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fri 16 may 03

+ ... and everything else i normally write about. spring fever's hitting. as soon as the winds stop, i'm so outta here ...

+ ... and technology ...

+ besides, i do get horribly bored of politics ...

+ talk about rambling on! sorry. it's friday, it's been a tough week. a little random conversationalism never hurt anyone, least of all webloggers. i figure sometimes it's nice to remind folks there's a human behind the dangerousmeta! linkgathering machine ...

+ speaking of which, for a couple of weeks now the diet has changed. winter's my lax period. now that we're approaching prime outdoors weather here, eating more fresh and lower-fat products. don't eliminate all fats, however. you need those essential fatty acids to lubricate the joints. [curse the 'idea men' who came up with those little 99 cent bags of 'whoppers' malted milk balls in the checkout aisles. i begin to drool on cue, to their evil plan; yet i ultimately persevere, and walk by empty-handed of those dastardly empty calories.] aerobic exercise [nordictrack, mountain bike, road bike, hike on the local trails with camera bag (whether i use it or not ~ 25 pounds)] are being done after dinner and before breakfast, to encourage the burning of fat. [hit the body after dinner, to burn off the excess, then hit it again in the morning when it's really starved for calories.] intensity is gradually being dialed up, safely. you'll feel 'warm' all day; the body temp gauge is turned on naturally, rather than relying on the controversial ephedra [avoid!]. if you're looking to lose weight or simply get in shape swiftly, safely [physician checkup recommended], think about it. it works well. however, hypoglycemics beware ... it may not be for you. carry simple-to-digest foodstuffs in your camelback or other hydration pack for those unpredictable 'shake' attacks ... apples come to hand quickly, and assuage the symptoms. there's something almost religious about the experience of biting into an apple after hiking or biking far into the wilderness, that other foods never achieve. oh, and bananas are particularly good for runners, or simply higher intensities, preventing abdominal cramps.

+ a pretty great exercise site ... lots of things to try to get sluggish muscles [and fat] to respond. a couple of weeks into my spring fitness regime ... lower back's a bit sore after overzealous sitting shoulder presses. form, form, elegant FORM, always. more abdominal/erector spinae exercises are on the list, as well as working on those thrice-damned recalcitrant hamstrings ... getting that 'ideal' quad/ham strength ratio to minimize injury later in the biking/hiking season is a continuing challenge.

+ nandotimes: congo rivals sign cease-fire. good news, if it holds.

+ poynter online's design desk weblog has some superior linkage.

+ middle east times: threat of islamic militancy looms in iraq. as has been mentioned before, islam is 'built' for theocracy. the american 'thumb' on iraq is going to get bitten. 'civil' war lurks.

+ internetnews: bush backs internet tax moratorium. state governments will have to look elsewhere; meantime, bush solidifies the tech vote.

+ os news: deploying apache tomcat on freebsd.

+ new scientist: legal blow for dvd copying software.

+ cbs news: budget woes force state medicaid cuts. note, green-card holders pay taxes; they should get the same benefits as the rest of us. boo, colorado.

+ ibm developerworks: style stylesheets to extend xslt, part two. the introductory text includes the link to part one, if you missed the previous post.

+ u. of chicago law school: rules for the world stage.

+ times of india: british climber falls to death in nepal. i believe our former new mexican governor gary johnson is on everest with a group attempting the summit.

+ montreal gazette.ca: the national rifle association joins artists in opposing relaxed rules on media ownership.

+ guardian.uk: sitar turn. ravi shankar reflects on life, daughter norah jones.

+ ny times editorial: save the assault gun ban. as i mentioned yesterday, one only has to look to iraq.

+ ny times letters to the editor: mass graves, pointed questions.

+ ny times: the texas democrats return in triumph. but nothing worries me more than a 'quiet republican.' it's unnatural. something's cooking.

+ ny times obit: a tennessee wildwood flower has been plucked from our midst. cue 'angel band.'

+ ny times: the irresponsible tax cut passes, as opposed to the patently insane one. article and analysis.

+ ny times: keepers of the bush image lift stagecraft to new heights. the election goes to the most optimistic, not to the best or the most moral. read seligman. better yet, get the bleep-bleep dems to read seligman.

+ santa fe new mexican: los alamos updates. nanos selected as director of lab. he has been serving as interim director. and u.c. regents urged to compete for lab contract. why volunteer to get beaten up for your 'long tradition of public service?'

+ santa fe new mexican: local color. oldest house gets a makeover. 'bout time. the young and the restless. a different work ethic than your average teen.

+ ny times: putin seeks economic growth, new weapons. well, the bush administration has accomplished their goal for the american defense industry ... a new arms race.

+ i'm here, i'm here. just busy.