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mon 12 may 03

+ pbs.org online newshour, shields and brooks: disagreement over tax cut package, democratic candidates, and bennett.

+ radio free europe: al-hakim's return to iraq adds to political uncertainties. the situation in iraq continues to get more interesting. many scholars believe islam is really 'built' for theocracy ... democracy will be a tough sell, short or long term.

later: felt like i couldn't leave that statement hanging without further linkage. congressional quarterly, theocracy. a decent short treatment on the subject.

+ nj.com/ap: congressional analysts see budget deficit exceeding $300 billion. "the budget office projection precedes a week in which republicans will try pushing legislation through the senate raising the government's borrowing limit by an enormous $984 billion to $7.38 trillion. the house has already approved such an increase." do you still think 'republican' = 'fiscal responsibility'?

+ ny daily news: jfk had an intern, too. remember eisenhower and kay summersby? folks are working hard to cover that one up.

+ new scientist: fuel cell powered aircraft.

+ phpbuilder: the benefits of using objects with databases.

+ new scientist: personality changes throughout life. i can highly recommend james hillman's "the soul's code" and "the force of character," if you have further interest.

+ dpreview: firmware update for the sigma sd-9. okay, foveon, when are we going to see a higher-rez chip?

+ myexerciseplan.com. nice little animations. remember, if you can't do an exercise with *perfect* form, then don't do it. injury results as you repeat the mistake, if not right away. i have a shoulder that continues to remind me of poorly-set dips.

+ speaking of rc3, rafe's been doing excellent posts on wmd's and tax cuts. i'm jealous.

+ nick bradbury's 'feeddemon' rss reader looks quite exciting. via rc3.org.

+ twincities.com: how many trailers is too many? there are *ten* before 'x2' rolls.

+ la times calendarlive: applying truth to the bible. "... he refuses to sanction the study of the prophetic writings as a source of moral instruction or inspiration separate from the specific theological assumptions of the men who wrote them and the specific historical context in which they worked."

+ boston globe: the philosopher. "strauss, by this view, emerges as a disguised machiavelli, a cynical teacher who encouraged his followers to believe that their intellectual superiority entitles them to rule over the bulk of humanity by means of duplicity."

+ newsday: of art, politics and censorship.

+ times of india: mexico angry over the u.s.' link between oil and immigration.

+ ny times op-ed: judges beyond the pale. good lord.

+ reuters: lack of proper muscle key to women's knee injuries. cross-train.

+ ny times: two environmentalist-style links ... harness the power of manure, and a complete ban on asbestos.

+ ny times: the differences between the senate and the house of representatives.

+ santa fe new mexican: speaking of water, or rather fire and water ... lanl scientist explores local water issues, watershed forest less of a fire hazard now. there are some really cutting-edge proposals being fielded by companies in new mexico trying to find ways to make a profit off forest-thinning slash. they are our best hope, in this republican cost-benefit world, for maintaining forest and minimizing unnatural fire risk.

+ santa fe new mexican: bush leaves santa fe. just for the record, bush stayed in a development called las campanas. gated, easily secured. million dollar houses, insulated from the ethnic and cultural aspects of santa fe [i'm being polite]. the las campanas division is one the city of santa fe has been in water dispute with. with our dwindling water supplies, they have grandfathered rights to city water to keep their golf courses green. there is a lot of ill-will in santa fe city towards las campanas and its residents. but not too much; they purchase a lot of expensive art objects ...

+ the winds calmed enough for a really nice sunday. back to the grind.