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thu 08 may 03

+ always read the fine print on produce. "coated with food-grade petroleum-based wax to preserve freshness." nigella urps.

+ washington post: halliburton admits it gave bribes in nigeria.

+ ny daily news: philly nude art models join union.

+ daemon news: mounting compactflash under bsd.

+ seattle times: evangelical christians try to mend fences with islam. a positive step, albeit very late in coming.

+ sacbee: william f. buckley, hard landing ahead? make no mistake, america fears the e.u. as a future competitive economic power.

+ ens: bush plan to link mexican powerplants to u.s. grid ruled illegal.

+ linux today: mozilla 1.4 beta.

+ mac observer: new version of the oxygen xml editor.

+ middle east online: u.s. use of depleted uranium in iraq war causes cancer. the human relief foundation has some independent verifications of the upswing in leukemias around basra post-1991. [ related ]

+ teen hollywood: madonna bashes the u.s. yeah, well, the bible belt isn't her audience. doubt we'll see dozer parties.

+ dp review: a faster pcmcia card for compactflash. the current $8 ones aren't shabby at speed, imho. this must be an eye-opener.

+ win toilet paper. now there's a worthy link.

+ i'd link my usual new york times, times of india and other stuff today, but it feels like i'm repeating myself daily at the moment. i'll wait till something is compelling enough to drag me to the computer, and force me to link.

+ between an upswing in marketing efforts here, and the start of my springtime fitness regime, linkage here may be somewhat erratic. need to burn off the winter weight ... the mountains are beckoning.

+ santa fe new mexican: president bush will be here in santa fe for the weekend, apparently. expect protests, traffic snarls, loud overhead air traffic ... oh, the joy.

+ reuters: too many vitamin pills can be bad for you.

+ pretty busy today ... already.