustive kodak dcs-14n review. some significant issues, overenthusiastic noise reduction being only one. oh, and an article on the 'creative graphics blaster picture perfect.'

+ time: why noone shoots straight on guns. political fear of the gun lobby. maybe that should be my litmus test for 2004; which candidate has the gumption to suggest responsible registration and licensing [a la vehicles].

+ the american prospect says president bush should get out more. i don't put much hope in his understanding others better, but maybe others would be able to understand *him* better.

+ nandotimes: physical therapy can help reset brain's image of the body.

+ london review of books: biogenetic intervention. prozac and other 'mood brighteners' already pose this conundrum. take two salespeople of equal talent, one of which decides to take prozac, and his sales go up because of his happier mood. will not all salespeople desire to level the playing field? is it fair? is it moral? what of long-term effects? i offer no answers. just food for thought.

+ guardian.uk: in which they have paul theroux contemplate hunter s. thompson's latest, "kingdom of fear."

+ this is london.uk: cracking reads. craig's booklab site offers a sure cure ...

+ usa today: thousands of antiquities found in iraq. "thousands of antiquities missing from the iraq national museum have been found but not returned ..." i guess usa today didn't get the bulletin that 'only 30 or 40' items were really missing ...

+ guardian.uk: librarians of rare collections ... beware the 'map ripper.'

+ the ny times has a crop of good editorials.

+ ny times: unsuspecting computer users relay spam. open proxy servers.

+ santa fe new mexican: got a dead tree? give it a religious conversion.

+ santa fe new mexican: los alamos linkage. analysis of new los alamos national lab complex released. underlining that the bush administration is seriously reinvigorating nuclear weapons development.

+ reuters: chewing gum after meals may lessen reflux. no mentioned difference between sugar-free and regular, but i thought i'd point out your teeth might appreciate sugar-free ...

+ cnn: warren buffet slams dividend tax cut. "through his 31 percent ownership of the company, buffett said he would receive an additional $310 million in income that would reduce his tax rate from about 30 percent to 3 percent, while his office secretary would still have a tax rate of about 30 percent." and that's the bottom line on the bush tax cut, folks. if you don't understand the issue now, you'll never understand it.

later: link to buffett's washington post op-ed. forgot to add this to the above.

+ andrea left me a note that there was an error in my permalinks. heaven forfend! in this case, a zero was added incorrectly to the dates in the permalinks since 5/10/03. i've rectified the problem internally, but if you've linked since 5/10, all you need do is make "200305010" read properly as "20030510" in the permalink url. remove the zero, in other words, and it should work fine. or you can just go to the appropriate page and recopy the link. sorry for the screwup. and thanks for letting me know, andrea.

+ busy with morning meetings. linkage will be sparse 'till noonish ...