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thu 15 may 03

+ a down day. can't share it. sorry for the 'negative waves,' folks.

+ usa today: china threatens sars violators with execution. for 'new world order' enthusiasts, it will be interesting to watch how effective this attempt at martial law is.

+ wsj.com: shirk ethic ... how to fake a hard day at the office. not for sole proprietors, obviously. via slashdot.

+ slashdot: linux desktop without x11.

+ the register: lessig, the internet is dying. *gasp* *choke* *gag* ...

+ hurricane gusts here in santa fe at the moment. so much dust in the air, i can't see the mountains. no weather advisory, but gusts have to be higher than 48 mph ...

+ 'moveable' camworld.

+ the age.au: mummy gets her head back.

+ internetnews: denial-of-service hole found in linux kernel.

+ zdnet.au: add xml functionality to your flash movies.

+ guardian.uk: jeb bush stirs up abortion debate. "... ordering the appointment of a legal guardian to represent the interests of an unborn foetus being carried by a woman with severe learning disabilities who was raped." if she were mentally competent, would this have lingered for six months? i'd like to know more of the backstory.

+ space.com: total lunar eclipse tonight.

+ security focus: securing apache, step-by-step.

+ ars technica: inside the powerpc 970.

+ guardian.uk: ironic. american troops in iraqi gun crackdown. we're trying to make a democracy, but eliminating the clause to 'keep and bear arms,' apparently.

+ oneworld: environmental concerns put exxonmobil in the hot seat.

+ u.s. department of state: u.s. confident of winning wto biotech case. i still don't get the concept of forcing people to purchase something they don't want, scientific basis or no. it's a free market, isn't it?

+ ny daily news: the isley brothers return!

+ food production daily: pressure and temperature enhance meat safety. pressurizing a hot dog to 100,000 psi may make it safe from mad cow.

+ the mercury.au: parliament bans meat skewers. rumor has it that members fear shish-kebabing.

+ mercury news: apparently the homeland security agency was used by texas republicans to track down the awol democrats. rationalize away, but this is exactly why the patriot act has to go. "put not your faith in princes." via mefi.

+ the new republic: the trauma society.

+ times of india: tony blair to be awarded congressional medal of honor.

+ la times: writing 'real good.'

+ ny times guest contributor: mind the gap. the gap is already too wide, and gaping wider.

+ ny times op-ed page: the flip side of 'imperialism.' the guantanamo scandal, and shoot to kill. never thought i'd see such things being said about america.

+ ny times: commercial fleets reduced big fish by 90%. remember the buffalo?

+ ny times: senate republicans gain crucial democratic votes on tax cut. by throwing pennies to the senators' states. sickening.

+ ny times: a great estate opens its gates. the duke farm in new jersey. see it soon, before graffiti artists and public 'affection' ruins the original character.

+ santa fe new mexican: this deserves to be highlighted. the general accounting office found that "environmentalists did *not* delay many forest-thinning projects." chalking up another exaggeration for the republican administration.

+ santa fe new mexican: on water. plan for years of drought. um, drought can be realized by overpopulation and lack of planning, too. city, county ponder long-term water plans. but it doesn't do anything about the *real* supply problem we face.

+ mrrfffle.