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tue 13 may 03

+ postmodern culture: accelerating beyond the horizon. must-read enlightened link-o'-the-day. consider 'dromology.' "virilio's major premise in this book is that space has been replaced by time; the kantian argument for absolute space as the first principle of human experience is no longer applicable because space has imploded." you *will* enjoy the read, esp. if you weblog with any frequency. thanks for the heads-up, roger.

+ susan, i highly recommend "we've had a hundred years of psychotherapy, and the world's getting worse" by james hillman and michael ventura, for an initial dip into hillman. the format is exciting, the back and forth sans direction. in one part, the discussion of dumping the whole bankrupt concept of 'child as victim' really resonated. also the concept of poor aesthetics causing illness. where in psychology is room for simply hiring a moving company, as therapy? great stuff.

+ when i was a kid, building models, there was only one vehicle that was called *the* plane. the sr-71. when i finally got to see the one on the intrepid, in new york city, i was bummed to find the engines and instrumentation were stripped. and, like so many childhood items revisited after adulthood, it was rather diminutive compared to the powerful black beast in my memory.

+ sky news: spiderman arrested. not who you think ...

+ nando times: aids has been around longer than you may imagine.

+ linux planet: suse linux on old pc's.

+ discovery: human dna neanderthal-free. i'm willing to lay odds this will be disproven, eventually. this sample size is way, way too limited for such a statement, and i think they should look into modern homo sapien dna. [basque, by prejudice and rumor.]

+ boxes and arrows: building a metadata-based website.

+ sf gate: fcc close to easing media caps. just say 'no' to media monopolies.

+ moby lives: patriots, act.

+ very busy. later.

+ ny times: navajo miners battle a deadly legacy of yellow dust. uranium dust. shades of d.u.

+ ny times: weight estimates on air passengers will rise. i'm surprised the airline pilots haven't had a fit about this long ago. calculating weight distribution and center of gravity [cg] is critical for safe flight ops.

+ running to stand still. i'll catch up.