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mon 19 may 03

+ high winds kicked in a couple of hours ago, with 50 mph gusts forecast *again.* totally, completely sick of the winds ...

+ sorry, i had to lower the jpeg quality on that last one. too much detail would've made the page a bear to load.

+ this evening's sunset:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, may 19, 2003.

+ last night's sunset:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, may 18, 2003.

+ a chimerical mood tonight, to match the new glasses ...

+ nj.com/ap: are you an ageist discriminator? soon to be the majority minority, aren't they?

+ slashdot: new g3-based platform can run os x. sans apple bios?

+ new scientist: why, it's chimply delightful. but can our simian relatives even spell d, n, a?

+ miami herald: u.n. agency alarmed over iraqi sites plunder. the cradle of civilization is getting dismantled.

+ cnet news.com: fees rile spam foes.

+ seedquest: plastic mulch. an idea i've been meaning to try.

+ globe and mail: i've seen a plethora of 'beheading' links today, but now congo warriors turn cannibal.

+ msnbc: experts say bush must act on north korea. i've been calling for coherent policy long before it was fashionable. glad to see someone agrees.

+ aw, i need one of these. if the folks producing 'survivor' had any class, they'd offer this for a reward challenge. via curtspage.

+ just picked up new glasses. waited till i drove home to wear them. the world looks strange. definitely sharper, but strange. everyone says they make me look younger. that's good B^)

+ waiting in a very long line at a superstore the other day, someone commented: "this is taking FOREVER. this is prime-time, couldn't they put on more than two checkers?" my response: "welcome to the future ... cheaper, faster, better." their comeback, after a ladylike snort of derision: "with the amount of time i'm wasting, i could be paying for organic at the specialty store." five more minutes, she'd abandoned her cart in line and left. cost-benefit. works *against* merchants who don't understand their niche.

+ sf gate: military waste under fire - $1 trillion missing. "... it couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes." where are those who worry publicly about los alamos? via mefi.

+ terms being widely abused, for my own reference as well: progressive, liberal, leftist [collectivist], socialist, communism. interesting that the antonym for 'capitalism' is socialism, not communism. my basic assumption has been wrong all this time. conservative, materialist, regressive, right, reactionary, fascist, autocratic, dictatorial, despotic, theocracy. i've been calling my views leftist, when they're really progressive in nature. fine line, but important to get it right correct.

+ find out what's going on at the top of the world, at everestnews.com.

+ sketchbook.

+ beautycheck.

+ ny daily news: how latinos will change u.s. politics.

+ cbs news: supreme court to decide religious education issue.

+ linuxworld likes gentoo linux.

+ nj.com/ap: studies point to decline in high poverty neighborhoods in '90's. a 'seal of approval' on another aspect of the clinton era.

+ ny times: business is toying with a web tool. wikis.

+ bbc: subjecting goldfish to a blender is 'not a crime.' "the exhibit was created by chilean-born danish artist marco evaristti, who was apparently trying to test visitors' sense of right and wrong." unless you're totally disengaged from society, this gets tested everyday. i don't understand the need for this piece.

+ guardian.uk: asymmetric morality. via the always-excellent davos newbies.

+ the american prospect: kant and mill in baghdad. "decisions must respect rights, and they must not make things intolerably worse."

+ la times: a new slice on physics.

+ guardian.uk: confusing the connoisseur.

+ miami herald: that's not a trash bag! it's art!

+ ny times guest contributor: frank rich slams the last nail into william bennett's coffin. "tupac's revenge on william bennett." for instance, sample this hammer swing ... "mr. bennett does, however, stick taxpayers with some of his vegas bills, since the perks he has received as a high roller (lush suites, limos, free booze and who knows what else) are legitimate business-expense deductions for the casinos, which can lighten their tax load accordingly."

+ ny times: morning-after pill may go over-the-counter. "the national right to life committee, for example, the nation's most prominent antiabortion group, has said it will not take any position on the application to make emergency contraception available over the counter. even the american life league said it did not plan to oppose approval."

+ santa fe new mexican: valles caldera preserve slowly takes shape.

+ from the referrer logs ... mythic beasts' "bimbo."

+ just when you think spam can't get any lower, they explore another level down in dante's inferno ...